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  1. Buddyy

    Light beer

    In Thailand, San mig light is the truest light beer in terms of carbs, I believe around 2grams per per 330ml, alcohol provides most of its calories. Unlike many light beers it's heavier on the alcohol at 5%. Miller Lite for example is similar carbs (3g) but only 4.2%. San mig even tastes a bit like an ice/light beer. Most of the other light beers widely on offer in Thailand are not all that light. Singha light is 8g carbs last I looked.
  2. Buddyy

    Alternative To Sick Buffalo

    Lately I find they more often just come right out with it. "Today my birthday, what you send for me?" Stuff like that. I just tell them. "Sorry I not send, never do" This way you don't have to lose contact if you like the chatting. Occasionally you have to drop one on account of their shameless begging, it's inescapable
  3. Buddyy

    A warning to the invincibles

    Changing your diet can be transformational to the health of your skin, and your mood as well. If you're willing to deal with the effort and initial inconvenience it is worth it
  4. I think Tiger Light is lowest at 4.1%. But it's actually not a very low carbohydrate or calorie beer. I believe the lowest carb beer is San Miguel light which has 5% alcohol. I believe that in Thailand at present there is not a mass market light beer with low alcohol (~4% or less) and low carbs (~3g).
  5. Buddyy

    Favourite food places

    Robins Nest bar/guesthouse on soi Diana. They do a really nice salmon entree with sauteed spinach and mashed potatoes. I enjoy eating there
  6. Buddyy

    Super cheap air fares to BKK from USA

    I think the best I've ever seen is like $588 RT, chinese airline NY to BKK, one transfer in China.
  7. Buddyy

    SkyTrax Best Airline of the Year 2017

    I'm surprised Asiana is so low on the list at #20. Really been impressed with them overall this past year. Some of the planes are a little older but I've found them to be the one of the better long haul experiences for economy class. Especially seat size, quality of food and service, timeliness, communications, cleanliness of aircraft etc.
  8. I try to avoid the crap airlines (i.e. aeroflot, china southern etc) for long haul as they tend to have poor safety record and the flight experience can be miserable in other ways. I took Air India once to Heathrow from NYC, was really a hell flight.
  9. Buddyy

    Favourite food places

    I've been going to Shabushi over recent holidays in Pattaya. It's a conveyor belt sushi concept. You sit there like a veal and all you can eat whatever passes by your face. It's near MK in Central Festival and there's one by Food Lion I believe.
  10. Buddyy

    What are these?

    Great question. I've seen something like that in Pattaya
  11. she's on planet romeo I believe also
  12. Buddyy

    Don't be on an Overbooked United Flight

    It's part of a broader trend that followed airline mergers and more and more routes served by one or two airlines only. Planes fully packed, more seats and fewer toilets per passenger. An enterprising politician could make some hay on the subject
  13. More virtue signaling about Thailand by western mainstream media. Reuters, Bloomberg et al hate the General and write their stories accordingly: https://ca.news.yahoo.com/sex-thai-city-frustrates-junta-082821040.html
  14. interesting. would be useful
  15. Buddyy

    Soi Buakhao bus service banned.

    while the number of baht buses is down there is no problem getting a baht bus on soi Bukhaow. 10 baht, includes all the car exhaust you wish to inhale