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  1. onebraveaussie

    Don Mueng Airport vs Suvarnabhumi??

    ok don m is cheaper version for air fares, but us older guys don muang is first home, taxi ok to nana or pattaya, just have to dodge the yellow peril, chinese,
  2. onebraveaussie

    Going to HCMC

    halong bay is in hanoi, the other end of vietnam and way away from HCMC
  3. onebraveaussie

    The Tavern Soi 4 (BKK)

    i know the place now, walls covered in us car number plates from every state. small place, nice atmosphere and killer food for brekkie. night time ok 4 a drink but no action.
  4. onebraveaussie

    Going to HCMC

    nice city
  5. CL dumped the sex adverts today Gold Coast OZ locanto still ok but cannot post dick pics
  6. onebraveaussie

    Expensive Times For Flights.

    very skinny deals from oz now and future zero specials from the myriad of choices from GC and BNE very poor form from all the airlines
  7. onebraveaussie

    Police Checks At Air Port

    wine is so fucking expensive in thatiland $7 aud is $30 in bkk
  8. onebraveaussie


    apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before bed helps
  9. onebraveaussie

    Flight tickets for sale

    had to mention OZ to los early next year sale Thai Air finishes this month eg about $750 return Brisbane Bkk 32 ks luggage 2 big meals plenty of piss non stop and Scoot always cheap sorry boys back to the topic
  10. onebraveaussie

    Ice in drinks?

    ice no prob is not tap water i clean my teeth in shower maybe hot water protects me
  11. onebraveaussie

    Scoot Airlines

    really hope so need the competition here on gold coast or brisbane singapore or thai out of brisvegas scoot or airasia out of cooly do your homework best of luck get back to me for any tricky bits cheers
  12. onebraveaussie

    Scoot Airlines

    return trip doesnt meet up with connection in singapore my mistake sure you all noticed again say stay away and avoid disappointment
  13. onebraveaussie

    Scoot Airlines

    scoot crap extras kill the price point end no better no tv in seat in front just dopey ipads meals rubbish drinks expensive only singapore money or swipe card with fees gold coast to singapore then los return trip does meet up with singapore to gold coast wtf have to fly another airline or stay overnight singapore give em a miss
  14. simons fish and chips restaurant jomtien google it baht bus outside aussie guy called mal runs it superb fresh stuff battle the poms and ruskies for a seat cheers
  15. onebraveaussie

    Any idea of how to deal with Piles?

    had the op where they turn your arse inside out get rid of the fuckers then turn it back inside couple of weeks in pain wouldnt let me leave hospital til i had a shit miniscule nugget in bowl of blood remember yelling for the nurse to witness gave me whooppee cushion to take home was 20 years ago and all good watch your diet be as regular as possible eat plenty fibre never a problem since LOS 3 times a year probably a dozen cocks defiling me a year living the life lesson learnt hopefully get it fixed