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  1. I'm pretty sure it was Beefeaters. Right across from Bronx pizza.
  2. One of the girls I was seeing in December raved about this Aussie steakhouse across Second Rd from Mike's mall. Can't remember the name, but it turned out to be absolutely horrible. The "rib eye" was only about a quarter inch thick and tough with gristle. She thought it was great. Is there a truly good steak in Pattaya? Thick, properly cooked, nice marbling, etc? I lived in Texas for a bit and am spoiled. Even (dare to dream) a proper Wagyu?
  3. Kwickie

    Okay, I'm being dense.

    I think that may be my best option, as I definitely want to learn Thai anyway.
  4. Kwickie

    Okay, I'm being dense.

    Thanks everyone. Yes, the reason I mentioned leaving the retirement visa out was the 800,000 THB rule. While I have a good (not extravagant) amount to live on, I can't have 800,000 baht sitting in a bank doing nothing. Yes, I know the 800,000 can be a combo of savings and monthly income, but my income during this "retirement" wouldn't be monthly. I basically get a bunch of stock once/year that would keep me going until Social Security kicks in at 62. Only then would I have a regular monthly income.
  5. Kwickie

    Okay, I'm being dense.

    Trust me, Jimbo, when I saw your post about your future on the C&D thread, I thought about it. Financially difficult for me though. Plus I don't drink! 555.
  6. Kwickie

    Okay, I'm being dense.

    Thanks, guys. FYI: I'm 56. So what's everyone doing visa runs for?
  7. Kwickie

    Okay, I'm being dense.

    I've read quite a few threads here, but I'm seeing conflicting information since many threads are old. Any help would be appreciated. I'm a U.S. citizen, in case that matters. Let's say I want to stay in Thailand on Tourist visas for a few years. (For this discussion, let's assume I don't qualify for a retirement visa). I know I can get the 90 day (60+30) tourist visa here in the States before I arrive. So I do my 60 days, go to Jontien, get the 30 day extension. Then what? How do I get another 90 days? I've read that the Cambodian runs by van are only for 30 days and only 2 per year. Is there a limit? Is there a limit to the 90 day visas? I have the money to live on, so how do I stay a long time? (Years) Thanks
  8. Kwickie

    "Express Visa" company for retirement visa?

    Thanks for the info
  9. Kwickie

    "Express Visa" company for retirement visa?

    Thanks, I'm aware of that. What intrigued me about their site was that they mentioned that they take care of the financial requirement. I have no idea what exactly that means in this context, as I doubt they'd front the 800,000 THB
  10. Has anyone used Express Visa to get their retirement visa? They don't mention prices on their site, so I'd be curious about that as well. http://www.thai-retirement-visa.com
  11. Kwickie

    Best VPN?

    Thanks, guys!
  12. Kwickie

    Best VPN?

    I love my U.S. Sports such as college and NFL football. The problem is the apps where I can view those on my iPad are blocked in Thailand. Are VPNs still allowed in Thailand? If so, which ones are the best? Thanks.
  13. Sorry, but I'm not going to wrap a pussy in Saran Wrap. Ridiculous recommendations like this are why people laugh and toss all the recommendations out.
  14. Kwickie

    EVA Airways

    I always fly EVA Air Elite Class (their premium economy). Not much more than regular economy and you get MUCH more comfortable seats, early boarding and a few extra amenities. I book directly through their site and never have any problem. Follow them on Facebook for specials.
  15. Kwickie

    EVA Airways

    I fly. Eva every time from Seattle, and always Elite class. They Are on seatguru. I love Elite class. Plenty of room, good food and service.