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  1. I have never set up a business in Thai land however my job involvees working with Thai businesses and the teams we work with are extremely hard working, extremely intelligent, professional and do an amazing job. So from my experience dealing with Thai businesses on a professional level has been really postive. However that could be different to Hospitality. Just my experience.
  2. Smoothcharlie

    The 5Th Capital Vice...

    Kingslayer Interesting about Gaggan I have had a few friends visit who thought it was over rated. And they are foodies. I might have to try it myself and make up my own mind. Nahm (Peter Thompsons Restuarant) is meant to be pretty good as well.
  3. Smoothcharlie

    HIV positive - would you?

    Anoninpattaya Welcome to the forum. Experiences like yours, Oopps1 and Blodstrumpoen are extremely useful to the forum. Hope you stay around and update us on the positive progress you will make in the coming months like others that were in your position have made. Good luck and once again welcome.
  4. Smoothcharlie

    HPV causing me second thoughts

    I tend to Agree with Hellah In my opinion a bit of a Dick act if you dont tell her
  5. Smoothcharlie

    Cost of living in Thailand

    Aussie I can see what you are saying, however I tend to agree. Bht100K is what I would need. But it depends as to how you wanna live. If I am in Patts then I want a nice apartment. I wont be working so its likely I will need to keep myself occupied which will cost money I will tend to eat out alot and probably shag a hell alot more than in my home country. Based on my assumptions $100K is about right. You probably work hard, spend little and save alot to be able to enjoy your few weeks a year in Thailand. Imagine if you lived there...
  6. Smoothcharlie

    Ice in drinks?

    I have not had an issue in thailand before.
  7. Smoothcharlie

    Bad experience Pattaya PT Taxi's

    I just use Uber these days. Easy. Because you rate them I find that they try hard to make the ride as enjoyable as possible. I used Uber on my last trip from bkk Airport to Patt's. waited 10 minutes from moment I requested a lift.
  8. Smoothcharlie

    Will You Be Buying the New i-Phone 7?

    I have invested in the New Iphone 7 and have to say, I am really happy with it. Has not missed a beat and is so much better than the 5s I had previously.
  9. Smoothcharlie

    Best PeP talk I've ever had

    4 Skin Good luck.. Hope it works out well and thanks for Candid information. Be safe and enjoy Patts...
  10. Smoothcharlie

    HIV / AIDS Pattaya Ladyboys 2016

    Kongkuk and Opps I have really appreciate your openess and honesty in providing a first hand account on your situation. Keep up the updates. Always an interesting read.
  11. Smoothcharlie

    Sex without Fear

    Does anyone have any facts about how long you need to be on it before it becomes effective? One BM suggested he gets on it 2 days before arriving in Thailand. From what I understood it was much longer than that. Would appreciate a heads up on that.
  12. Smoothcharlie

    HIV Q&A thread

    Most jobs that request Medicaid don't test for HIV. So I doubt u need to worry about Medicals.
  13. Smoothcharlie

    HIV Q&A thread

    Toadily There are millions of people that are 6ft under and growing old in the afterlife who only wish they had the same level of luck that Magic Johnsons wife and kid had... '' Luckily the long terms prospects for those that are now infected are really good these days. However I wouldn't want to play any form of Russian roulette.
  14. Smoothcharlie

    2014 Resolution - Delta status

    Rinzler Beijo is correct. For 1st Class there is no stairs. You enter the plane and turn left. Some of the Arab airlines are really taking first class to another level. I know some even offer a shower on board. Nothing better than enjoying a 30 minutes shower and shave just before landing. Putting on the new shirt and pants and walking express through immigration and straight into a limo..
  15. Smoothcharlie

    HIV Q&A thread

    1986 I sincerely hope this guy you mention is outed in the LB community. His health should be more at risk than Luis from Canada. I must admit. Luis is a smart ass, however calling someone fat and ugly is not nice, infecting someone on purpose is not even comparable.. Much Worse. Lets hope there is Karma in this world..