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  1. Botafogo

    Flu or flu like

    With many them being intimate with dozens of guys each month, swapping spit, sucking cocks, illegal drugs, smoking, alcohol, poor nutrition, hormone injections and partying........eventually they are bound to exhibit symptoms of being unwell.
  2. Botafogo

    Direct Flight v Stop Over

    Yep.....continuously since the mid 90’s. Cherjam’s routing possibly has something to do with his deep rooted Caledonian resentment of all things English. Or more likely; when travelling from parts of the UK more than a few hours hours drive to LHR, it makes plenty of sense to utilise a local regional airport’s service to AMS then onward to BKK. I used to do similar when living elsewhere.
  3. Botafogo

    Direct Flight v Stop Over

    London to Bangkok it’s non stop every time for me with EVA Air. the additional cost is unimportant. Twice a year I also fly Adelaide to Bangkok return via Singapore on Singapore Airlines, there are no direct ADL-BKK flights....this layover at Changi changing planes and terminals always reaffirms my opinion that non stop is much more desirable.
  4. Botafogo

    Contracting Syphilis From Sucking Cock

    You can also contract syphilis from receiving an uncovered blow job if the other party is infected with an open sore in their mouth. A warning given to me by a NHS sexual health physician in the UK.
  5. Botafogo


    Purchased a pack of ten in a Buakaow pharmacy a fortnight ago, one of those close to Pook’s. When I enquired about availability, a pack quickly emerged from the pharmacist’s top pocket with him stating 800 Baht, I quickly replied 500 while flashing a note in his direction, transaction completed.
  6. Botafogo

    Bag ransacking exposed

    Twice in recent times my bag has been opened on flights to Suvarnabhumi. I knew immediately upon opening it as I’m a very neat, tidy and methodical packer. Once I was flying in from Phuket, the other LHR. The Phuket flight it was a hold-all with no lock or security so I’m partly to blame, whereas the LHR-BKK flight was rather more concerning as they’d overcome the Samsonite suitcase’s built in coded lock. On both occasions nothing was taken nor was there a security label inspection sticker placed on the bag which is usual when a bag is opened as an official random check.
  7. At the Hideaway this evening for half a rack of ribs.......wow wee, finger licking fantastic 10/10.
  8. Most days this past week I’ve been walking along the beach promenade while taking note of the magnificent results achieved in restoring Pattaya’s Beach to its once former glory. Before this project started just over a year ago, the beach was only around 5-6 meters deep, but take a look at how it is now in these images I captured a few days ago. Link to an article in the local paper from a few months ago. http://pattayapeople.com/2018/08/18/pattaya-beach-reclamation/
  9. Botafogo

    Hiv Test

    There is a thread containing plenty of options in Health Issues.
  10. Botafogo

    Why So Expensive To Fly From Frankfurt

    You may well find that your dates clash with school holidays (in Germany) with demand outstripping supply airlines are alive to maximising their margin.
  11. Botafogo

    HIV etc Testing

    Be that as it may but. We’re not talking about a full blown medical procedure, merely a screening for HIV along with testing for all the usual STD natsies, think I paid approximately 1200 Baht. I for one was very impressed and shall certainly use them again.
  12. Botafogo

    HIV etc Testing

    Few years ago, a Doctor at Pattaya International Hospital on Soi 4 told me not to rely on blood test results from the various small clinics in Pattaya. For complete peace of mind, use a hospital.
  13. Twice now I’ve sat down at Hideaway for something from the grill with a beer.......truly excellent .
  14. Botafogo

    EVA Air

    Yes frequently, and as you’d expect they do issue a Fast Track Pass to all passengers travelling within this superb facility ready for a swift entry into Bangkok. And very handily back into LHR. We always seem to have lengthy queues in T2 these days.