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  1. Blodstrupmoen

    Turkish Airlines?

    Yeah.. just that Thailand isn't involved in a giant international military conflict with one of it's neighbours
  2. Blodstrupmoen

    HIV Q&A thread

    Inform the police? Been much to Thailand have you? I'm over this thing years ago already. Doesn't matter how, who blah blah, it happened. It's there and it's just about no problem in my daily life any more. Due to the life style changes I have done because of it, I have probably added a few decades to my life expectancy compare to before I got the bug. I'm happier than ever and I have way more freedom to do what ever I want in my life now than before. I couldn't care less about what the lb that gave it to me are doing. People need to take responsible for themselves. That said I have recently heard that she is still out and about and in demand from punters.
  3. Blodstrupmoen

    HIV Q&A thread

    Thanks for the concern. I'm doing better than ever.Just take responsibility for your own health and protect yourself and you will be fine.
  4. Blodstrupmoen

    Extending A 30 Day Visa

    You can get another 30 days at the Pattaya immigration. It's at soi 5 (I think it is) in Jomtien. Have done it a few times, no problems.
  5. Blodstrupmoen

    HIV positive - would you?

    Same policy in Thailand these days. Start as soon as possible. 50 copies and not 5 is considered undetectable. under 200 is considered not infectious. There are different quality of machines to count. some goes down to 50 some to 20 etc. When I get my results it says 0 copies. any undetectable result is likely to be the same, 0. Just the machine is not accurate enough to measure that with certainty.
  6. Blodstrupmoen

    HIV positive - would you?

    I have hundreds of posts about HIV in various threads on this forum. I even had a Q&A thread running in the health section before. Not once have I done anything other than advising people to bag up and if possible also go on PrEP. So please stop accusing me of not focusing on prevention. All studies, research, observations and statistics show that getting those already infected on to the meds and undetectable is the absolute most successful way to reduce new infections. And for that to work we need to get people to test themselves and seek help. What I'm saying and I'm sure you can understand is that fear mongering and stigma prevents this. Edit to add: Personally I'm not seeking anyone's acceptance. I have all the support I need form my friends and family. I'm talking about our beloved ladyboys here. They are the once that really struggle with stigma and are really hurt by the decades of fear and disgust that has been attached to HIV. If you keep that false fear alive they will continue to be abandoned and rejected by family and the society as a whole. Result is less testing, less treatment and more spread of the virus. At some point the circle needs to be broken for any real change to happen.
  7. Blodstrupmoen

    HIV positive - would you?

    Ok so conspiracy theories mixed in ok. So basically you are saying that big pharma is actively ripping off the big and equally bad insurance companies as well as governments around the globe by holding off a cure? Sounds reasonable yeah. As I said the fear and stigma is the key driver that keeps people from being tested, and keep them from getting meds and then in turn keep them being highly infectious. It's time to start dealing with reality instead of sitting on ''moral'' high horses, passing judgement left, right and centre.
  8. Blodstrupmoen

    HIV positive - would you?

    I would say the comparison is more than fair. Diabetic who continues to eat a high carb diet: Greatly reduced life expectancy. Possibly leading to amputated legs Reliant on insulin shots with every meal. Blood checks daily Extreme energy lows and highs thought the day. Risk of passing out and coma just from eating the wrong food and not having the insulin shots at hand. HIV patient on modern medical regime: One single pill a day. Life expectancy same as before diagnosis. Virtually no side effects from meds. Doctors visit and blood-works check up once every 3 to 6 months. Which also leads to any other medical issue being caught way earlier then with the average person. It's a pretty good comparison. Social stigma wise though is a totally different matter. Then diabetes is better. I don't agree that it is wrong for doctors to tell the truth. It's the fear mongering and stigma that is fuelling the epidemic. Especially in places like Thailand where family and social status is so important. Just the thought of being rejected by their family and friends is enough for a grate deal of Thais to not even go for a test. They will rather want to die, than know their status.
  9. Blodstrupmoen

    HIV positive - would you?

    My HIV specialist doctor made the same diabetes comparison on my first appointment as well. So I guess it's a pretty normal comparison to make in the medical community. He basically said that with the modern HIV meds, diabetes is far worse for your health. But being very health conscious myself I think diabetes can be reversed quite easily with the right diet. That can not be said about HIV.
  10. Blodstrupmoen

    HIV positive - would you?

    Being positive myself I would have no problem. On the flip side, I inform my LB sex partners of my status and can report that roughly 8 out of 10 does not mind me being positive.
  11. Blodstrupmoen


    They started out with Scandinavian persons that have been important in some way. Guess they ran out of those as the fleet of planes are growing and now also put international personalities on the tail fins. Cool way to pay tribute to grate people.
  12. Blodstrupmoen

    Would you fly 11 or 12 hours "low cost" ?

    I have flown norwegian to bkk many times it ain't bad. All new dreamliners.
  13. Blodstrupmoen

    HIV Hides in the Body undetectable

    You are making shit up again. Please post a link that backs up what you say or fuck off. The links and video you have provided is about totally different issues and you are just making shit up based on your total misunderstanding of how things work.
  14. Blodstrupmoen

    HIV Hides in the Body undetectable

    Not going to repeat myself so go ahead and believe anything you want.
  15. Blodstrupmoen

    HIV Hides in the Body undetectable

    As I said no new knowledge there. You are the one that doesn't understand. For the virus to establish these reservoirs there needs to be a full blown infection and the PrEP successfully prevents this. Taking PrEP for periods with higher risk is perfectly safe. I have no idea why you are such an anti science twat. But you should really try to educate yourself just a little bit.