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#826565 Nookkei: Horniest ladyboy in Pattaya

Posted by Kwickie on 18 February 2017 - 08:58 PM

For those of you that missed my trip report, the highlight of the trip, ladyboy-wise, was Nookkei (note the spelling).  Thought I'd post the collected photos of her from the trip here.


She's by far the horniest ladyboy I've ever met. Can be top or bottom (fantastic top) and can cum at least five times in one night.  She truly enjoys it.  She happily pranced around naked on my balcony.


On top of that though, she's a very sweet girl.  She's fun to be around, absolutely no drama, and no BS.  She shows up on time and does exactly what's promised.


And if you're looking for a threesome with a real girl, she has two friends that she plays with.  Finding a fun threesome where everyone is really into it is very hard to find.  Nookkei and friends were incredible. Photos of that experience are available in the Advanced section.

If you wanted that porn star experience, she's your girl.  Treat her well, guys!

She doesn't work at a bar - she's strictly freelance.


Her ThaiFriendly ID is Nookkei6969

Her other contact info is in the photo below.


Enjoy the photos:

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#885316 Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

Posted by Emmy_Katty_Bar on 10 August 2017 - 08:36 PM

Hello everyone. :Blow Heart:
Welcome to KATTY BAR & ROOM FOR RENT. Most Beautiful Ladyboy Bar
Only on Soi 4, Na Jomtien Beach.
We are happy to have fun.
And sincerity.
And good service that is ready to give to everyone.
We welcome everyone from all countries.
Let's just be a good customer, we'll be good to take care of you. Make you happy every time you come to us.
We have a bar for you to drink and beer, and to listen to music in every country you like.
You can tell us to open the song or you can open the song yourself.

We have a pool table for you to play fun for free.
And we also have rooms for you to relax, have a temporary stay and overnight or long stay. We are only 50 meters from the beach of Na Jomtien. You can walk to the beach.
We are open daily. From 14:00 until 02:00
Our prices are very cheap compared to other places.
You can contact me here.
Call 0816967029,
Or ID Line: emmy_eng_naka
Page facebook:
Katty Bar & Room For Rent

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#776037 Big thanks to Kongkuk - for helping an HIV+ girl

Posted by Slowguy on 16 September 2016 - 03:09 PM

DIdn't know where else to post this.  Essentially a public thank you note to Kongkuk.



A friend of mine in Bangkok, a 24 yo Thai female - not a bar girl, 100% not in the P4P game - I know what you're thinking, but no lies, she isn't, hasn't been.  She's quite militant against the P4P scene and the girls in it.

Anyway, her ex, a Dutch guy, left her a "present" after they broke up..... 


She tested positive today - initial blood work only so far - doing extensive followup work at the moment - we will know on Tuesday.


She called me in the middle of the night (right after she found out) - so I've tried to console her.  She was fairly suicidal, actually tried to walk into oncoming traffic, which luckily stopped for once.


I contacted Kongkuk - asked him to talk to her - and he did.


She's now MUCH better, sounds almost back to normal.


So, a BIG thank you to KK for taking the time to help.

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#734177 Sexy Ladyboy taxi and tour guide service

Posted by kimmy on 20 May 2016 - 10:36 AM

Attached File  IMG_20160519_203841669_HDR1.jpg   122.74KB   676 downloads


I am Kimmy

I have a nice new Toyota Vios and I can offer a Taxi service to the Airport, Bangkok and show you around Pattaya and Thailand

for details please better contact me by LINE


or phone

++66 (0) 875194741


Kimmy xxx
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#828958 Sexy Ladyboy taxi and tour guide service

Posted by kimmyLadyboyTaxi on 25 February 2017 - 01:13 PM

Thank you for all my good customer taxi so far

All I ask if someone changes their plans and needs to cancel it no problem if you tell me before but I have had some times when I went to the airport or hotel and wait many hours and the customer not coming, this very bad for me because I spent money gasoline to drive there, and sometimes turn down another booking so loss a lot.

the person that ask why my price is more expensive than some taxi company, it because my car take regular benzene not LPG so is more safe for you, LPG car very danger from the fire if accident but is cheap. I don't like it, also taxi company have many staffs and booking so they keep staff in BKK and Pattaya and never the car empty but when I go for pick up customer my car empty one way most times.

So why u need pay more, I think my car more safe because run on normal benzene, taxi company driver not smile, not speak English much, also in my car you can put the music you want to the cd player or USB from your smartphone or no music, and can talking because I think my English it OK.

I think what I asking the price not cheapest but is not too expensive too. If you want cheaper can book other or even more cheap can take bus.

The person who ask if I do something extra well I not lie I have worked about bar and freelance before but actually I am trying to do taxi for more normal style working now, so I cannot say if something more than taxi can do, it depend on the feeling, I am human being, not robot!

Also if you really like LB I think I looking nice, and smell nice and more nice than normal taxi, but anyway up to you, book me if you want to, if you want book another no problem, but if you do book me please give me your flight details and contact details and if you have to cancel I understand plan can change but please tell me, not leave me waiting for you without say nothing because that very bad for me!

contact me by LINE


or phone

++66 (0) 875194741

thank you

Attached File  1488012795830.jpg   205.44KB   160 downloadsAttached File  1488012798002.jpg   200.22KB   140 downloadsAttached File  1488012800174.jpg   235.44KB   130 downloadsAttached File  1488012802113.jpg   254.41KB   126 downloadsAttached File  1488012793742.jpg   143.61KB   137 downloads
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#830030 Nookkei: Horniest ladyboy in Pattaya

Posted by Jaguar on 28 February 2017 - 03:58 PM

I'm old school , thought Line , Thai Friendly etc was for the youngsters ..yeah well ...after a number of uninspiring encounters this week , using the traditional method of Barcrawling , culminating in a largely forgettable LT Bar fine last night , I decided to proceed with organising a meet with this Nookkie I had been reading about for several months ..I needed a proper Hooker , who does the business ,no mucking about , no shyness , just a good honest operator  , who has a passion for her work.


Many thanks to all you Blokes on here , who recommended this LB's services ... WOW !!! 

12 years ,and  what 200 LB's in that time ? who knows , She walks straight into my all time Top 3 easily (sexual appetite / performance / value for money ..chuck in friendliness too )...I'm still smiling 3 hours later. :D


A really nice person too was an extra bonus , She should run a school , for all the newbie Ladyboys on the art of customer satisfaction service , some of the Towns Prima Donna ladyboys , who have their heads stuck so far up their own arses , its unbelievable ...could learn a thing or two from too.


Nookkei arrives as the sun goes down and we share some Red wine , as she cheerily tells me her tale ... not unusual to have 5 customers a day for her , her Bank balance is in a particularly healthy state ..I don't doubt that one bit


On the balcony chair ,up against the balcony , on the Recliner chair ,against the end of the bed , actually on the bed ...bloody hell !!!


And at the end of it all She says (yes really !! ) "little bit money ok :huh: , I not worry too much about money " bearing in mind I've had a very lengthy ST , no rush , and at no time seemed in a hurry to leave. This is not normal !!


The reclining Chair on the Balcony awaits some action

Attached File  WP_20170228_18_01_21_Pro_336x600.jpg   28.72KB   188 downloads

I have a Beer watching the sunset , as I await Nookkies arrival

Attached File  WP_20170228_18_01_29_Pro_336x600.jpg   31.82KB   164 downloads

Crap photo of Nookkei (my hands are trembling)

Attached File  WP_20170228_18_52_24_Pro_336x600.jpg   26.61KB   161 downloads

Nookkei pretty proud of her purple Headed warrior (and quite rightly so)

Attached File  WP_20170228_18_51_54_Pro_336x600.jpg   29.13KB   182 downloads


Forget looking for the cutest Ladyboy in Town , who will probably be a complete flop in the sack anyway , get a Real LB , who will give you an experience to remember for a very long time


Photos were demanded , even from my cheap Nokia , and refreshingly , she couldn't give a fuck who sees them , where or how ..Hooray 


Cheers Lads






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#776040 Big thanks to Kongkuk - for helping an HIV+ girl

Posted by Blodstrupmoen on 16 September 2016 - 03:42 PM

No problem mate. I'm here for anyone that need some help or advice in a situation like that. 

She seems like a level headed chick as well. I think she will be fine in the end. 

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#742493 HIV infection cycle...

Posted by opps1 on 13 June 2016 - 09:40 AM

Non fiction can be so much more interesting than fiction so I will tell a non fiction story about 3 Ladyboys, Ladyboy A, Ladyboy B and Ladyboy C, and and a man, Mr Opps (full name 'Opps I got infected, what a twat') and the infection cycle.


No real names to protect the innocent or maybe the guilty.


Mr Opps did know the risks of course, he even tested annually for HIV going back several years but previously was always negative that might have made him a bit blasé. His last negative test was June 2014.


Will try and keep it as light hearted as possible at Solice's request.


One day in early 2015 Mr Opps bumped into Ladyboy A outside Tukcom. He reconsigned Ladyboy A as being a very popular Pattaya freelancer with many hot pictures and posts about her on this forum and they had a joke around and Mr Opps's little head felt rather horny.


He went back to Ladyboy A's room spent a some time there. Mr Opps and her had a great fun time together, they started off with condoms and Mr Opps had good intentions of protecting himself but being a bit of a twat they were not used every time partly because they got a bit hi together.


What Mr Opp's should have done of course was to go to Memorial hospital and buy a course of PEP pills when he came to his senses but what he actually did because he was being a bit of a twat

was to go to some bar in LK Metro and watch the Australian GP, then went back to his condo to get some sleep.


Mr Opp's also had a couple of other LB GIK's, Ladyboy B and Ladyboy C. Miss B and Miss C were not P4P and both had office job's and Miss C was actually quite HiSo so Mr Opp's

being a bit of twat never even bothered using condom's with Miss B and Miss C.


Anyway a few weeks later Mr Opps had what he though was a bit of flu for a few days and felt weak, he was in BKK at the time and met up with Miss C who he had sex with. Miss C was

ONLY top, but in retrospect Mr Opps probably did not have flu but the flu like symptoms were HIV related and Mr Opps unknowingly had a massive viral load.


Mr Opps being quite healthy otherwise recovered from the flu like symptoms pretty quickly and just carried on enjoying life until a few days after 2015 songkran when Miss C contacted him

telling him she had just had a check up for her health insurance and it had come back that she was HIV+


Mr Opps was very worried and went to a clinic to do a hiv quick test which came back as 'weak positive', the staff in the clinic told him that was inconclusive and he needed to

go to a hospital to check, he went to a big private hospital in central Pattaya and had a full blood test which came back as HIV positive.


Mr Opps was very worried about his future at the time. He was also worried that he might have infected his long time friend non P4P Miss Ladyboy C (please note that Miss Ladyboy C is 100% TOP), although he had know real way of knowing if he was infected by Ladyboy A,B or C, his number one suspect however is Ladyboy A, who many many BM's on this internet forum have been with.


Mr Opps does not really blame anyone for infecting him however and really only blames himself.


Mr Opps also did contact Ladyboy A and B to suggest they test. Number one suspect Ladyboy A blocked him a few days later. Ladyboy B did say she tested negative but he never saw proof and they are no longer friends.


Ladyboy C is actually still a good friend with Mr Opps despite everything that happened.


The final chapter to my true story of 'the infection cycle' is that Mr Opps found a nice gay French doctor in Pattaya who liked touching his inner thigh in a reassuring manor and helped him a lot and was able to sell him some magic pills for an affordable price and now despite being technically infected his viral load is so low it cannot be measured and he is completely non infectious to others as long as he keeps taking his magic pills every day.


His magic pills also allow him to be as fit as he was before getting infected and he is doing great. Ladyboy C is also doing great too and also non infectious due to her magic pill she gets in BKK from the Thai red cross.


Luckly HIV is nothing like the T-virus from Resident Evil, however some of the dreams Mr Opps got as a side affect from taking his magic pills were AMAZING, way better than any computer game he ever played. Sadly the AMAZING dreams only lasted for the first few months.


Both Mr Opps and Ladyboy C so far have been living happily ever after, and Mr Opps has made some very good friends with many people who have got into the same situation themselves and also tried his best to help others.


He does feel thankful everyday to all those big pharma companies who make his magic pills for an affordable price and also his very very nice French doctor in Pattaya.


He also feels happy that he only has HIV and not something really bad like Cancer, Diabetes, Gout or an ingrown toenail. (well the ingrown toenail is not that serious really but I know FYE was so affected by his he nearly started a thread on Ladyboys Pattaya about it)


As a footnote Mr Opps has no idea about Ladyboy A's status, if she is negative, positive but now non infectious from taking a magic pill or positive and untreated, maybe in denial and infecting others every day.


He does often see her name mentioned on Pattaya Ladyboys however although she appears not to be in LOS right now.


Sorry I cannot give the exact amount of time Mr Opps had from being infected until actually being infectious but 72 hours is a good guide because this is the PEP window.


Another important time scale worth noting for the infection cycle not mentioned by the OP is the time scale from when an infected person takes to become non infectious due to the magic pills. Of course this needs to be confirmed buy a Viral load test but is normally just a couple of months.


Anyway what about those twats who always talk about themselves in the 3rd person anyway??

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#525313 i m chinese ladyboy ,i hopye eveyone like me,LOL

Posted by ladyboyina on 26 September 2014 - 03:05 PM

MY PIC  :Phew:


Attached File  psb (7).jpg   51.51KB   241 downloads

Attached File  psb (8).jpg   25.69KB   200 downloads

Attached File  psb (5).jpg   41.11KB   195 downloads

Attached File  psb (6).jpg   25.41KB   202 downloads

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#899877 Cost of living in Thailand

Posted by LazyJay on 25 September 2017 - 06:55 PM

I spend about 40,000 baht a month including visa runs. I own my condo so no rent, (if I was going to rent a similar place to the condo I own it would cost me about 12000 baht a month). I run a car and motorbike that I own outright. I only go out to bars couple of times a week and I am not a big drinker. I have several hobbies away from the bar scene. I speak enough Thai to socialize with Thai's as well as expats.


I visit BKK quite often but when I am there I stay with my LB-gf's family place or with a good friend who has a big place on Asoke, so BKK visits only really cost me the petrol money and Motorway toll's, however I normally end up spending slightly more on food and going clubbing when in BKK than when in Pattaya.


I have a good internet connection in my condo and can watch UK and US tv online and play my xbox etc some nights.


I have everything else I need in my place, 2 LED TV's, washing machine, good sound system, a comfy big L-shape sofa, a good quality mattress, 2 aircon units etc. My first year here I spent more kitting out my condo, buying my car and bike etc so bare this in mind.


I belong to a decent air conditioned gym and spend a couple of hours in there every other day. The membership there is 7500 baht per year.


I don't use aircon that much because I get a decent sea breeze in my condo and I actually hate the cold so my electric bill is normally only around 500 baht a month. My water bill is normally around 200 baht. My internet bill is about 600 baht and my mobile phone including the 4G package is about 350 baht.


I am below retirement age so I have to go on a visa run every 90 days, so if you are over 50 you can get a retirement visa you won't need that expense.


I will say I almost never pay for sex. I am dating an LB is a fairly open relationship, she stays with me sometimes, I don't 'sponsor' her but I normally pay when we go out together. (although sometimes she surprises me and pays the bill for food or buys me clothes etc) I have a few other LB friends/giks and who I can see when my main GF is busy doing her things. Speaking a bit of Thai and keeping in shape helps with that. If you need to pay for a girl a couple of times a week or want a 'salary gf' you would need to factor that in. An older friend of mine lives with a tidy looking LB in BKK and gives her about 12,000 a month.


I like Thai food and can eat the same as Thai people most of the time, but I do have a Sunday roast, Pizza or a decent steak sometimes. I also use gym supplements which I included in my budget. 


I do not live on 40,000 baht a month because I have to, I have some income steams mostly from my home country that gives me about 90,000 baht a month depending on the exchange rate, I just don't feel the need to spend more, and I like have money over if I need to buy myself something like a new laptop, mobile phone or a few days away on the islands or a road trip somewhere, however most months I manage to save over half of my income.


I go to visit my home country once a year and I have not included the cost of that trip in my budget but I have included everything else. 


The people who say you need 100,000 baht a month to live here IMO are living a very lavish lifestyle in a big house or cannot say no to supporting girls and/or LB's or are eating and drinking themselves to death. 

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#270350 nicky or nick - robber!!!!

Posted by t3tsu01 on 29 August 2012 - 07:50 AM

Hi I met a a few days ago Nicky or Nick in the website dateinasia (name NickiLB in the site), i met her in pattaya a first time it was nice and she was nice to but last week i me her a second time and she stole my ipod.
First i was not sure it was her so i send her a sms asking her to check her bag maybe i put it in there by mistake (when we were looking for her phone), but as as can't find it anywhere i sent her an other one asking if you took it to just send me the photos by email and that i don't care about the ipod.
that's when she replied "6000 and i give it back to you" she wanted to meet me to get the money and give it back.
Too bad for her i've got contact in the police and she was catched at that moment (and hit pretty hard)
here some photo of her i had on her phone and a photo of the arrest

Avoid her she might look and sound nice but she is vicious
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#971309 Patricia On Koh Chang

Posted by colywob on 29 April 2018 - 04:30 PM

Our afternoon reaches its climax.Attached File  04afde2f-7c46-4fea-a19e-bcb2ad2dfaaf.jpg   61.66KB   47 downloadsAttached File  7f27c64b-bf65-420e-a928-225eaa232183.jpg   112.65KB   42 downloadsAttached File  d77000ae-eea6-4241-b0e9-5b40de2e6d7e.jpg   132.64KB   42 downloadsAttached File  c7400550-7cd7-459d-8ab8-3384ddb3a724.jpg   68.75KB   44 downloadsAttached File  1ba3f597-3763-4da1-9055-10f146a90de9.jpg   91KB   45 downloadsAttached File  793de273-4de3-4279-b3b5-9545dfeef7b8.jpg   86.91KB   42 downloadsAttached File  bf210fd8-03ae-4b54-a774-f80cf8f7523d.jpg   90KB   42 downloadsAttached File  25db2b22-52aa-47c8-af06-d1f5902746a4.jpg   91.09KB   44 downloads
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#885545 Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

Posted by Emmy_Katty_Bar on 11 August 2017 - 02:02 PM

All my staff.All ladyboys Me too. lol

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#972257 Bb Massage, Soi Buakhao

Posted by colywob on 03 May 2018 - 02:47 PM

This afternoon I've been to see my good friend Tan who is the new manager of BB massage in Soi Buakhao.

There's a great selection of LBs to take care of all our needs and it's open 24 hours.

My pick today, the lovely Dow, wearing a very stylish pair of jeans!Attached File  IMG_0451.JPG   131.19KB   171 downloadsAttached File  IMG_0450.JPG   125.26KB   157 downloads
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#969664 Patricia On Koh Chang

Posted by colywob on 23 April 2018 - 07:29 PM

Hi Patricia, it was great to see you again today and as you already know I had a wonderful time in your company, in fact I'm pretty sure we both had a great time and I look forward, very much, to when we can meet again, whenever that maybe. The sooner the better!!

To all BMs :
Patricia is one very special lady, you have already seen that she has a fantastic body, perfectly formed for great sex.
She is gorgeous looking, sexy as hell, extremely horny and very very naughty, she has no limits, I would confidently describe her as a sex goddess.

She says herself that she's a bad girl and she is, I say she's a good, bad girl if you know what I mean. She's also smart, articulate, has an engaging personality and has really got her head screwed on.
Also as you will see later, she loves dressing up for sex, she will give you the sexual experience of a lifetime, I highly recommend her without hesitation.

Now I know what you're thinking, I'm going a bit overboard here and it's because I know that Patricia will read this, well I can assure you that is not the case, I am not into bullshit for brownie points, I tell it straight like it is and I stand by everything I've said about her.
If you still don't believe me, you need to get yourself to Koh Chang and have a few sessions with her and report back, I will be astonished if you don't agree with everything I've said.

Also I'm posting a few pics from today, with Patricia's full permission, I think you will agree that the pics in themselves support everything I've said about her.
I particularly like pic number 6, for me it epitomises what Patricia is all about.

.Attached File  ea834398-c234-4ee6-a973-cd4e74ac1e81.jpg   74.27KB   75 downloadsAttached File  1f375a2f-5b64-48a5-aceb-c2bebf97dc66.jpg   63.39KB   65 downloadsAttached File  958ee0f6-1f5f-409c-9aeb-49bfcd17d178.jpg   63.37KB   68 downloadsAttached File  66765365-27fa-4bab-be09-2b6cd52f737e.jpg   73.98KB   64 downloadsAttached File  6f837b03-25d9-419d-8194-348d86b9cb4d.jpg   67.4KB   65 downloadsAttached File  be1256f9-f197-4fac-92e8-a567ca168517.jpg   68.39KB   69 downloadsAttached File  e4b248bd-05ea-4f61-b438-a981c5b69d9c.jpg   63.09KB   64 downloadsAttached File  06678091-ddaf-4b1f-895a-3b60d5136f6e.jpg   81.45KB   66 downloads
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#897007 Liza Ladyboy Soi Chayaipoon Pattaya 0614461857.

Posted by lizally69 on 16 September 2017 - 09:43 PM

Hello everyone.


I am Liza Ladyboy from Pattaya , I am working as freelance in and around Pattaya . I can visit you discretely in your Hotel room , Condo or your favorite Bar ,I can also travel to Bangkok to meet you ( at your expense ) .


    If you are new to Pattaya or a seasoned traveler I can also be your personal tour guide to see the wonderful sites of Pattaya.


    My Phone number is 0614461857 ...... Or you can add me on Line ID ......   My Line ID is   0614461857


  Please no negative posts , If you dont like what you see please move on ,


  Thank you. 

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#558204 I just launched my own TS site that I will be running myself - PURE-TS

Posted by Streetwalker on 07 January 2015 - 10:59 AM



A bloke contributes material to the Forum and he gets pounced on.


Better stick with ambiguous non-informative 'one-liners' and just post photos.

Keeps the illiterates happy......


The forum needs new input. Maybe we should convert the Forum to the 'Women's Institute'.


For sure we cannot all agree on all that is posted but having a guy, within the industry, cannot be a bad contribution.

He is contributing rather than posting lame remarks so that is a positive.


The Forum is about LBs, TVs. So why deter a contribution about the very subject of the Forum. Absolutely Amazing.


First real new thread in a long while - better than:


Am I gay


What's her number

Who knows she

Price of beer

Price of ST, LT, Taxi, roll in the hay


or better still


Where is XXYYZZ bar

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#547059 Ashlee Pattaya Based Philippina TS Domina

Posted by Andy666 on 30 November 2014 - 10:32 AM

Hi all,


as a guy who is interested in all kinds of people and experiences i decided to meet up with a ladyboy i met on Thaifriendly who was promoting herself as a domina.


Attached File  thailand november 2014 uploads mobile 090.jpg   156.44KB   550 downloads


I didn't really know what would be awaiting me but what i got was beyond expectations, a new friend.


She helped me out in times of need and was a big support to me when i got ill, i really appreciate that.


Attached File  thailand november 2014 uploads mobile 082.jpg   89.35KB   454 downloads


Big was my surprise when one day, while we were talking, she asked me if i knew about Pattaya Addicts and the Ladyboy site, it sure ain't a secret anymore!


I said i heard about it and she asked me if i could open a topic on the sites to promote her.


I agreed on two conditions: no bullshit promo lies and no photoshopped pictures.


So, here we go


Attached File  thailand november 2014 uploads mobile 086.jpg   114.88KB   437 downloads


Although Ashlee specializes in domina fantasies she is also available for 'vanilla sex' and even the GFE.


Her English is excellent, she is a very intelligent person and knows how to behave on a date.


Attached File  thailand november 2014 nieuwe camera 238.jpg   192.39KB   404 downloads


Ashlee does not have a SM dungeon or many SM toys, neither does she have uniforms or rubber clothes.


She also lacks experience to perform hardcore SM ( think needles and blood and stuff )


Just saying so nobody gets dissapointed.


Attached File  thailand november 2014 uploads mobile 089.jpg   152KB   407 downloads


Ashlee's biggest trump card is her enthousiasm or 'gusto' as she calls it.


She is a natural born mistress and the dominant twinkle in her eyes is never far away. This girl enjoys her job!!! To some of us this might be a greater turn on than fancy toys....


Everything is open for conversation, just ask her, but a quick look at the menu learns us that ropes, candles, humiliation, spitplay, golden shower, foot, dick and ass worshipping..... are among the most popular dishes.


Mistress Ashlee is also available for a threesome with her BFF Goddess Brianna.

Both are versatile and can be booked together to meet you in your room or at the place of your choice.


Mistress and Goddess....yep, the girls got imagination and they're living their dream!!!


Attached File  thailand november 2014 uploads mobile 076.jpg   176.45KB   416 downloads




To discuss with Ashlee, i am not her pimp, depending on what you want expect to be quoted 1500 (st) to 4000 (3some). No barfines ofcourse.


If worthy, she also travels to Bangkok, together with Brianna.


Anybody who ever looked at prices for SM sessions in Thailand knows that this is peanuts, it makes up for not having a professional dungeon to play in.


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Sure, at the PA forum many are paranoid about them, don't know about here. Not saying we shouldn't always be carefull....


But this thread is about Ashlee and unless your fantasy is to get drugged and robbed and you're paying for it, it ain't gonna happen, i know her as an honest person.




Tel nr: +66 984 617 041


Line ID: Dominaashlee


If you contact her can you mention that you found her data on the Ladyboy forum? ( We are both curious to know she gets business from here and if so, you never know how i might get rewarded :-)


And, also important:


Please don't be a jerk and cancel your appointment on time if you're not gonna show up!


Hoping this topic will be usefull to bring some people together to have a good time...







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#837926 Anna Massage Soi 8

Posted by duke007 on 20 March 2017 - 05:51 AM

I had a oil massage from one of ours named Pan in Anna massage last week,  the massage itself was fantastic and not rushed, you can get a "happy ending" but no can "boom boom" in the shop, I put that right by inviting her to give me a massage in my loom at 12pm the next day IPBsmilesbyAiwan_spiteful.gif

Lovely girl, great body, very highly recommended by me, she works from 10am-10pm IPBoard_Kolobok-101_good.gif

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#712964 Ladyboy Kim

Posted by kim28 on 16 March 2016 - 03:10 AM

And last but not the least i reveal totally ☺️☺️☺️☺️😁😁😁😁Attached File  image.jpeg   265.83KB   294 downloads
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