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  1. Scottiem1954

    Bb Massage, Soi Buakhao

    Maybe upstairs? There is always something happening upstairs in these bars. Be it a massage or a marketing conference meeting...
  2. Scottiem1954

    Bb Massage, Soi Buakhao

    Why not? somebody can always start a new thread in the bar section, since it became a bar...
  3. Scottiem1954

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    OK - ka good luck.
  4. Scottiem1954

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    She reminds me Tom4647.... 555
  5. Scottiem1954

    Zaza massage shop, Soi Chayapoom

    Shall (seriously) call in if my usual provider in bkk will not be available. Have all been instructed? I believe they should carry a SP qualify certificate (no need of photo proofs, thanks!) hey, shaving the vegs, not peeling them off, LOL
  6. Scottiem1954

    Zaza massage shop, Soi Chayapoom

    Massage shop? Desperately needed in Pattaya, and if they offer some extra that would be a prime... take into consideration the presence of some LB’s to spice things up.
  7. Scottiem1954

    Zaza massage shop, Soi Chayapoom

    Are you serious ! I mean...proper shaving?
  8. Scottiem1954

    British Embassy to stop Pension Letter Service

    I believe many British farang have retired in Thailand for weather and living costs. They would carry a miserable life back home and needing government support, whilst conducting adecent life in los. their presence ignites some cash flow into the Thai economy to the benefit of the local economy, they might not overspend but they spend without needing or getting any social service from Thailand. does the government now expects richer farang only retires in LOS? thailand is not Portugal, Florida or Costa Rica. PS Thai should also not underestimate the location factor. Quite many expatriates on (euopean level) low pension (but more than decent for an old Thai man) moved to cheaper areas to make the best out of their income. So they feed in cash in an area poor of economic factors.
  9. Scottiem1954

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Lol.... but even guests can be tricky... you know we have freebie masters in th forum!
  10. Scottiem1954

    Nookkei: Horniest ladyboy in Pattaya

    How comes i can’t see these in her Line photos? Just a curiosity,.. seeing the other one showing her bum. Alsomthoght cock picture are banned in those dating socials.
  11. Scottiem1954

    Bb Massage, Soi Buakhao

    So after all the work done to refreshen B.B. massage all has gone in the bin... no trade? No money? No honey?
  12. Scottiem1954

    Turkish Airlines?

    Wouldn't sat turkey regime offers free speech and lets media run their own opinion. that should summarise all.
  13. Scottiem1954

    Patricia On Koh Chang

    Don't start it again, Miguel, we all know and just take jokes as they are, mere jokes. It was all ok till LOL ahahahah shame on me for trying to light up the atmospehere.
  14. Scottiem1954

    Patricia On Koh Chang

    Lets hope she didn't grow moustache and "came back to roots" dont forget to report, Miguel. As there is no bar fine in view it will be a nice reading
  15. Scottiem1954

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    Wealthy and generous ones.