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  1. stoolpusher

    Heart Probs.

    I spoke to wfkiwi69 yesterday and he is doing much better , so thanks for all the well wishers
  2. The Rib Shack baby .... that's nearly a B 52's song ( am I showing my age) The menu looks yummy
  3. stoolpusher

    Heart Probs.

    If you look at all the places when people have been unfortunate enough to have a heart attack , you would not get out of bed and even thats a scary place to .
  4. I can get to Thailand from Australia on Virgin points , but a 8 hour trip ( ThaiAirways ) is a 20 to 30 hour trip with virgin , there is always a catch,
  5. stoolpusher

    Cbd oil

    Thats ..good shit ....man
  6. stoolpusher

    Heart Probs.

    Its the food I like to cook .... Lamb roasts with all the veges and then the chips ( crisps ) and lollies , A little fitter would be nice , but I went to all the trouble of getting a drivers licence many years ago so walking is out .
  7. stoolpusher

    Heart Probs.

    Very funny ...what ever your name is
  8. stoolpusher

    Heart Probs.

    I will update his progress in about a week .
  9. stoolpusher

    Heart Probs.

    My mate is / was a smoker and a big guy , after talking to him yesturday I will start to look after myself a bit better Its more of a reminder when you know someone in his spot
  10. stoolpusher

    Credit card at hotel check-in

    A hotel one time asked me for a credit card for check in and I said sooky but I forget my card and I said I can leave a cash deposit (1000 baht) and had no problem
  11. stoolpusher

    Heart Probs.

    I would just like to give a big shout out to a good friend of mine " wfkiwi69 " a BM on this forum who 4 weeks ago had a mild stroke , heart attacks and a triple bypass. He is doing ok now but recovery is slow . All the best my friend , you will be back on your feet in no time.
  12. stoolpusher

    Durian Pizza ????

    Beetroot for sure , I have noticed some Subways don't serve Beetroot here at home
  13. stoolpusher

    Tip to avoid travellers stomach

    I was told by my doctor here in Oz to eat regularly ( small amounts ) and that keeps every thing working inside . And to try and eat the food your body is used to. I am in the race horse industry here and they have a lot of trouble with stomach problems from exercising on an empty stomach. As for the coke thing , well I drink it at home ( I don't drink alcohol) It's not rocket science
  14. stoolpusher

    Another scam

    Like I have said before , I string them along if I am not busy . They all end up hanging up on me. If I am super nice to them and thank them so much for calling , they hang up real quick
  15. stoolpusher

    Another scam

    Sorry mate , it was a joke about the Brooklyn bridge, an old May West movie