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  1. mickey_o

    My new CD, sissy, femboi site - Becoming Femme

    Please Christian, bring on more of the Hot LB's and Trans like Miran!!! I can't take the site anymore....
  2. mickey_o

    balls shave

  3. mickey_o

    balls shave

    Waxing and Body Shave - Home or Hotel (Bangkok) Nan offers professional Waxing, Body Shave and Massage for customers that prefer to get treated in the comfort of their Bangkok home or hotel. If you want to come to my shop, please contact me for directions. This is a non-sexual service please do not ask! Near BTS or MRT service available from 10 am - 9 pm. - Trim Crotch and Bottom - 1 500 Baht - Trim Crotch and Bottom + Body Scrub* - 2 200 Baht - Trim Crotch and Bottom + Aroma massage 1 hour - 2 200 Baht - Trim Crotch and Bottom +Body Scrub* + Aroma massage 1 hour - 2 900 Baht - Trim Crotch and Bottom + Shave Back and shoulders - 2 500 Baht - Body Trim Full - 2 900 Baht - Waxing - Hollywood from 2 500 Baht (plus Bottom - 800 Baht - Waxing - Chest - 1 500 Baht - Waxing - Back - 1 500 Baht - Waxing Total - (Without Brazilian or Hollywood)- 3 900 Baht - Ear waxing and Ear cleaning - 1 900 Baht - Waxing - Hollywood + 45 min aroma massage** 3 300 Baht plus Bottom - 800 Baht - Waxing - Chest + 45 min aroma massage**- 2 300 Baht - Waxing - Back + 45 min aroma massage** -2 300 Baht - Waxing Total + 45 min aroma massage** (Without Brazilian or Hollywood)- 4 700 Baht *For Body Scrub you can chose between Tamarind & Coffee **For massage, you can choose between oil or lotion. If you want another combination of my services let me know and I will try put together a package for you. Quotes from customers: " I just want to say thank you for your waxing service. You are always reliable, and on time. I will see you in January." "Nan does my waxing for me in Bangkok for long time. As a man, I am always a little nervous about the person who does waxing of my private area. But Nan makes me feel relaxed. She has news that next month she will open her new salon. I wish her luck, and hope Buddha also wishes her luck!!" do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
  4. mickey_o

    Hi im thippy69 new here :)

    All the Best and Congrats!!!
  5. mickey_o

    Hi im thippy69 new here :)

    :Blow Heart: I voted for you as always, and good Luck in Miami, Florida USA. Wish I could come and visit you...
  6. mickey_o

    Nookkei: Horniest ladyboy in Pattaya

    Pic image from the past. This was the LB pose made famous by Rob69 from the old TLF forum. May he always RIP. A pose that should be in every trip report...
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    Good advice!!!
  8. mickey_o

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Emmy, will you massage me??? :Blow Heart:
  9. mickey_o

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Katty, looking Sexy as always. Suay Mak Mak!!!
  10. mickey_o

    Hi im thippy69 new here :)

  11. mickey_o

    Hi im thippy69 new here :)

    Happy New Year Thippy!!! Soi Mak Mak as always... :Blow Heart:
  12. Foodland and the Took La Dee restaurant are always great to have close by. I always stay at the Amari Blvd hotel in BKK on Suk soi 5. I always eat at the Foodland there at least once a day while on the ground.
  13. mickey_o

    best steak

    Gents, A proper aged New York strip (med rare), Creamed Spinach and Hash Brown shredded potatoes. Some herb-ed garlic butter or a good creamy mustard / horse-radish sauce for a side dressing. This is what i grew up on at Gallaghers Steak House in New York city... Good Steak to all Mongers...
  14. mickey_o


    I have level one hypertension, and I'm taking Diovan 160mg a day. My Dr, gave me Cialis and it works very good. I also take on occasion a half of a Kamagra gel sachet and it works great too. Again, always check with your Dr and exercise is everything to keep up with all the Hot LB's...
  15. Great work Christian, please show more of you and Miran...