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  1. Thaiman12

    My new CD, sissy, femboi site - Becoming Femme

    Yes, I must say, an old quote springs to mind: "Man In A Dress" That said, One needs feedback, to know where One is. Thus, said "One" can take on board". Said Feedback. Just as a side note' Why not get your well worn arse back to Japan, or LOS, or Asia, generically? Or, South America? When will Folks realise that Western Men make sh*t Ladyboys? And that's fine, for them but don't expect ME to watch them. This IS, most definitely; A "Connoisseur's Market". So, of course, I respect those that have the aforementioned inclinations. I don't give a toss about "Transitioning". For Folks can do what they want. But, equally, I can watch what I want, or pursue what I want in the real world. Sorry, Fella.
  2. Thaiman12

    Turkish Airlines?

    Well...... They are, actually. Malaysia. Velvet Glove.
  3. Thaiman12

    Bareback porn

    F*ck this is retarded.
  4. Thaiman12

    Bareback porn

    Christ On A Bike.
  5. Thaiman12

    Bareback porn

    Hmmmmmmm Sutt interesting stats....... Please, carry on, Good Sir.
  6. Thaiman12

    Thai bank statement from Australia

    Sounds wrong to me. I have an account with Kasikorn and have internet access to this account. When I opened it I walked out of there witt a card, book and internet user name and password. I thought it was standard. That said, aries104 may be correct, as long as the 800K is still there...............? This is the sh*t.
  7. Thaiman12

    Flesh Eating STD

  8. Yeah, right. Throw us ALL under the bus of Under performance. (Pardon Me, I get it). Though, that said, many and all B.M.s said it how they see it. So........?
  9. Well......... What about what She said.......... In the AM? Now, that's what I'M talkin' about.
  10. Thaiman12

    bali or hong kong or manila

    Isn't this Wonderful? Or, is it........ Wanderlust? Christ On A Farking Bike.
  11. Thaiman12

    bali or hong kong or manila

    Pardon Me. Was I off on a "Tangent"? Yes I was, apparently. Now, here's the thing. If One only has a week and arrives "Cold". Then, there is, quite simply, nowhere better than Pattaya. Let's weigh it up. Hong Kong: Pretty Gals, if you like whiter skin, but, if there's a Pompem? Plus, you need Local contacts to know where to go. Unless you are on Forums sutt as Sex141 etc. Manila? I'm not really sure how to state this, expect to say that these Folks are to be treated witt trepidation, at best. Not the GALS, mind you. But the retarded network that has kept them Slaves for so long. Be they GGs or L.B.s. Bali? I remember that, full well. Hooking up with a Local Taxi Driver, who took me to a place, out in the "Boonies". I was deposited out the front and presented with a number af Gals. So, I selected one. Went back to a kind of "Balinese" Hut and proceeded to engage. Halfway through, She withdrew and wanted more money. I had, foolishly, paid upfront. So, decided to cut my losses. FUCK BALI!. Never going back! OK, so here we go. Just go to Pattaya, if you are a "Newbie" and don't need the Heartache. If you want to do the others, then I think Hong Kong is an admirable quest. But research does need to ensue. Witt is, I assume, not on Your Calendar. Plus, they'll just be Thai L.B.s. anyway.
  12. Thaiman12

    bali or hong kong or manila

    Hong Kong. Oh, sh*t, disclaimer. IF one likes Hairy Pussy. Or........ Hair. But, here's the thing. One must do research. Internetedly. Yes, I made that word up. But, back on track, many P4P Providers do the H.K. Circuit. Just as they do the Singapore Circuit. Thus, research ensues. Witt, My Good Friend; Would seem to preclude YOU. Wash up? Go to Bali. Pack a blue singlet.
  13. Thaiman12

    My new CD, sissy, femboi site - Becoming Femme

    No. You Don't "Know". But, I mutt say; I learned a lot more about You, than Me. From this post. Now, please, stop being sutt a Protagonist on what you think are my posts, deriding whatever Business Interests you have. That's not what I'm about. Oh.... And "Thank You" in advance.
  14. Thaiman12

    Looking for a girlfriend - Jomtien

    I mutt say, I DO like that. Though equally and duly noted; "God's Waiting Loom" is not necessarily a resource to be tapped, in itself. Nor, to be exploited, of course. But........ As I warm to the subject; You Guys are effectively "Leaving The Building"; Every Day? If that is not a Growth Market, then I'm not sure what is.
  15. Thaiman12

    Dental Dam

    Damn You! Good L.J. For suggesting that the Dam is, well........ A DAM! For the damned.