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    Thai bank statement from Australia

    Thanks all for the info will pass it onto him he is gone back into hospital for more treatment
  2. Kevin007

    Thai bank statement from Australia

    No he says he does not have a online account with them. He just told me he phoned the bank lady said he would have to come to the bank?? He said u want me to fly from Australia collect statement then return to Australia give statement to Embassy then fly again? He asked would the bank pay for flights?? Ha ha
  3. Hi all a mate of mine has returned from Thailand to Australia for a few operations, his o/a visa expired. He is now doing all paperwork for a new one. But he needs a bank statement from kasikorn bank as most of his cash is with them. Is there a way to obtain this some how, I suggested having a mate in Thailand talk to his bank. Also he says on the Embassy form no mention of binding and notarised?? He was told by the Embassy just get jp to sign.
  4. Kevin007

    Wi Fi

    Thank you all kind bms I will take on board your thoughts. Many thanks
  5. Kevin007

    Wi Fi

    Hopefully a few bms may be able to assist. I am currently back in Aus and will soon be moving into a rental property soon. It will have wifi for me but it will come from the owners house above my rental. So was wondering can he check somehow on what sites I am looking at? Or is there something I can do to prevent this.
  6. Also changed from spiritman to kevin007
  7. Haven’t been on here for some time I’ll health. Forgot password etc signed up with my other email address but can’t view much