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  1. mikejohnson

    Where I Can Find Stricltly And Dominant Lb

    Is Liza a real mistress? Or is it a marketing ploy
  2. mikejohnson

    Nickky Jomtien

    She's a cutie. Worth the trip to Jomtein.
  3. mikejohnson

    Kitty's porn debut

    NOrmal job. Say it ain't so :Thumbs Down:
  4. mikejohnson

    Bb Massage, Soi Buakhao

    Christ on a bike !!
  5. mikejohnson

    Paxky Top Zaza

    Yep, I agree. Theres something about her looks that makes her stand out. Not your typical Thai look. (and very attractive)
  6. mikejohnson

    Looking For Ladyboys In Phi Mai

    Good to know, if I ever get up that far.
  7. mikejohnson

    Ladyboy Lovers Meeting

    555 priceless. You've rumbled half the forum (me included, 11 months of the year)
  8. mikejohnson


    Nevermind. I believe she's still there
  9. mikejohnson

    any takers

    Ok..you got me. I couldn't help myself
  10. mikejohnson

    Paxky Top At Zaza

    Has anybody been with Paxty? I'm back next month, and she's on my to-do.
  11. mikejohnson

    Sara Zaza

  12. mikejohnson

    Sexy Ladyboy taxi and tour guide service

    Have to agree Jim. If there's zero chance of anything happening, I'll stick to my (cheaper) regular. (Just my opinion)
  13. mikejohnson

    Hello, please allow me introduce myself. I am new LB to forum.

    555 Fuck the pretence
  14. mikejohnson

    Body 2 Body Massage By Hung Ladyboy?

    Yep... and her name is liza