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  1. frenchl

    blue pill

    As already answered they are. Now, taking ED drugs is not to delay ejaculation. Just saying...
  2. frenchl

    EVA Air

    Just a stop over in Vienna. Then direct to Bangkok it seems
  3. frenchl

    Bangkok Flight Services

    I have used there services once as it can be a pain to wait to go through immigration. Now i am pretty sure the plane companies did complain as well about the possibility to buy a fast track. How will they justify on the long run their first and business prices if you can start buying on your own some of the wealthy privileges. I am not aware of other airports where such a thing is possible.
  4. frenchl

    Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

    I don't know what you are allowed to carry but never think you would never be searched. Last month, arriving in Singapore, all luggage where scanned. Have been caught myself with e-cigs. Was lucky to only get the hardware confiscated and a Warning. The fine is normally 5,000 SGD !
  5. frenchl

    Bangkok to Pattaya this cheap

    The guy is a backpacker going to Pattaya as explained on its way to other places. Considering this forum is about ladyboys and mostly about mongering, let me state the obvious here. If anyone really need to look into the cheapest way to go to Pattaya, what will you first decide to go to Pattaya? I will personally not be going to Pattaya if it were not for the ladyboys scene and the mongering. I do not imply the place is that bad but there are definitely better places to be in Thailand if you can't afford a bus or a taxi to go to Pattaya.
  6. frenchl

    Airb&b pattaya and Bkk?

    I have to admit I had very good experiences with AirBnB. However I never used them in Thailand as, after a quick look, it does not seem really worth it. But what will definitely keep me away from AirBnB is that if you are in Thailand for mongering, you do not want to bring a LB where stuff can be stolen, broken, nor justify to a renter your various relationships.
  7. I have been a happy customer for years until recently. While booking my dates on their website I book until the day I was supposed to fly back home, but included this one. I immediately contacted them and explained them the mistake. It was like still a month before the booking date and thought it will be rapidly corrected. They explained to me that the website was offering some special prices and that they had no way to cancel or change anything. I pleaded my case with the manager and nothing changed. They charged me the night I was not staying with them. This is the kind of thing that shows how a hotel consider a customer. I regularly now book just in front of them, Phachara suites. A bit more expensive but the room are a lot better.