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  1. Botafogo

    EVA Air

    Yes frequently, and as you’d expect they do issue a Fast Track Pass to all passengers travelling within this superb facility ready for a swift entry into Bangkok. And very handily back into LHR. We always seem to have lengthy queues in T2 these days.
  2. Botafogo

    Emirates fake oasis

    I’m inclined to think there’s a bit more to this story. The news piece said, she had a heated exchange with an immigration official after being informed entry was declined with her visa now expired, this rather puzzles me. Brits do not need a visa to enter Dubai as a tourist, so presumably the women (a dentist) was planning to work? The article took my interest because I’ve probaly spent around 60 days in Dubai over the years and been intoxicated on about 55 of them, even arrived a few times following a skinful on the plane......happily I’ve never had reason to enter dialogue with immigration officers.
  3. Botafogo

    Favourite place to rent a bike

    Opposite Opey de Place Hotel on Soi Lengkee, a Thai fella going by the name of Manna. A first class, straight up individual who I’ve known and dealt with for 20 years. He’ll strike a fair deal and has friends in the right places if problems arise while you’re on the bike. Manna is a motorbike mechanic by trade, years ago worked in the Nordic countries while serving his time.
  4. Botafogo

    Germany To Bangkok

    I thought one or both of the Taiwan Airlines (Eva Air or China Airlines) operate direct Flights FRA-BKK
  5. Botafogo

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Having visited Katty Bar, you could be excused for not being impressed by this unremarkable establishment. However, the proprietor is one of the very few Ladyboys or Thai national’s whom promotes a Bar within these pages while interacting on the forum with her own images and words in an attempt to generate business and drink sales. Sure Emmy has one or two loyal punters helping bang the drum, but she is a trier, also a fun character and deserves our support. Even if it’s a single visit for a couple of drinks, you’ll be appreciated and made to feel very welcome.......I know I was last month. Good to see Katty Bar is on the up.
  6. Botafogo

    nuther flyer bob

    Yep...the Motor-si taxi guy was heard to say Farang a few times when explaining to Police what he witnessed.
  7. Botafogo

    7Hr In Beijin Airport

  8. Botafogo

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Just walked past LP so I’ll be good and ready for this evening’s soirée, hopefully -Jim- and Pentiresbud shall also be in attendance to explore opportunities in this enclave.
  9. Botafogo

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Ok....so Jomtien Soi 4. Tonight I’ll call by and say Hi, perhaps my friends shall join me
  10. Botafogo

    taxi to pattaya from bkk updates ?

    None shall be concerned.
  11. Botafogo

    British Airways V Thai Airways..

    EVA every time for me out of LHR to BKK, their biz class service is usually much more affordable than the other two, or with constraints on budget EVA Premium Economy (called Elite) is pretty good as well, usually around £900.00. But as a straight match Thai v BA economy class, I’d advise Thai on their A380 service in the upstairs cabin.
  12. Botafogo

    taxi to pattaya from bkk updates ?

    Yes, probably....first time I’ve seen that initialism for Bangkok’s second airport.About as pointless as describing Baby Boom as The Boom however, Dynasty Inn Grande as The DIG does have some credibility
  13. Botafogo

    New Plaza Fish N Chips

    Sometimes I use the walking route via New Plaza on the night march between Soi Buakaow & Soi 7/8. Goodness me drink prices are competitive, little wonder it’s a popular area for the hard core drinkers
  14. Botafogo

    A warning to the invincibles

    Have you tried acupuncture, it worked for me in curing eczema which was similarly symmetrical on my shins. I wasn’t a fan of alternative medicine and having tried everything prescribed by a my GP and a skin specialist with limited results over 2-3 years, I visited a Chinese practioner and followng three treatments, the condition cleared up never to return.