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  1. Tony Soprano

    Cost of living in Thailand

  2. Tony Soprano

    Cost of living in Thailand

    Apparently in some BM’s home country prices for things never go up - Or some BM’s need to quit working for Burger King and get a better job. I live here but only go to bars 1 or 2 nights a week. Some nights I don’t go out all week. I do go out to eat sometimes and the movies, etc. recently spent 4 days at a hotel in Bangsaray. 3 weeks ago spent 4 days in Seoul, Korea. I have a GF, who doesn’t cost much money, and I don’t think I’ve ST a LB/GG in 2018. Going back to the US in June for 3 weeks, too. This may not suit anyone else. For me, I’m “living the life” as many call it. My point, as Soidog posted, it all depends on how you spend your time here. I watch a lot of TV series and movies at home,too. I do get more than 65K baht a month from 2 pensions.
  3. Tony Soprano

    A380, A white elephant?

    Seems it has to be repeated for some here
  4. Tony Soprano

    A380, A white elephant?

    The airline decides on the seat plan, not the airplane maker.
  5. Tony Soprano

    Netflix in Thailand

    Just watch it for free online or downloaded after it shows on Netflix.
  6. Tony Soprano

    New I-Mac Pro...Will Anyone Get One?

    I don’t buy new until what Starts to become useless. My Mac is only a couple years old. 5K for a laptop? Does it cook dinner?
  7. Tony Soprano

    "Express Visa" company for retirement visa?

    I don’t even want to have 800K in my Thai bank-. I can show I get over the required monthly amount but you have to go to the embassy to get it certified and I’ve gotten too lazy to do that. I don’t like BKK traffic either. Not sure if that’s just for US citizens or not. I had read somewhere you then have to go to some BKK Thai gov’t office with that certificate, but I only saw that once so not sure if that’s true
  8. Tony Soprano

    Best Burger in Patts?

    Maybe they leaned more on the well part-. So far, the only food I’ve had that’s been better than back home is Thai food-
  9. Tony Soprano

    Best Burger in Patts?

    Had a Philly Cheese Steak at Great American and it was good. Not as good as ones I've had in the US but at least an average US one. I will go back for other selections, but I also try not to eat much meat. Had a Cheese and bacon Burger delivered from Farser's Pub last week which I really liked. No pre-made patty crap. My pic here doesn't do it justice because the cheese was on top of the bacon on top of the burger so you can't see that. It was so melted into the bun top I would have destroyed the bun top when I tried to separate them. Very little lettuce and tomato, don't like that on a burger anyway, and had fried onions which you should see. They only will cook them med-well
  10. Tony Soprano

    Throat cancer among men on the rise

    I go down on both so I could never blame either one- Good luck Duke
  11. Tony Soprano

    Throat cancer among men on the rise

    I joke about anything, including myself. Why not joke about something that happens all the time? Sad people die from it, but if I joke it not won't save 1 fucking person, now will it? I can joke about all the mass murders in the US. If I do, does it cause more murders?
  12. Tony Soprano

    Throat cancer among men on the rise

    I’ve posted about the same thing in fear mongering threads so get a clue
  13. Tony Soprano

    Throat cancer among men on the rise

    I ‘ve had friends die of cancer too. People die. I’m going to die. It’s reality. I make fun of anything. Both my patents funereal’s were like joke fests. I actually posted that because the fear mongering on the forum gets ridiculous at times. If people are that fearful of all the stuff posted, stay in bed and never go out. I don’t live in fear which I’ve posted many times.Some people look for tbings to fear. I don’t.
  14. Tony Soprano

    Throat cancer among men on the rise

    I had throat cancer 2 days ago, but I drank down so much gin yesterday, I’m now cured. So what should we fear next?-
  15. Tony Soprano

    A380, A white elephant?

    Be way too costly. How much space would it take to design and manufacture every part-