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  1. hailbritania

    Another scam

    if you pick up the phone and an indian or african is on the line hang up. they can't do anything to help even if they legitimately work for the company in question
  2. hailbritania

    Please Help

    you're dead money just letting you know
  3. hailbritania

    Is It Common Scam.

    just yell out "it's a fucking scam you stupid fucker" then run if he can't take care of himself then his fault you gotta have your head on a swivel in LOS
  4. hailbritania

    Is It Worth The Moneyß

    ive been there over christmas twice unless you are at the mall you wouldn't know it was going on so i'd say no. it's high season and they don't celebrate it...unless the girls wanting gifts cause they know you're a westerner and you celebrate it
  5. hailbritania

    Hi im thippy69 new here :)

    Nicely done. Your hard work is paying off!! congratulations.
  6. hailbritania

    Transgender Women Fined For Posing Naked For Chinese Tourists

    they got this whole live streaming shit over there that doubles as porn. they clean the house and paint their nails and make big bucks. china's a fucking mess.
  7. cofeveve and a muffin was 11 euro i go through dxb if i can thank you very little
  8. hailbritania

    Where I Can Find Stricltly And Dominant Lb

    ask david bonnie he had a whole show with one
  9. that one that used to be on soi diana and moved to the mall between beach and second road on the side of mikes mall is the best
  10. i think the law allows victims to sue the company that provides the advertising to the traffickers the effect is the same as banning it though imho it's unconstitutional but, we have a slew of unconstitutional laws that are enforced on the daily in USA ho's are pretty resourceful though, this will be a minor blip they'll advertise as maids or some shit
  11. hailbritania

    Best VPN?

    hotspot shield
  12. hailbritania

    Need A Haircut ?

    Here's a map and some prices. From what I can gather she is working very hard and enjoying running her own business. If anyone here has ever had the pleasure of taking their stress level from meh to 11 by opening their own business they'll know how good it feels to have some friendly faces support you. This little salon is a dream of hers. I'm excited to support her and her business when I'm in town. She's cut my hair many times and is excellent at it. She professional level is my experience. Go Mimi!
  13. hailbritania

    British Airways Safety Video 2017

    thandie newton is hot as fuck she could be shoveling shit and she'd be the hottest woman on the island
  14. i give you credit for volume but, that's the extent of it.