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  1. backdoorbennie

    Best pharmacy

    fascino also on pattaya klang and pattaya tai
  2. backdoorbennie


    the guy that runs it is aknow all wanker goes on forums as mrDK EG HE POSTED YOU CAN DRIVE A M/C ON MOTORWAY IF BIKE IS OVER 100CC DONT KNOW HOW THEY GET BY THE TOLLS lol
  3. backdoorbennie

    Butchers arms

    main trouble you have to go upstairs to use the toilet
  4. backdoorbennie


    they have just bought THE COINS in soi bukhao and renamed it QUEENS ARMS
  5. backdoorbennie

    Opticians in Pattaya

    euro optics on 2nd rd opposite royal garden run by a philopean dr frames are 2000 baht not like most others [6000]
  6. backdoorbennie

    Hotmail Inbox.

    just opened my e mail today after using lbshaggers instructions yesterday back to normal THANK YOU
  7. backdoorbennie

    Hotmail Inbox.

    thanks lbshagger
  8. backdoorbennie

    Best Android Box

    i goot a mini box off footymadstreams and it works great 5800 baht
  9. backdoorbennie

    Sunday roasts

    punch and judy have good roasts
  10. single tony the place near sensations is no more that and the shoe repair shop next door is now a pile of rubble[been knocked down]
  11. take your ticket and there will be no problem but theyll give you 7 days anyway
  12. backdoorbennie

    limit of money you can take from the uk

    make sure you get good clean notes as its hard to change dirty ones
  13. backdoorbennie

    Eye glasses

    euro optics for me frames are 2000 baht got a set of progressive lenses off dr maria 10000 bahtincluding frames
  14. backdoorbennie

    Best Thai Bank

    by the way has anyone noticed that the atm;s outside 7/11;s are all kasikorn atm;s
  15. backdoorbennie

    Best Thai Bank

    my mate tried to open an account with just a visa exempt 30 days about six months ago but had all sorts of problems with kasikorn re visa etc. i heard that it was easy at bangkok bank he wentto bangkok bank on 2nd road [opposite soi 6] they were very friendly and co operative i think he had to show his passport and where he was staying. end result he had a savings account within 15 mins complete with atm card .i think he opened it ith 1000 baht dposit