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  1. Pad thai boy

    Best Burger in Patts?

    Yakuza burger on the walk through opposite marine disco does a great burger. Opens from around 17.00 i believe and open until 09.00 in the morning.
  2. Pad thai boy


    Tony ....true The Robin Hood Tavern is owned by the Retox group.
  3. If it is the one off TF, ......Pretty sure i saw her out side her bar near Soi PP on Soi Bukouw wed night on my way to Sensations Wed night. She did indeed look hot and have been tempted many times......but some how it never felt right......... sometimes good to trust your instincts.!
  4. Pad thai boy

    Sunday roasts

    It is very near the hideaway. It is on Soi Bukouw nearly opp Sweethearts Bar. Carry on past Nature view Hotel (opp Soi15) for 75 metres on the same side
  5. Pad thai boy

    Kamagra / Subagra

    Just an update. The boxes of 50 kamagra gels dont seem available anywhere in patts. Only individuals of a slightly differant packaged version for the european market at 100 each. The kanagra pills still available at 200 for 4. Black ant also.
  6. Pad thai boy

    Soi Buakhao bus service banned.

    There was a 3-4 day period when there was a next to nothing service, but it seems to be running ok along Bukouw over the last 10 days or so. A much needed route. Bad news if they do enforce this.
  7. Pad thai boy

    HIV RNA or p24 Test

    Pretty certain Pattaya international Hospital in Soi 3 blood tests are 4th generation. Around 1800thb. Not sure of any clinics.
  8. Pad thai boy

    UK / BKK / UK Buy in Uk or Bkk ?

    My flights back to UK are always more expensive BKK - LHR - BKK by at least £100 compared to the reverse way on the same dates.# Directs anyway. No one yet has given me a good reason why when i thought the uk had some of the most expensive airport taxes in the world. No thai internet based agent can get close. Try Westeast travel and Southall travel in London for great prices.
  9. Now that is the kind of harasment I like..............
  10. Pad thai boy

    W A R N I N G... if you visit Porn Sites!

    I had this just last weekend..................totally locked up the lappy. Couldnt even do a system restore and had to get a computer geek to remove 3 trojans.......£40. The worrying bit is all my trip photo's (cock shots n'all ) were on it. When he freed up the computer he would have a field day looking at my fav saved listed sites / videos, photo's etc. Also happened 6months ago on my desk top computer.....wouldnt mind, but I very rarely look at porn on that computer.
  11. Pad thai boy

    Best Fish & Chips

    I was staying in Soi 7 until Jan 15 and Goosey's was closed every evening.....updates anyone??
  12. Pad thai boy

    How far in advance to book flights?

    Kendo wrote: II am with Skywards but for some reason I couldn't add my flights to the account so the miles counted. I paid about £660 this time flying out on a Friday and coming back on a Saturday. I reckon I could go on a Wednesday next time but prices are showing about £720 at the moment. Kendo. I had the same thing with Thai. Signed up with their airmile club, but it turns out that certain catagories of ticket do not qualify for airmiles. You need to check when booking. You might not get the miles and the discount. To get the air miles on Thai I would have had to pay an additional £100 It seems they discount to get you in. Even BA are now not including uk air tax on their air miles programe in the future. (not certain of date)