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  1. limirl

    Favourite food places

    Yikes that's $4.50 for an americano, insane! I think its 65 baht for an excellent one at Benjamit without the view.
  2. China Eastern just cancelled one of my return legs and asked me to accept a return a week later despite telling me the other segment home is good for the original return date...Fucking idiots, there goes my trip in 3 weeks as it was supposed to be a shorty for only 5 days. That was a first for me going with a chinese airline and will be the last, I guess you get what you pay for.
  3. Because sometimes you don't have a choice. Bell bus operate on even hours and the regular bus on odd hours or something similar. Getting to your hotel on a regular baht bus is a massive pain in the hole as you get dumped on beach road and have to walk in the hot sun with your bags to your hotel, if this is on Soi Buakhow forget it. Hiring a private baht bus you get fleeced and pay more than the bus from bangkok to pattaya. A mototaxi is the most efficient though I do agree its risky. I often went with the oldest guy at the bus terminal thinking he would be safest, like fuck it was...the guy was a maniac.
  4. limirl

    Hole in one guesthouse

    If this is the place on soi lengkee I Stayed there last year for 2 nights as nothing else was available, it was an absolute dump and I ran out of there as soon as I could find another vacancy.
  5. No idea how I got the infection really, 3 months of drinking and late nights catches up with you. I did finish out the antibiotic treatment but didn't do the 2nd shot.And yes I did lots of deep throating and sucking cocks in pattaya. One of the risks I readily accept, just can't do condoms for oral.
  6. What makes me laugh and I have said this to several Thai's I have eaten with is why don't they taste it first before dumping in the sugar. They never seem to understand the question...
  7. limirl

    Normal Price Brekky

    Always liked the fried negs at retox most places overcook the egg yolk which is an automatic ruined brekkie for me. Also at retox I have never gotten hot dogs always a proper pork sausage.
  8. limirl

    Normal Price Brekky

    So I checked out the i-rovers brekkie yesterday and I thought it was very similar quality wise to retox but the bacon was more freshly cooked than at retox. I don't see myself going back as I thought the waitresses were obnoxiously loud and were soliciting drinks at 1pm from one particular customer they seemed to know well. They got their drinks and seemed to be having a jolly old time even the kitchen staff were hitting the vino, management didn't seem to be anywhere visible and I got the feeling the place needed a firm hand. One particular waitress was a loud cackly old hen who seemed to be the queen bee, she was enough to keep me well away in future.
  9. You never see Thais in the hole in the wall unless they are with a falang. It's mediocre thai food in my opinion the curries are OK but a lot of other dishes are farangized with too much sugar to make it palatable for the foreigner. Still for a sit down place it's cheap as hell and like someone else mentioned it's miles better than kiss on 2nd road.
  10. limirl

    Normal Price Brekky

    So where is your recommendation for a well cooked English breakfast, I'd love to know. Cheers
  11. Okay so the shot worked within 24 hours most symptoms disappeared except for the ulcers. I did not get the 2nd shot as I was leaving early the next day. No alcohol in Isaan for 5 days was really tough especially with everyone around me 3 sheets to the wind.
  12. Jesus I hope frank underwood isn't reading this thread, you won't find ribs or fish and chips left over for the next month.
  13. limirl

    Normal Price Brekky

    Will add another recommendation for retox on soi lengkee great value, they could improve the quality of the bacon I get the feeling it's cooked in advance and it gets hard from sitting under a heat lamp. Still it's the best I've had in pattaya and it's always really busy with people from the UK.
  14. She never even mentioned it as a possibility, she didn't give me much confidence in her diagnostic ability. She said it was pharyngitis based on me describing the symptoms. I was worried about strep as I am going to be around some young kids over the next few days. In fact when I made her take a look she pulled out a builders big flashlight...wtf! I have next to no confidence in Thai doctors anymore in my case all I ever received was a very generic diagnosis and a bunch of meds which that they never tell you what they are. You have to drag out of them what the medical diagnosis is and what each medication is and what it does. They really seem to dislike being questioned in detail, they seem to have an air of superiority about them and I guess the Thai's just sit there and take it as gospel everything they say.
  15. Just an update I took the advice and visited that clinic on soi buakhow, I'm a bit skeptical about their thoroughness. The lady doctor who was quite attractive I might add diagnosed a bout of pharyngitis without even examining me. I had to insist a few times to get her to look inside my mouth, no swab was taken just was told 'this is what you have I seen many falang have this'. Anyway a shot in the arse later and no alcohol for a week (bollox) plus the usual prescribing a bunch crap I didn't need, cost was 880 baht, if it clears up it will be worth it. She also wants me to come in again tomorrow for a 2nd shot, sounds like overkill I have never needed to do that before. She's convinced it's bacterial not viral. Supposed to be heading to Nakhon Nowhere for next 5 days how the fuck can I survive not being able to drink up there.