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  1. odotor

    Metered taxis

    Pure bollocks. Walk up to second road, hop in a seangtaow and pay ten Baht when you get off. No rocket science.
  2. odotor

    Flu or flu like

  3. odotor

    Direct Flight v Stop Over

    I didn't know EVA is flying out of London. Cherjam told me he had to fly to Amsterdam to catch the EVA flight there.
  4. odotor

    Direct Flight v Stop Over

    Right. Eurowing is one of the airlines I predict to go broke in 2019.
  5. odotor

    Direct Flight v Stop Over

    I use to fly Emirates with a stopover in Dubai (frequent flyer program), which I find quite pleasant. Stretch your legs and walk around a bit, shopping. A few years ago a forgot to check the layover time and I was stuck in Dubai airport for 9 hours. Fucking nightmare. Last December I choose Eurowings over Emirates because they were cheaper and had a non-stop flight. I would't do it again. In fact, it wasn't cheaper in the end 'cause you had to pay for everything. Drink, food, entertainment, headspeakers, choosen seat, even for a fuckn blanket and pillow they charged money.. Fuckety fuck would TM12 say. O.
  6. I saw you locked my thread. I know it's a delicate topic.
    I rather see it removed than locked. Thanks.

  7. odotor

    The Taxi Ride

    Ahem, what did I say. Quote "1100 now including toll from Suk to Patts Call PT taxi or Mr. T." Christ on a bike.
  8. odotor

    The Taxi Ride

    1100 now including toll from Suk to Patts Call PT taxi or Mr. T.
  9. odotor

    Rail link from BKK

    AFAIK there is only one train from Hua Lamphong train station going to Pattaya every day and it departs at 6:45 in the morning. Landing at midnight, I recommed you prebook a taxi from Mr. T or PT taxi. I don't think there are buses goint at that time either.
  10. If are a real explorer try the train. A memorable experience. It stops somewhere on the dark side. Enjoy your trip. O.
  11. Sukhumvid Road bus station. Not far from Pattaya Klang. Just cross Sukhumvid and wait for a Songteaw. 10 Baht. O.
  12. odotor

    Another scam

    Yes you are, I'm afraid. Hang up immediately. Better still, tell them you come back after a few miments and then leave them hanging. They won't call again. O.
  13. odotor

    Favourite place to rent a bike

    IMHO, don't rent anything. No scooter, no car, NO jetsky. It's not worth the risk. Transportation in Pattaya in cheap and available round the clock. If you really need transport from A to B outside Pattaya, rent a car including driver. O.
  14. odotor

    Germany To Bangkok

    Emirates is servicing Frankfurt too, if I'm not mistaken. They offer a free train ride too. O.
  15. odotor

    Germany To Bangkok

    Can you read? I booked today. About 6 hours ago. The answer was directed to Knobby. He asked the question. Jeez,how many brews did you have today. O.