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  1. Thaiman12

    Light beer

    F*ck this is boring. What say you, Shagger? Course you did.
  2. Thaiman12

    Light beer

    And that, Good Sir; Would be moot.
  3. Thaiman12

    Flu or flu like

    AIRCON??????????????? DID you think they might be exposed because they live in certain environments, without air conditioning? Then are routinely exposed to environments where their Foreign Customers like to perform? Witt AIR CONDITIONING? Just for an hour, mind you. Or a night. Oh, sh*t, I'm having a "De Ja Vu" moment. Again.
  4. Thaiman12

    Light beer

    Yes, indeed, Good Sir. San Miguel Light, "Gap Manao". (that means with a slice of lemon).
  5. Thaiman12

    Pizza and Burgers

    You know, it's sutt an funny thing. I thought I was in Thailand, the land of well developed cuisine. Yet, apparently, I have been transported to the Phillos? The very worst example of Asian cuisine. Now, let's see as to who(m) can guess why? What a load of cock. I must say, there is nothing that can save some Folks. I SAW A SAN MIGUEL, THERE.
  6. Thaiman12

    Direct Flight v Stop Over

    Bringing paint?
  7. Thaiman12

    Contracting Syphilis From Sucking Cock

    That's funny.
  8. Thaiman12

    PREP, where to get?

    Ok, Soooooo; We're going here? Yes, of course we are. I must say, I don't know where to start. Or stop, for that matter.
  9. Thaiman12

    Going to HCMC

    If you are going to Ho Chi Minh; Then may I suggest you stay in Pham Ngu Lao. It is the Backpacker area and if One wants to find cheap accommodation and tours it is a good place to start from. Be careful of scams. Especially those surrounding the very similar colour schemes of monetary notes. Make sure when getting your change that you identify, positively the numerical currency on Viet notes. A good example is 20,000 Dong notes versus 5,000. I was caught out on this in a game of low stakes pool. Where the winner palmed the note I gave him for a 20,000 Dong bet and brought up a 5,000 Dong note and showed it to me as if I had short changed him. A very cheap lesson, but remember all these notes have the same Character on them. Easy to confuse.
  10. Thaiman12

    Bag ransacking exposed

    Well........... Why do you think that was? Obviously not to sponsor on board theft? I am thinking that if One sought to secret something in their suitcase then it would be duly cracked? Or am I missing something, here? Was it a photo copy? Or not? Or, indeed, what was it you had secreted? Oh, dear.......... Secreted.
  11. Thaiman12

    Bag ransacking exposed

    Well. I thought in the absence of a video, One was tabling a Cheese Grater? Or was it just One's baggage? :)
  12. Thaiman12

    Bag ransacking exposed

    Oh, pardon me. I was responding to your post that referenced this: "There is a huge racket going on inside the cabin with passengers stealing from hand luggage in the over head compartment." I think the other part is sh*te. Because that should surely be covered by the previous post that tabled cling wrapping One's checked baggage at the airport for a reasonable cost. Now you're tabling some sh*t about T.S.A? I must say, I am on the verge.................. And some say I am incomprehensible. Christ On A Bike.
  13. Thaiman12

    Bag ransacking exposed

    Well then put a farking padlock on it. They will move on. Sorted. And.... so. Why the fark is this sutt an issue? I'll tell you why. Because certain Folks think, quite naively, that the airline staff should be expected to keep track of a couple of hundred Passenger's carry on baggage. What is this? Another Precious arse wiping episode? Go and get farked, look after it yourself. After all, what happens then? Given you manage to actually survive Customs, Immigration and the rest with bag intact? Then you get duped into riding a Tuk Tuk / Trike / Taxi to the very next place where you'll be duly ripped off: And why not? You haven't taken due responsibility for yourself, that's why. I swear, these Folks just cannot be helped. Because they simply WON'T help themselves. They are, by definition; Passengers.
  14. Thaiman12

    Bag ransacking exposed

    The whole idea of this "Honour System" re checked baggage was always going to be tapped IMHO. I must say, I am surprised it has only manifested in recent years. Well, save to say that other Expat Friends of mine had their checked baggage vanish without a trace when commuting to the Middle East in years past. Thus, when going on holidays, what does one really need that cannot be purchased abroad cheaply? Especially when coming to LOS. Take a carry on bag full of One's essentials. Checked baggage is just that. One's baggage. Late question, did someone try to steal your cheese grater and hide it in the ceiling?
  15. Thaiman12

    Favourite food places

    Show me the rhyme, I'll give you the time.