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  1. gazman

    Anyone got upgraded?

    I as upgraded to business from Singapore to Samui on Silkair.
  2. gazman

    Taxis From Airport To Pattaya

    I used to use thelimopattaya however some of their contract drivers are bad, the last time that I used they sent me a meter taxi...that was the last time I ever used them & wouldn't again.
  3. gazman

    LB friendly hotels

    Thanks Jimbo, I've stayed there on a couple of occasions but never taken a LB there or seem one there!
  4. gazman

    LB friendly hotels

    Has anyone taken a LB back to the Whitehouse Condotel in soi 13? I'm considering staying there on my next trip, however unsure if LB friendly!
  5. gazman

    Where is the best Carvery

    I always go to the Sportsman on soi 13, ham , beef , pork, pudding etc as much as you can eat and always good!
  6. gazman

    Frequent Flyer Miles

    Personally I wait until I have enough miles for business class (at peak times) and just pay for economy at other times and rack up points.
  7. gazman

    The Sportsman - Soi 13

    I had some good meals at the Sportsman however on my last 2 trips this year I have sent the food back that I was served as it was absolute crap. I did hear that it was taken over by new management so no doubt this was the reason for the drop off in quality!
  8. gazman

    Fast Track through immigration

    Used them last in July for departure, through immigration in a couple of minutes....excellent service.
  9. gazman

    Brit road rage thug attacks another Brit outside bar

    Hopefully this bloke gets 20 years in a thai prison then deported back to the UK never to leave!
  10. gazman

    August Suites

    Thanks for the advice. gazman
  11. gazman

    August Suites

    Hi All, Can anyone advise on their booking policy? I got a reply from them for the dates that I want to book, however they want home address, phone number & credit card details to confirm booking! No doubt I can email them about the questions, but what have the guy's that have stayed there done?