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  1. Thaiman12

    IT finally happened to me !!!!

    Just go into any branch of Kasikornbank. Take your passport and some cash. Three thousand Baht should do it. You will walk out of there witt a card, internet banking etc. Oh, wait, I seem to be having a "De Ja Vu" moment, here.
  2. Thaiman12

    E-VISA, online application is coming!

    Yeah; And so is Christmas, again. Or One could just go to Cambodia? Certainly a country that is regarded (especially by its' neighbours) as less developed than LOS. This is the sh*t. Though the question begs..........Why? https://en.tripadvisor.com.hk/ShowTopic-g293939-i9162-k7978976-Cambodia_Evisa_Or_Visa_on_Arrival-Cambodia.html
  3. What? You don't like swimming? We need to "Flesh this out" Good Sir. Yes, of course.
  4. And this is the sh*t. I don't really know what that Fellow Eggity Egg was it? Is on about, so let us have a go at the FACTS, shall we? There are enough, now discovered bauxite reserves in far North Queensland to last over two hundred years. That makes aluminium, B.T.W. There is enough coal there to power the World for a very long time. But, let me digress. Does ANYONE, here, understand that one fundamental ingredient in steel and concrete production is........... Yes, you guessed it. COAL? Thus, Australia's exports of coal run at roughly fifty percent coal shipped for power generation and the other HALF shipped because Folks like to live in reliably constructed buildings. Made of steel and concrete. So some of them can sit in that duly constructed shelter, in front of their computers, made largely of hydro carbon materials, utilizing gold and copper. Lithium etc. Rare metals. And table posts about how we need to demonise the Mining Industry and all it stands for. Whilst receiving the very benefits that pay the bills and allow them to sit home in the first place? Good on you, Thai Workers. You receive no benefits, save those that come from the sweat off your backs. As opposed to some others.
  5. Thaiman12

    Why So Expensive To Fly From Frankfurt

    Supply versus demand. It's as simple as that, Fella.
  6. Thaiman12

    HIV etc Testing

    Indeed, Good Sir. I like to buy a kit from the Clinic just up from Oasis aGoGo. As one heads up towards Baby Boom. RHS of course. Bt300 last time I went. Get to take it home, your Good Self, having dealt witt the the usual confrontation whereby the staff are asking you..... "but we can do it, here for you"? And you replying "BUT, BUT I WANT TO DO IT MYSELF. I NEED MY PRIVACY!!! WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT??????????" Then, go home; Shake like a leaf, whilst trying to administer the drop of One's own blood plus the two drops of solution supplied. Then get a beer and................... Wait..................... HOORAY!!!!!!!!!! I'll show YOU sparsely haired Ladyboy Concubines what it's all about. Let's go 'round again.
  7. How does One grow blueberries in Thailand?
  8. So, I was thinking that Ordinary Thai Folks are pretty hard working? By International Standards? Actually, I would assert that all any Worker needs is rules and guidelines. Responsible Management.
  9. No, I don't get it. Different climates present different challenges. Thus, I think it is quite ignorant to assert that one particular environment represents more challenges than another. Thus, One could assert because a parameter such as it being Colder would represent a harder challenge? You c*nts don't need to run refrigeration, for starters......
  10. Yes, of course. And thank you for your critique, however misguided. Though, I'm told we must tolerate this, these days. I'm a Gimp, not a Troll, so best you take heed. So, all that said........ Do you have an argument? I sense you're not Happy...... Mr. Canuck?
  11. As opposed to Canada, of course. So, back on topic. Farangs could not manage a root in a Brothel. Or a sh*t fight in a sewer. In LOS. Yet, they seek to absolve themselves by casting aspersions on Local Workers? Give me a break.
  12. I resemble that. Though, that said: Are you happy? Obviously not. Adjunct, "Produced more technology and industry"? Who you talkin' 'bout, Willis?
  13. Thaiman12

    Heart Probs.

    Yes, of course, Good Jimmy. I must say, I would be equally concerned witt all this "To and Fro" about heart pompems. F*ckety F*ck, need to do this and that. Or not this and that......... Eat eggs, or Sh*t, eat lettuce. Oh, sh*t lettuce makes rabbits stoned. And eggs grow titties on twelve year old Girls; And Boys, apparently. Then, update One's Self on the latest, retarded survey? Or was it research findings? Indeed, I'm lost. That said, I'm very concerned for My Heart. At least........... I would be...... If I had one.
  14. Thaiman12

    Tip to avoid travellers stomach

    Red Cordial. Failing that; Travel often. Travel Hard. Expose your body to all things. Whatever don't kill you, makes you stronger. Granted, it takes you, by One's own perception; To "Death's Door". Really? I have been on a drip in the back Loom of a few Frontier Countries. more than a few times. Still kickin'. Or you could bring some hand wash. Christ On A Bike. Gentlemen, Sad to say, One must expose One's Self to different environments; In order for One's Self to undertake the process of adapting One's body to these environments. This, of course, is a longer term view. Like a sandpaper dildo. Perhaps.
  15. Thaiman12

    Bareback porn

    Well....... I caught....... Addiction. This IS the sh*t.