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  1. hailbritania

    IT finally happened to me !!!!

    also it's amazingly easy to open the hotel safe you can do it with a potato yeah potato
  2. hailbritania

    IT finally happened to me !!!!

    good fucking luck opening an acct you basically can not do it unless you live there i'd recommend seeing a visa place and getting them to help you on your own you are fucked
  3. hailbritania

    Emirates Seat Booking

    really 3 rows back looking forward to your post about how much the lb's try and charge and how you refuse to pay over 800 baht
  4. the green movement is just a communist shill
  5. hailbritania

    Why So Expensive To Fly From Frankfurt

    book far in advance for intl flights and avoid holidays and business travel days if you're flexible you can save you might try calling a travel agent and just seeing what they can do they have resources you can't access just by booking online i've found that frequently it is still a value to use a TA cheers
  6. https://pattayaone.news/en/pattaya-workers-demanding-bribes/ this is pretty impressive these two guys were OFF WORK but, still had the motivation to go out and make that money
  7. i doubt the men work less hard i doubt it very much take the women out of the equation in thailand and it collapses completely in 8 hours
  8. hailbritania

    The Rib Shack @ The Hideaway

    looks great. can't wait to get back.
  9. hailbritania

    The Tavern Soi 4

    Cheers! the Irish.
  10. This is the best breakfast you can have anywhere near Nana I go there every morning and i just had American breakfast, side of pancakes and an irish coffee for less than 400 also, centrally located LOL btw the mexican is located straight across the street by what used to be annies soapy that's the best mexican food i've ever had outside the usa and if it was in most US cities it would be the best mexican in that city cheers
  11. https://pattayaone.news/en/reliable-read-want-setup-business/
  12. i just flew china southern and their upgrade from coach or economy plus was great. two wide instead of 3. the seat was older and the movies sucked but, the price was fucking outstanding. bring your own food. the stuff they served stunk like hell. i didn't eat it.
  13. hailbritania

    Another scam

    if you pick up the phone and an indian or african is on the line hang up. they can't do anything to help even if they legitimately work for the company in question
  14. hailbritania

    Please Help

    you're dead money just letting you know
  15. hailbritania

    Is It Common Scam.

    just yell out "it's a fucking scam you stupid fucker" then run if he can't take care of himself then his fault you gotta have your head on a swivel in LOS