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  1. mickey_o


    Good advice!!!
  2. Foodland and the Took La Dee restaurant are always great to have close by. I always stay at the Amari Blvd hotel in BKK on Suk soi 5. I always eat at the Foodland there at least once a day while on the ground.
  3. mickey_o

    best steak

    Gents, A proper aged New York strip (med rare), Creamed Spinach and Hash Brown shredded potatoes. Some herb-ed garlic butter or a good creamy mustard / horse-radish sauce for a side dressing. This is what i grew up on at Gallaghers Steak House in New York city... Good Steak to all Mongers...
  4. mickey_o


    I have level one hypertension, and I'm taking Diovan 160mg a day. My Dr, gave me Cialis and it works very good. I also take on occasion a half of a Kamagra gel sachet and it works great too. Again, always check with your Dr and exercise is everything to keep up with all the Hot LB's...
  5. mickey_o

    LadyBoys in the News

    The Mirror is reporting about Ladyboys: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/drunk-tourist-collapses-dies-during-7984562 http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/thai-ladyboy-sexy-pancake-penis-7904572 Anyone know either LB???