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    Thai Ladyboys, Beer and all sports mainly horse racing

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  1. swany

    Taxi from U-Tapao to Pattaya

    No Kimmy parked in public carpark and we walk over to her car She is not allowed in taxi pick up area. Or the shite would hit the fan.
  2. swany

    Taxi from U-Tapao to Pattaya

    It will be the prices already quoted on here1000 for taxi for yourself 250 mini bus with multi drop offs.
  3. swany

    Taxi from U-Tapao to Pattaya

    I flew in from Phuket on the 21st Dec, had arranged for Kimmy to pick me up , she was there on time . You walk over to the public car park , Straight to Soi 10 in under an hour.
  4. swany

    LB taxi services

    You should try it Big Fella , some do come with extras
  5. Same as above will never fly discount airlines from Australia, I fly Singapore great airline , stopover 1 hour then to Bangkok . Food , Drinks and inflight entertainment are brilliant.
  6. You tight arse , now I know why you are a Swans supporter. 555
  7. Wouldn't fly Jetstar again even if someone else paid. Been fucked over too many times by them , Only fly Singapore Airlines.
  8. swany

    Jetstar or Starfish

    Wouldn't fly Jetstar International again even if they gave me free airfares .
  9. swany

    i-phone 6 in Thailand

    Yeah thanks and haven't heard back from her
  10. swany

    i-phone 6 in Thailand

    Fuck iPhone 6 Got email from LB friend not how are you have you had a lovely day Photo of iPhone 6 with the comment "Soon in thailand I like very much" My Reply back "I like it too will you buy me one for Xmas." Haven't had an email for a couple of days
  11. Don't give a fuck who is to blame , fuckem all , keep their wars to themselves. Especially the people killed coming to Melbourne for an AIDS conference , they were trying to save people and to murdered like that is a fucking disgrace.
  12. swany

    Thailand for Eye Glasses?

    I got 2 pair made at Xmas in Phuket and could not be happier with them. Got them in 2 days
  13. swany

    Air Travel Melbourne to Phuket

    Freddy I fly Melb to Perth then Perth to Phuket with virgin good to travel with
  14. Thanks I knew I should not have had extra 10 beers when I got home from work