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  1. petesie

    Emirates Seat Booking

    The 380’s are configured differently dependent on their age and model, I’ve chose my seats only to find myself on different seats both legs.
  2. I wonder when people will get sick of the 'Apple Tax'...if you go for the 12.9, add the keyboard cover and pen 2, you're looking at $1500 which is in serious laptop territory.
  3. I bought mine from a supermarket as the electronic stores were sold out. The new i-pad pro is out which looks fantastic, can't justify it as I only bought mine earlier this year, 12.9, 512gb. They've done away with the home button, headphone socket and put in the C connector. As i-phone do pointed out if you're looking at the camera you count the megapixels; the current and new i-pads have 264 DPI (dots per inch) on the screen which is the same as 2012 models.
  4. petesie

    Kuwait Airways

    Last time I was at Kuwait airport during GW1 they had big holes in the walls where they'd been bombed and wrecked aircraft which had been dragged off.
  5. Hi pete hope you don’t mind me pm you I remember you talking about buying watches a while ago and I can’t find the feed . I’m staying on second road at the moment so any info would be appreciated. Cheers George 

    1. petesie


      It's at the end of Buakhow next to Klang; she won't have many in but can order if you have the time.

  6. No bud, it was onto a hard tiled floor, knocked me out. The watch wasn't available then.
  7. Treated myself to the Xsmax, fantastic phone, well chuffed with it. Came out the bathroom in the middle of the night tripped on the splash step and my nose broke my fall, didn't have time to put my hands up. My new phone which was in my shorts pocket now has 2 nice cracks in it. I got 2 black eyes and concussion. Bollocks
  8. petesie

    The Taxi Ride

    Up yer bum.
  9. petesie

    The Taxi Ride

    1100 now mate.
  10. petesie

    Kimmy from Pattaya

    Read Page 1 mate
  11. I find 256 ample, the screen size of the Max appeals to me.
  12. Well I didn't bother with 8 or X & I've a birthday coming up...
  13. Crap...watched the phone one now...