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  1. Rambo2201

    suvarnabhumi airport

    I've often flown out at that time, immigration always runs a lot smoother at that time of night, nowhere anyway as chaotic as upon arriving into BKK. Saying that I personally would be at the airport for 12.30, two hours might be putting yourself under a bit of pressure.
  2. Rambo2201

    HIV Q&A thread

    In the last week two ladyboys have specifically asked me to do them bareback, it mightn't sound a lot but its enough. Ok they were both drunk but I thankfully I wasn't. FFS keep your wits about you.
  3. Rambo2201

    HIV Q&A thread

    Over the years I've picked up Gonorrehea, Herpes, and Chlamydia, all during my GG hunting days. Picked up Syphilis from a Brazilian tranny escort, never picked up anything,(yet), from a Thai Ladyboy would you believe.
  4. Rambo2201

    HIV Q&A thread

    A couple of years ago a friend of mine, who's only into the GGs, returned home to find he had swollen lymph nodes on his neck, his doctor took a blood test and told him amongst a few other things he would be testing for HIV, my mate was shitting himself. Turned out he has non-Hodgkins Lymphomia, which is a relative of leukemia, cancer of the blood. This was a few years ago and thankfully he's doing well, but it could flare up anytime. I never said this to him but sometimes I think he would be better off if it had been HIV.
  5. Rambo2201

    Bb Massage, Soi Buakhao

    While I have you post #141 above on the far right in the red, I'm trying to figure out if that's her and if not who is she?
  6. Rambo2201

    Bb Massage, Soi Buakhao

    The one that I know started in 69 Bar recently.
  7. Rambo2201

    Internet Cafes

    Just passed the LK Mansion as you head for Pattaya Klang there's one there on the left.
  8. Rambo2201

    taxi to pattaya from bkk updates ?

    Yes, I used to use the meter taxis outside but they got way too expensive, now I use Mr T, taxi service, 1000 baht to Pattaya, hasn't left me down yet. There's others as well you can use, they'll be there waiting for you at gate 3 , holding a card with your name.
  9. Rambo2201

    taxi to pattaya from bkk updates ?

    That's from the airport
  10. Rambo2201

    taxi to pattaya from bkk updates ?

    Yes, used them two weeks ago
  11. Rambo2201

    Zaza massage shop, Soi Chayapoom

    Well I wouldn't mind having a crack at Sammy and Lin as well, only two weeks to go thank fuck.
  12. Rambo2201

    Zaza massage shop, Soi Chayapoom

    Thanks for the pics Stoolpusher, just added 'Paxy' to my list for next month.
  13. Rambo2201

    taxi to pattaya from bkk updates ?

    I read somewhere recently that the tolls are supposed to go up soon, maybe March or April, from 60 up to 105 Baht.
  14. Rambo2201

    Cock blocking bitch Ladyboy on Soi buakhao

    It's ironic that Ladyboy in the black and white dress, her name is 'Ice', I've been with her a couple of times during her Titti Twister days. I'm kinda surprised at her behaviour to be honest, I've never had a problem with her. It's been a while since I was last with her and whenever I've come across her since we have a few social words and I carry on my way. Maybe it been so quiet might be a reason for this behaviour. By the way if it is that Ladyboy in the pic I have read on here that she does have a drug problem.