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  1. stoolpusher

    Flu or flu like

    I am not a Scientist but . I think it's a combination of bad sleeping patterns, meeting lots of traveler's visiting bars coming from all over the world, very much like how a lot of us pick some sort of bug on a plane and then in and out of AC , it all catches up with you in the end
  2. stoolpusher

    Direct Flight v Stop Over

    I am always looking for the cheapest flights so most of the time I fly scoot or air Asia from Australia
  3. stoolpusher

    PREP, where to get?

    the things some people take photos of ...its just as bad as taking a pic of food your about to eat and post it on facebook.
  4. stoolpusher

    Bag ransacking exposed

    having a padlock is a waste of time for the real crooks ( the sound is a bit funky )
  5. stoolpusher

    Contact info for ride from swamp to NANA

    you get on the airport line to Phaya Thai station about 45 baht ( end of the line ) then down the stairs to the next station and buy your ticket to Nana about 39 baht , 6 stations and you are there. ( those prices I pain Feb last year ) Also look at google earth map and you can see the BTS and the number of stops You can get a free BTS map at the airport .
  6. stoolpusher

    Bag ransacking exposed

    why would you bring a cheese grater on holidays...... I suppose some people think these things are important to take witt them when traveling
  7. stoolpusher

    Contact info for ride from swamp to NANA

    The BTS should cost about 160 baht return
  8. stoolpusher

    Bag ransacking exposed

    I heard a tail of guys hiding out under buses where your bags go and looking through bags between stops
  9. stoolpusher

    Bag ransacking exposed

    They have that at swampy to Jimmy
  10. stoolpusher

    Bag ransacking exposed

    I have copied this from face book( I don't know the age of the vid ) its some thing we should all be aware of as to what we keep in our checked baggage
  11. thanks for that, i will visit julia in march, look forward to it,are both massage shops on the same soi,or how can i contact julia for a massage?

    thanks in advance, iron

  12. SP - I look forward to my trip in a few weeks. And I especially look forward to meeting Sammy!! She is stunning. Does she usually work in Zaza 1 or 2??

  13. stoolpusher

    sore throat

    Its always on the flight over when I get sick.
  14. stoolpusher

    Fuck Ann's Taxi Service

    My last trip ( 7th Dec ) to swampy from Pattaya, I used a mate of Emmys ( Katty Bar ) for a 1000 baht ( no mates rates ) .He was on time and a good safe driver . Emmy has his number
  15. stoolpusher

    Heart Probs.

    I had a good chat to Wfkiwi69 yesterday and he is feeling much better and should be back at work soon and has changed his diet ( Like I should and will ) . I think its a real wake up call for most of us , more so this time of year when there is so much rich food on offer at home,particularly when your Mum puts on the Chrissy dinner and the left overs to . I will keep you guys posted .