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  1. hailbritania


    xanax plus booze can make some people black out and this is how it's used as a date rape drug and also by thieves to get your wallet from you etc....
  2. hailbritania

    Bag ransacking exposed

    if you don't wanna lose it don't bring it and that comes form a guy who lost a camera
  3. hailbritania

    Favourite food places

    oh, they got full on english breaky as well be assured of that
  4. hailbritania

    Favourite food places

    and this stuff is NOT expensive either
  5. hailbritania

    Favourite food places

    The Golden Ferret Golf Society has great thai and western food Their breakfast is excellent as well Sunday they do an order by the plate style carvery thing which, is way better imho as i don't eat enough to spend what the fucking Sporty wants. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Golden-Ferrets-Golf-Society/555939257792147 beers are reasonable and it's got a nice soi side table set up for watching the girls go to work while i booze in the late afternoons too fucking easy and beer is cheap as well
  6. hailbritania

    Favourite food places

    if it's on soi diana i thought it sucked maybe not the same place i aint watching the video
  7. hailbritania

    Normal Price Brekky

    best cheap good breakfast is always at The Golden Ferret Golf Society just off second road across from soi 7 ish google it
  8. hailbritania

    Pattaya Beach Reclamation Project

    did anyone think that this was going to be the one civil e project that went well??
  9. hailbritania

    IT finally happened to me !!!!

    also it's amazingly easy to open the hotel safe you can do it with a potato yeah potato
  10. hailbritania

    IT finally happened to me !!!!

    good fucking luck opening an acct you basically can not do it unless you live there i'd recommend seeing a visa place and getting them to help you on your own you are fucked
  11. hailbritania

    Emirates Seat Booking

    really 3 rows back looking forward to your post about how much the lb's try and charge and how you refuse to pay over 800 baht
  12. the green movement is just a communist shill
  13. hailbritania

    Why So Expensive To Fly From Frankfurt

    book far in advance for intl flights and avoid holidays and business travel days if you're flexible you can save you might try calling a travel agent and just seeing what they can do they have resources you can't access just by booking online i've found that frequently it is still a value to use a TA cheers
  14. https://pattayaone.news/en/pattaya-workers-demanding-bribes/ this is pretty impressive these two guys were OFF WORK but, still had the motivation to go out and make that money
  15. i doubt the men work less hard i doubt it very much take the women out of the equation in thailand and it collapses completely in 8 hours