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  1. Justin Sane

    Best Fish & Chips

    I have to echo that Jolly Friar has gone downhill. I haven't gone the past few trips. Halibut is no longer on the menu and they seem to be using a lower quality oil that the fish and chips soaks too much up. Don't know where any more good chip shops are at. I haven't tried Fritknot on Soi Lengkee, the Belgian Fries stand. If you're in Bangkok, try New Zealand Snapper near Soi 4. http://www.snapper-bangkok.com/ They have a variety of fish to choose from and their snapper is very moist and has the right amount of flake. Pricey but well worth it.
  2. Justin Sane

    CPAP machines or Sleep Study

    Does anyone know a shop in Pattaya or Bangkok that sell CPAP machines? Also, can anyone recommend a hospital that has a sleep study lab for a decent price? I just got quoted 23K baht at Bangkok Hospital.
  3. At the moment my favorite pancakes are at Smokin' Joes on Soi Lengkee. But I'm always for other options. If you're in Bangkok, check out the pancakes at the Tavern on Sukhumvit, Soi 4.
  4. Justin Sane

    New York Style Pizza?

    Thanks, that's good to know. I was worried that my favorite pizza shop in Pattaya was gone.
  5. With so many Italian restaurants in Pattaya, (it seems like there is one every 500 meters), I didn't have high expectations of this restaurant. I thought it would taste like all the others. I couldn't have been more wrong. The food was so rich. I ordered the pasta with blue cheese sauce and bacon, and side order of bruchetta. My only criticism is that I didn't see a pesto pasta option on the menu. This place and Jolly Friar will definitely be a must see on all future trips to Pattaya.
  6. Bronx Pizza on Soi Diana is closed. Does anyone know where else to get a slice of New York style pizza in Pattaya?
  7. Justin Sane

    Best Fish & Chips

    I always get fish & chips when I'm in Patts. I feel I've visited every fish & chip shop in the city, and I always go back to the Jolly Friar. In my opinion, it's just the best one in Pattaya. Most shops use Cod or John Dory, but nothing compares to Halibut. It's the best choice for fried fish. It's well worth the extra price, and it's why I keep going back to Jolly Friar. The chips and mushy peas are also great. The most recent time, I decided to get fries instead of chips.
  8. Justin Sane

    Best Burger in Patts?

    Never tried the one in Patts, but I just went to the Hard Rock cafe in Hong Kong and one of the best burgers I've ever eaten in my life. I imagine it will be expensive, but it will be damn worth it. Another good choice is to get the Chicken Burger at the Blue Healer on Soi Lengkee. I'll take a beef burger over a chicken burger any day, but I'll make an exception for the one at The Blue Healer. It puts any red meat beef burger to shame.
  9. Thanks for the update. I will check this place out next time I'm in town.
  10. Justin Sane

    The Blue Heeler

    Just to let you know, the owner Max told me he has eaten the forbidden ladyboy fruit before. That whole area has good eats. Another place worth mentioning is the Gulf Club on Soi LK Metro. They have outstanding English and American breakfasts there. Or you can create your own breakfast by just ordering the sides you want. By far the best breakfast I've ever had in Pattaya.
  11. Justin Sane

    The Blue Heeler

    Yes, that is the place.
  12. I know there are many restaurants in Pattaya that sell British favorites like Bangers and Mash or Fish & Chips for a decent price. Sometimes it's hard to choose one, or you already have your favorite where all your mates eat there. Well there is another one that is worth checking out. There is an Aussie place called The Blue Healer on Soi Lengkee. The food there is delicious and cooked with lots of care. The portion sizes are large and you probably won't finish your food. Just about everything on the menu is under 200 baht. The pictures on the menu don't do the food justice, but trust me, it is good. I recommend the Blue Heeler burger, which is really a chicken burger. Although calling it a chicken burger is an insult. You get a giant breaded chicken steak with nice white moist meat that makes the bun look like a speck of dust. I also recommend the fish & chips. I was staying at Destiny A-go-go and the owner recommended this restaurant to me. He eats there three times a week because the food is so good. At 7:00 PM on Thursdays they have a pig spit and buffet and the food is free. Make sure you show up at 7:00 because the food goes fast. The owner is a large Aussie guy named Max. Very friendly guy and likes to know his customers so you will feel like family at this place (He also happens to be ladyboy friendly too!). So stop by this place and show it some support from the ladyboyist community.
  13. Justin Sane

    Tuk Com or Pantip Plaza?

    I'm looking for a tablet. Not too expensive. It just has to play movies and let me read my digital comics. I want one with about a 9.7 inch screen. I'm eyeing the Samsung Galaxy Tab A right now. Buying it in China (where I live) is not an option. It would not be able to run the google play store if it is from China.
  14. Which shopping mall has better deals on electronic equipment, as in a cheaper price? Pantip Plaza in Bangkok or Tuk Com in Pattaya?
  15. Justin Sane

    Sleeping Pills in LOS?

    I think Valium and Xanax will be too strong for me, not to mention the risk of causing addiction. If I take one Diphenhydramine HCL pill, I can get a full nights rest, but the slightest sound can still wake me up, so I don't have to worry about sleeping through my alarm clock. Plus I wake up in the morning well rested, not still tired. I'm living in Asia, so I can't find any Diphenhydramine HCL here, I was hoping there might be some in Thailand.