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  1. mikejohnson

    Where I Can Find Stricltly And Dominant Lb

    Is Liza a real mistress? Or is it a marketing ploy
  2. mikejohnson

    Nickky Jomtien

    She's a cutie. Worth the trip to Jomtein.
  3. mikejohnson

    Kitty's porn debut

    NOrmal job. Say it ain't so :Thumbs Down:
  4. mikejohnson

    Bb Massage, Soi Buakhao

    Christ on a bike !!
  5. mikejohnson

    Paxky Top Zaza

    Yep, I agree. Theres something about her looks that makes her stand out. Not your typical Thai look. (and very attractive)
  6. mikejohnson

    Looking For Ladyboys In Phi Mai

    Good to know, if I ever get up that far.
  7. mikejohnson

    Ladyboy Lovers Meeting

    555 priceless. You've rumbled half the forum (me included, 11 months of the year)
  8. mikejohnson


    Nevermind. I believe she's still there
  9. mikejohnson

    any takers

    Ok..you got me. I couldn't help myself
  10. mikejohnson

    Paxky Top At Zaza

    Has anybody been with Paxty? I'm back next month, and she's on my to-do.
  11. mikejohnson

    Sara Zaza

  12. mikejohnson

    Hello, please allow me introduce myself. I am new LB to forum.

    555 Fuck the pretence
  13. mikejohnson

    Body 2 Body Massage By Hung Ladyboy?

    Yep... and her name is liza
  14. mikejohnson

    Nookkei: Horniest ladyboy in Pattaya

    I don't think you get an option re gg. Nookie is an absolute machine