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  1. Dalef65

    Problems with LINE App

    ,@Aitch. For your first question. In Friends ,hold down (note hold, not tap)on the contact to bring up block/hide,/chat etc. Hide the contact. Then go to, Settings, Friends, manage friends, hidden users, edit, remove. Gone. Second question eliminating unwanted chat. In the actual chat, there should be an arrow in the top right hand corner. Click the arrow. Then there should be a drop down box that says "chat settings" amongst other things. Click chat settings.. This should lead to a drop down box that says (again amongst other things) "delete chat history." Click delete chat history and the whole chat is gone, preserving the contact. Third question. If photos are exchanged in LINE and the recipient doesn't save them,they will expire after a certain amount of time. Although they may still remain visible on the chat screen. To prevent them expiring,as soon as you receive a photo you should do the following. Tap on the photo (note tap and not holding down) This will bring a full screen of the photo with a little 9 block square in the top Right hand corner. Tap the 9 block square. This brings up all the photos you have received in that particular chat. Now in the bottom right hand corner you should be seeing "select". Tap that. Tapping "select" should change the bottom of the screen to show "Album" on the left side, and "Device" on the right side. It should also bring up ticks on each individual photo. Tap the ticks to select each individual photo that you want to keep,then tap "Device" to save them to your phone. This keeps the photos and prevents them from disappearing.
  2. Dalef65

    Bangkok Flight Services

    Smelly queue.. lol.
  3. Dalef65

    Internet Cafes

    Which one are you referring to? Over the years pre WiFi and smartphone,I have used at least 3 internet cafes in Soi Buakhow.
  4. Probably a one off. As tingtong says it depends on where you are directed to go.
  5. Dalef65

    Golden Sea Pattaya Hotel

    I stayed in the Golden Sea about 4 years ago. The first thing to say is that the photo of the room posted above is a little bit flattering. Yes, it is a bona fide picture of the room,but in reality the furniture and decor of the rooms were slightly worn and dated when I stayed there. As mentioned by others,there are the constant comings and goings of tour buses at all hours of the day and night. The mainly Chinese guests had a habit of leaving their room doors open and having shouted conversations with their friends down the corridors. Very disruptive. Another point to bear in mind is that if you want to partake in the breakfast buffet,you should get there early (to beat the rush)..the guests like to go on their organized tours so they tend to descend on breakfast all at the same time. I didn't try the pool so I can't comment on that aspect. The hotel has adequate facilities and is guest friendly, but personally I wouldn't describe it as excellent.It is in a great location for the LB based fun, or GG based fun for that matter. But the factors I mentioned at the top mean I would not book there again.
  6. Dalef65

    Normal Price Brekky

    Top of Soi Diana. Turn right..? I would have said left. Then 200 yds on the left. Right..?