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  1. I arrive January 25 mate and i intend to have those absolutely delicious looking ribs for Australia day. Oops I mean invasion day 555.
  2. I saw big Nick from ndtvi vlog have a panang chicken curry there and pay more than i pay here in Australia. At least he said it was very good and tasty but big Nick could eat the crutch of an Afghans underpants and give it a good thumbs up imo 555. He's got an appetite that bloke for sure.
  3. jeje

    IT finally happened to me !!!!

    Just hope that this helps a bit Agent Steel. There was a similar story maybe 12 months ago and a locked steel cash tin inside your room safe is the way to go. The thief would probably bail at stealing that and staff would most likely seek more easy prey. (Your money).
  4. jeje

    Another scam

    I didn't get one either hella. Does that mean that we aren't good people 555.
  5. jeje

    Ladyboy beats up 2 korean?

    She can probably be found currently in the slammer.
  6. Always great reading and this particular person's posts are the ones I look forward to the most. 

    1. dixon cox

      dixon cox

      That's a very kind thing to say and much appreciated, thank you! :)

    2. jeje


      My pleasure Dixon. I hope that I do meet you one day for a chat and a drink.  At present I am dealing with skin cancer problems here in Australia after 60 years in the aussie sun but I see from your posts that you are a regular at 69 bar killer pool. Until then keep up the good work.  John. 

  7. jeje

    Alternative To Sick Buffalo

    The Thais are amateurs compared to the Filipinos. A mate of mine is on date in Asia looking for girls and on many occasions the first thing that comes out of their mouths is "i am looking for someone to help me ". Also he has met some quite well off women and when he says that he lives in a small house and drive's a bus they block him 555. Mate just spend your money there whilst in Thailand and take the above advice which is very knowledgeable. If your lonely and need a friend in farangland buy a budgie.
  8. For fucks sake a foreigner in Pattaya scamming farangs 555. I thought it only happened in the Philippines. There is no such thing as a free lunch and I avoid bell ringers, blokes wanting to get into shouts ect like the plague. Always be courteous but decline freebies from strangers and remember there wise words. (not as wise as Shakespeare), Sorry mate, I never borrow and I never lend.
  9. jeje

    Cock blocking bitch Ladyboy on Soi buakhao

    You know i always walk on the side of the road opposite nid cha bar as i find a large percentage of the girls unpleasant to say the least. I had that Miley slap the back of my head once for saying no thanks. Closest bar to the old hi boss imo.
  10. jeje

    When skanks lose the plot.

    Or put another way Jim , has anybody been down soi 6/1 lately especially night time? That area and soi Buakhow very late at night appear to be the real only trouble spots now and Buakhow is too open to be really dangerous unless you are an American outside Fantasy Lounge/Nid Cha bar stirring the Cherry pot.
  11. jeje

    nicky or nick - robber!!!!

    does she also work in a bar or frequent certain bars? One to avoid at all costs by the sound of things.
  12. jeje

    Warning on late nite Lb on soi 6 ...

    ok Hubert that's fair enough. last April on my first night, I go to Pats bar just before 1am for my first drink to see if Aoy or Noi are available. I arrive at Bangkok at 8.30pm and catch the bus so after arriving and checking in at a guesthouse I want to see old soi 6 friends and I am on knock off time I know. whilst walking to beach road this jenny whom I had only seen once before was walking toward second road, it is dark and we are the only 2 persons in this vicinity of soi 6. I get I go with you and I said no thanks, I go home. I was actually going to soi6/1 to get an old hi boss flame and jenny tags along with you with me ect ect ect. I met Toi at the back of hi boss and said is she your friend, Toi indicates no. I go go away will you or something similar and this Jenny goes into a rage and I find myself running back onto soi 6 and towards beach road with this thing, shoe in hand hitting me. I am then chased along the footpath towards second pattaya road throwing a couple of hundred baht at her and was rescued by a farang on a motor cycle. I was abrupt (rude by thai standards) because I just wanted the fucking imbecile to fuck off. next time I will smile and say nothing I know but I have read one comment here along time ago (that is how I found out her name) that she is a lot like fred flintstone. you know, yabadabado. I never returned to soi 6 that trip, only communicated by phone because she was working that time in a bar opposite hi boss and her bar had the name happiness in it. I hope somebody gives me good news about her eg: gone home, gone to monkey house, gone to mental asylum ect. then I can return to soi 6 again and not have to look over my shoulder. on a par with barbie in the nutter stakes. I arrive on Tuesday and like to know one way or the other whether this person still frequents soi 6.
  13. jeje

    Warning on late nite Lb on soi 6 ...

    any of you guys has a run in with Jenny on soi 6. very tall, very skinny and has a union jack tattoo on a forearm. was working in a bar opposite hi boss earlier this year. my only advice is buyer beware.
  14. jeje

    Taxis From Airport To Pattaya

    I use pim (lady driver) 1200 from Bangkok to pattaya, same price return. phone no. +66 0897969310
  15. jeje

    How to avoid getting pick pocketed

    I have less then 1000 baht in my side pocket and the rest in 1000 baht notes inside my sock or even under my sock b/w the sock and shoe and take out the money for barfines, large drink bill ect in the toilet away from prying eyes. I don't drink as much as I used too so would like to think I am on the ball so to speak regarding thieves . but my number 1 rule is only take out enough money that you can afford to lose, and I am still staggered by the people who report losses of large amounts of money, expensive jewellery and I phones stolen by pickpockets on Beach Road and surrounds nearly always late at night. Most thefts committed against me are usually when I am in the shower so the double take is a good move to learn before indoor aerobics. Also I usually get older lbs that I have a history with and this seems to generally work for me to stop potential stealing.