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  1. Appreciate your intervention Ben.

    Hard is a particular sore point with me

  2. petesie

    Emirates fake oasis

    Or shagging on their beaches. I simply can't pay 14 quid for a G'nT, they advertise a lifestyle that the majority of us couldn't afford to embrace. Having lived in the region for 30 years we all now avoid it, 250 quid per night is the norm for a hotel that cost me 60 10 years ago. Dubai airport is far too spread out the duty free is a joke; buy your shit at Tesco's. If it wasn't for the air miles I'd give it a swerve. Thinking of dumping them as it's 52k miles for a one leg upgrade.
  3. petesie


    Bin runners are more common than you'd think.
  4. petesie

    My new CD, sissy, femboi site - Becoming Femme

    Ok fellas, the hoover has been active, it's Christians thread, don't like it? Move on. Saying that, some fantastic responses, Christian may have been a tad over reactive in some of them but then again so were we. Fuck, you lot have kept me busy, this was my day off...
  5. petesie

    My new CD, sissy, femboi site - Becoming Femme

    How dare you criticise one of the most personally respected members of the forum like that; it was a polite & respectful post. You have done yourself no favour with this type of approach.
  6. petesie

    My new CD, sissy, femboi site - Becoming Femme

    Christian, Respects for your previous posts but if the guys don't like the current & latest content then that should surely be considered as a form of feedback, please treat it in a positive vein.
  7. petesie


    It's a tight one, I've done it a few days ago and it's a bit of a trot but manageable if ye don't hang about.
  8. petesie

    hello I am new to the forums

    A warm welcome you will surely get. A few more details & pics will also be warmly received, welcome!
  9. petesie

    Non Immigrant-O Visa

    You just did.
  10. Reading through your interesting post it seems you answer your own question; do not go near this person. If it's a question of finance then it would be best to wait till you have the funds and have a reputable surgeon perform the procedure. On a different note you say you are embarrassed with your genitals. I was with a Thai Ladyboy for a while who had similar issues. She was a great person who I respected very much. So much so that I reneged on a promise to bring her to Pattaya as I realised the stigma this could potentially confront her with if she was working from a bar. I've still kept in touch with her and she has since had a few relationships with very understanding partners. She is a strong person who has faced her own challenges realising that in her current situation she had no other options. I think what I am trying to say is that a true person will love you for who you are. I've had a couple of Ladyboy girlfriends who I've talked out of SRS as they were doing it for the wrong reasons and under advice from so called friends. Thanks for your post and I hope you get a responsible response from the fellas.
  11. petesie

    suvarnabhumi airport

    My flight left at 02:25 the other morning. Picked up from the condo in Patts at 10pm, little traffic and deposited at Gate 9 a mere 80 minutes later. Immigration was quick and I was through in 20 minutes. I did spend my usual 45 mins on the observation deck (I prefer the reflection deck) finishing off my 12yo Dewars White Label.
  12. petesie

    Need A Haircut ?

    There’s a Turkish barber opposite Action Street that’ll give you the works.
  13. petesie

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Nice line up Em.
  14. petesie

    Qatar Airlines.

    Emirates lounges are the same as the airport, massive. Way overdue a refurb. If you hit them at the wrong time they are very busy too.
  15. petesie

    Alternative To Sick Buffalo

    The 'Sick Buffalo' comes in many forms.