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  1. May i ask what you did then, speak about theory of relativity?
  2. Teppis

    Woon — Model-Quality Lb

    Level of English indicates that person who wrote whole story is not person in pics. Every damn comma and dot in right place, NEVER seen that happens with a bar girl. Nope, it's someone who helps this person in pics, sorry to say but that's the way it is. And if BM "WoonLBmodel" want's to prove otherwise, i can easily go to 69 Bar tomorrow and tell her to write small story with her perfect English, let's see how well commas will find their places...
  3. Teppis

    any takers

    Not sure if there is problem with "wankers" because pretty much every single BM is, but more like "too many wanna-be so called "ladyboy" problem"... you know? Like 80-years old guy who put wig and want to be called "ladyboy"- problem? (Edit: Correct age. At first i wrote 100, but i have to admit that grandpa doesn't look even day older than 80...)
  4. Teppis

    any takers

    Ok, here is for you only, have fun with it...
  5. I didn't had any problems, works normally.
  6. Teppis

    any takers

    Only if you confess that you already wanked for it...
  7. Teppis

    any takers

    EDIT: Meaningless post
  8. Teppis

    any takers

    Seriously mate?
  9. Teppis

    any takers

    So what you do here then?
  10. Teppis

    any takers

    If you got upset about my post here, then it's time for reality check buddy...
  11. Teppis

    Testosterone - best way to take it

    Simply answer is no. My wild guess is that about 70-80% of stuff what are sold in internet is fake or very underdosed (useless). Don't bother to try your luck, it's pretty much guaranteed that you will lose your money, and depending your home country, you might even get problems with customs and police. If you feel that you might have problems with low test, just go to check in laboratory and then talk with your doctor.
  12. Teppis

    Testosterone - best way to take it

    Can't say anything because reference for normal test level in my country seems to be totally different. You need to go meet doctor and speak with them what is best choice for you. Fast acting, like Testosterone Suspension (needs to inject 2 times per day), Testosterone Propionate (need to inject every second day) or Testosterone mix (Sustanon 250) which contain 4 different testosterone esters, from fast acting to long acting (inject once per week).
  13. Teppis

    any takers

    Hmm... not to be mean, but i wouldn't call him "lb" in a million years. He is CD (crossdresser) and nothing more. Concept "ladyboy" or "shemale" is something more permanent, not just a guy who wears wig and lipstick from time to time when he feels "girly".
  14. Teppis

    new site TSPOV - all bareback with handjobs & blowjobs

    I can't find Jenny (Alice?) in model database...
  15. Teppis

    Testosterone - best way to take it

    No you can't buy Testosterone from every pharmacy without description. Find Solice (Sensations Bar) and he will point you to right place. May i ask why you want specially Enanthate and are you already using test before you go to Thailand? Important because Enanthate is long acting test so it will take long time from FIRST shot before it actually starts to effect, meaning you might be back to home before you start to feel anything. If you don't have history of taking test before, stick on Sustanon/Test Mix so you get maximum effect few hours after first shot, not 3-4 weeks after first shot. If you want to use Enanthate, you have to shot huge amount of it, probably like 1000mg per week (first 2 weeks) to rise test level fast enough... and then you get another problems with estrogen. For long term TRT use Enanthate is as good as every other testosterone. It just doesn't work fast enough for short holiday use.