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  1. Teppis

    Testosterone - best way to take it

    Simply answer is no. My wild guess is that about 70-80% of stuff what are sold in internet is fake or very underdosed (useless). Don't bother to try your luck, it's pretty much guaranteed that you will lose your money, and depending your home country, you might even get problems with customs and police. If you feel that you might have problems with low test, just go to check in laboratory and then talk with your doctor.
  2. Teppis

    Testosterone - best way to take it

    Can't say anything because reference for normal test level in my country seems to be totally different. You need to go meet doctor and speak with them what is best choice for you. Fast acting, like Testosterone Suspension (needs to inject 2 times per day), Testosterone Propionate (need to inject every second day) or Testosterone mix (Sustanon 250) which contain 4 different testosterone esters, from fast acting to long acting (inject once per week).
  3. Teppis

    Testosterone - best way to take it

    No you can't buy Testosterone from every pharmacy without description. Find Solice (Sensations Bar) and he will point you to right place. May i ask why you want specially Enanthate and are you already using test before you go to Thailand? Important because Enanthate is long acting test so it will take long time from FIRST shot before it actually starts to effect, meaning you might be back to home before you start to feel anything. If you don't have history of taking test before, stick on Sustanon/Test Mix so you get maximum effect few hours after first shot, not 3-4 weeks after first shot. If you want to use Enanthate, you have to shot huge amount of it, probably like 1000mg per week (first 2 weeks) to rise test level fast enough... and then you get another problems with estrogen. For long term TRT use Enanthate is as good as every other testosterone. It just doesn't work fast enough for short holiday use.
  4. Teppis

    Testosterone - best way to take it

    You are absolutely right, even 1500mg/week of Test in 3 weeks doesn't kill anyone... but that's not the point. Point is that you don't need 350-400mg of Test per week to get results what we are talking about here. We are not looking 5kg of new muscle but restore normal sexual activity and for that goal 350-400mg/week is all too much. So what's the problem then if you don't die? Raising test level in blood will rise estrogen also and you might get unwanted problems with it. Like erectile disfunction or gynecomastia (bitch tits), we don't want to take other medicines to cover side effects from drug what we don't necessarily need. Keep it simple. Or, not to mention that external testosterone will kill your own (probably already weak) testosterone production, so AFTER you come back home and don't take external test anymore, you will have erectile problems several weeks before your own production is back to normal. Some of us still have some sort of sexual activity in home also so this can be annoying problem. Stick on plan, don't overtake it. More is not better in every case.
  5. Teppis

    Pls help need consultant pls

    Ask doctor also check your brains, there must be some sort of malfunction. Who sane person have unprotected sex with prostitute?
  6. Teppis

    HIV positive - would you?

    Both... but not same time.
  7. Teppis

    HIV positive - would you?

    You kind of miss whole idea, nobody wants to have even normal headache, i mean who the fck wants to be sick, but IF he had to choose one of them, then he takes HIV.
  8. Teppis

    HIV positive - would you?

    I'm sure that everyone agree that being horny and drunk same time is always risk for stupid behaviour. Quite a many BM know it personally. Unfortunately sometimes stupid behaviour comes with heavy price...
  9. Teppis

    HIV positive - would you?

    You have a good point here and answer is probably as Starman said... "ignorance of the fact is bliss". What you don't know, can't harm you... Makes you think, when you see group of 5 LB's in bar or Marine, statistically one of them is positive. You just don't know which one. Keep this in mind when you are drooling after them... 555
  10. Teppis

    HIV positive - would you?

    It's ok, i don't think that original post and answers to it have anything more to give. There is no right or wrong answer to it. Of course, your situation didn't actually went as it should be. Too much alcohol, you didn't had 100% control of situation, you don't know if she was in medication or not... all this doesn't fit to original situation at all.
  11. Teppis

    Testosterone - best way to take it

    LDL lower that HDL... you are genetic freak... LOL I wish i was as lucky as you, but i'm not.
  12. Teppis

    iPhone 8/ iPhone 10[x]

    Of course it's possible to fill any hard disc, even the biggest one, you just need to ask is it mandatory? I mean, if you transfer every evening all your daily data to computer, there is no need to use phone as a storage. Surely if you start to keep your movie library in phone, it will be full in few days, but is it absolutely necessary? I don't think so. If you have plenty of empty space, you will keep all those "funny youtube cat videos" and all Britney Spears music videos in your phone, but if you have only basic model phone, you will make sure that you don't waste it to unnecessary shit. Phone is a phone and it only support "real" business machine (computer), not being main storage for information. In and out as fast as you can...
  13. Teppis

    HIV positive - would you?

    Once we had a little chat about HIV with Solice and he told me interesting story. Story about interview what he saw somewhere. There was a doctor who said that if he had to choose between diabetes and HIV, he would take HIV because it's much more easier to live with than diabetes. Now that makes you think about it... nobody wants to get HIV but we need to put it in perspective if it happens. Easy to joke, but when you see those teeth first time, i'm sure that taking pill would start to feel just fine.
  14. Teppis

    Ladyboys To Avoid

    If you mean this one, she is dead.
  15. Teppis

    HIV positive - would you?

    Nobody said that they prefer to have HIV girls, but they don't care about it. It's not shaking their world if someone is positive. It seems that you (and others) don't understand difference between medication and no medication. If HIV positive persons virus load is undetectable level, she/he CAN'T infect anyone EVEN IF SHE/HE WANTS/TRY. And that's where most of you goes wrong, probably because your information is still in 80's "have sex, get infection, then die" level. If you read carefully my original post, it says that in this case person is in medication, right? So this was basically trick question, we know that we can't get HIV because IN THIS CASE, she is in medication. Add there condom and how on earth you can get infection? Zero virus load + condom. That's different story that others start to say "i can't trust that they eat medicine", it wasn't part of my original question so they don't count. ... and no, nobody wants to get HIV. Play safe and use condom, but it doesn't mean that you can't have sex with HIV positive person when behaving responsibly. And no, responsible behaviour is not same than refuse to have sex with HIV positive person. If we look official government recommendations, does anyone knows doctors or government based HIV web-pages who gives official recommendation that HIV positive persons should not have sex at all? I don't think so. Have you ever wondered why's that, if HIV spread like a flu and kills like a plague? There must be some sort of secret information because whole world is not in alarm state for this, right? Btw. What you want to say for BM's of this forum who are HIV positive? Should they stop having sex with same girls who we fuck little bit later? Why they are not banned from forum because they spread deadly virus to same girls who we fuck? Damn guys even tell their stories with pic here, how this can be allowed? You can't prejudge only girls but same laws should applies to BM's also, right? I want to hear your preach to them... Ps. Don't you guys just love how hot HIV based topics are. It surely spreads people in two camps. But if we transfer this to real life experiences, as Starman said "ignorance of the fact is bliss". If girl doesn't tell that she is positive, you fuck her like there's no tomorrow, some even without condom, but if she says it to you, then same girl is avoided like a plaque. 5 minutes earlier you are dreaming how you cock is pumping sperm inside her bare ass, then suddenly you can't wait run away fast enough. Which one is responsible behaviour? No wonder why they are not open about it...