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  1. Em & Rose Birthday Party - sat 23rd Feb - TJ's Bar, starts 8 pm

  2. jimbo34

    Visa Run Question

    Remember:- ALL rules are "flexible" in Thailand !
  3. Jimbo's 65th Birthday - weds 26th December at TJ's Bar

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      65th? And all the rest!!!

  4. Deedee's Birthday - TJ's Bar Saturday 15th December

  5. Recapturing Table 1, this Friday at TJ's Bar 21.00 hours

  6. Skool Night this saturday 20th Oct at TJ's

  7. ok josh, look forward to seeing you

  8. jimbo34

    Visa Exemption On Arrival ?

    Oh ffs shuttup, Abba123. In 14+ years of coming in and out of Thailand I've never had a single problem despite having a multitude of different visas. This is NOT North Korea he's coming to. Furthermore as he's from the UK he'll still be highly respected (yes, really). And in view of the complexities of the visa system i've always found Immigration to be amazingly accurate with the stamping procedure.
  9. jimbo34

    Visa Exemption On Arrival ?

    For goodness sake patnya! So much fuss over a 30/31 day holiday visa! Travelling from the UK you will automatically get a 30 day visa. Before you leave the Immigration hall just check that they've stamped you correctly. If not, go back immediately to the desk and get them to correct it. Never had a problem myself. Don't worry about your stay being 31 days - they'll pull you to one side as you pass through Immigration and stamp you with the extra day free of charge, and with a smile. Now stop fussing , relax, and enjoy your holiday !
  10. jimbo34

    visa extension ?

    No. If you just arrive in Thailand you can stay for 30 days. You then have to leave and re-enter - if done by air you'll have another 30 days. If done by land (e.g. visa run to Cambodia) you'll only get another 14 days. Better to jump through the hoops before you get here and get a Tourist Visa from the embassy.
  11. jimbo34

    visa extension ?

    Unfortunately if you live in London you're stuck with the embassy, unless you fancy a journey to Liverpool or Hull ! Check out their website for the full details of the paperwork you'll need. As i understand it they're getting tougher on proving you've booked somewhere for your whole stay and an exit flight! The consuls used to be a bit more "flexible", but not so sure these days.
  12. jimbo34

    visa extension ?

    Go to your nearest thai Consul (don't bother with the embassy in London - they're twats!) and get a 60 day Tourist Visa. NB: - make sure your paperwork is pretty watertight - it's a pain in the arse being rejected! Once in Thailand you can then extend for a further 30 days at your nearest Immigration Office - the one for Pattaya is clearly signposted in Jomtien. If you want to stay longer than 3 months, you'll have to exit Thailand before your extension has expired and either get another 60 day Tourist Visa or a 30 day "visa on arrival" (issued automatically once you re-enter).
  13. jimbo34

    Pattaya going downhill?

    Got to agree IRON - i've been flitting between Patts & HKT these past few weeks and doesn't matter whether it's Air Asia or Bangkok Airways, the flights are full of fukn horrible, arrogant A-rabs. Gets right on my tits.
  14. jimbo34

    Pattaya going downhill?

    I'm into my 3rd week in Pattaya now, and although desperately quiet, it looks that way because there are just SO many bars, and bar complexes. It's ridiculous, unsustainable. I can't see the scene changing all that much over the next 5 years at least, except that there will have to be a culling of the sheer number of bars. Apparently there's another sex show venue open now, catering to the Goblins who want to watch rather than do. But Pattaya is still the sex capital of the world, and ladyboys are in every complex now, whereas 10 years ago you had to search them out in the specific bars. Don't panic.
  15. jimbo34

    Hotmail Inbox.

    I've had just the one "smart"phone - too fukn smart for me, and it's now rotting in the jungle somewhere!
  16. jimbo34

    Hotmail Inbox.

    Me too. For some of us "technically challenged" blokes, this kind of thing is really annoying. Just leave the cunting thing alone, ffs! Thanks for the info lbshagger, back to normal now.
  17. jimbo34

    Okay, I'm being dense.

    Bugger off Thaiman12 - you're just confusing the issue. The rest of us are trying to help !
  18. jimbo34

    Okay, I'm being dense.

    If you're interested: i have 50% share in a bar for sale, and can arrange a B visa similar to mine !
  19. jimbo34

    Okay, I'm being dense.

    I've got a B (Business visa), but because i don't have all the qualifying paperwork to register every 90 days, i still fly out and back to KL, which resets the 90 days. Ed visas are a bit dodgy these days - they're checking up more and more on these. You're 56, so your best option is the Retirement visa, which will only require you to register every 90 days at your local Immigration Office - read the requirements from your nearest Thai Embassy website. The Elite Visa is a good option if you've got the cash. Far less hoops to jump through. NB: Thailand will only allow you to use Tourist Visas for 6 months in any calendar year. And then you barred for 6 months. Not an option if you want to stay here for any length of time.
  20. Silly girl - with a face and body like that she could make a fortune without having to steal.
  21. jimbo34

    Okay, I'm being dense.

    If you're under 50, the Elite Visa is pretty much the only way you can stay for years.
  22. jimbo34

    Air China Experience

    I would never use any transport with the word "China" in it, no matter how cheap. Horrid little cunts.
  23. jimbo34

    Air Asia tightens baggage restrictions

    Sorry, but people completely take the piss with "carry-on" luggage. Massive backpacks plus numerous other smaller bags. High time the overhead lockers were reserved for the correct sized bags. Anything else chucked in the hold and charged for. I'm not an AA fan, but hope they stick to this.
  24. jimbo34

    Bart's Navy Bar Owner Tae

    This is the sort of stuff that should also be put on Trip Advisor. Too many (thai) scammers getting away with this sort of behaviour.
  25. jimbo34

    Double citizenship and visa runs

    I tend to agree with hellah. Get a 60 day visa from the embassy/consulate, extend for 30 days, then re-apply in Penang or KL.