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  1. poesface


    i use this provider for sky i have no problems , but then i like UK tv http://knd1.ilikehd.com/kaneda/web/free/ different packages to suit your taste
  2. poesface


    Thanks for going further on the app Kendo , i think it was laptops trip report he mentioned in that you had shown him how to use
  3. poesface


    Having just read in a thread about an app for writing on the forums i just had to try it is called Tapatalk and once i got through the signing in process and loaded this forum it has been very good will try and send a pic later when i have more time. this should be a good app if on the move and hopefully taking pic with iphone , and best of all keeping up to date with the forum when on the move i will be sending pic's to this thread to test it a bit later when i have figured out how to, i know from the other thread that the computer guru Kendo will have more info than i could ever give. this thread is also just for me testing the app sorry if this is nonsense
  4. poesface

    Buying a secondhand scooter

    Funny C*** , did have a good laugh, though, but serious am only there every other month cheap secondhand is all I need .
  5. Can anyone give me some advice on buying a secondhand scooter , I mean best place to buy one
  6. if you ever need to download from you tube but cannot he is a little trick i learned today as follows write the url in your browser all you do is change the youtube.com to voobys.com it will take you to a page and gives you the option to download the file a bit slow but it worked for me. hope this is of help to anyone that wants to download from there
  7. poesface

    Foreign Mafia Running Pattaya

    every country has the mafia , here in south africa we have a war going on between the Russians and the Nigerians and it is being washed under the table , from what i have seen it is nearly the same in LOS, it is spoken about and that is all NO ACTION corruption is everywhere.
  8. poesface

    Free Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator CS2

    Just updating this about the usenet i have found a dutch site that ignores the DMCA takedowns TWEAKNEWS in case anyone is interested currently downloading things that were taken down on Astraweb
  9. poesface

    Best Fish & Chips

    do not know why people want to eat anything other than thai when in thailand, i cannot get enough but each to there own
  10. poesface

    Free Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator CS2

    But you will have a good time trying to i dare say Danial (not calling you a w****r, its just what you will be doing while watching )
  11. poesface

    Free Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator CS2

    Kendo you are correct, but what i have also seen is as soon as one gets pulled, some one else has re-uploaded and called it something else. i am currently looking for a server in countries that are no DMCA compliant, the Dutch used to be, but now they have there own laws so some posts are being reported and lifted.. If anyone knows of a company that is in a country who's servers are not covered by this DCMA please advise.
  12. poesface

    Free Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator CS2

    personally i use the newsgroups with a good newsreader with search facility like newsbin i often hear the risk of virus from those 2 sites with the downloads. but saying that there is viruses every. another search facility i use is www.nzbsrus.com and nzbroyalty.com everything is there. when i thailand in december i set the auto pilot on the program downloaded over 100 GB of films and programs
  13. poesface

    girls using im's

    most of the girls are using whatsapp , for those of us who loose decent phones all the time in the back seats of taxi's. there is a computer emulation program called bluestacks its great it uses your mobile number but not charge it , it uses your internet connection as long as the other party is online checking there whatsapp it goes through. having a great chat with the girls no cost to me. it even does face book give it a go just google either whatsapp emulator or bluestacks.