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  1. Scottiem1954

    oral sex illegal in Pattaya

    I know it is a 13 months old post, but do you think the cops are not aware of that goes on in their territory? you might object a Thai cop can be easily spotted, but they have many ways to go around this if and whenever they want...
  2. Scottiem1954

    A380, A white elephant?

    EK 209 serves the route DXB ATH EWR, this is why they use the 380. it actually is the only direct flight from the Greek capital to NYC.
  3. Scottiem1954

    Fuck Ann's Taxi Service

    Efficient service, ahead of time if hotel pick up, number plate and driver pictures will reach you by email or WA, spot on cars, reliable drivers, mindful driving. A bit above average prices but who cares for a 2/300 baht more?
  4. Scottiem1954

    Fuck Ann's Taxi Service

    Does Etihad provides free limo to Pattaya? Emirates don’t include Pattaya in the free limo service provided to J class passengers. I think pattaya comes for a charge of 5000 or so. no way
  5. Scottiem1954

    Why So Expensive To Fly From Frankfurt

    How can you reasonably think to go to LHR from Germany, pay eurotunnel, add many traveling hours, add 30’ flying time, when you do not want to take a one stop over flight?
  6. Scottiem1954

    Why So Expensive To Fly From Frankfurt

    Demand and supply, my friend. Lots of german flying to LOS for the winter holidays. baggage allowance might vary by airline not really by country. Some airlines are generous as they know their own countrymen fly with lots of stuff. By increasing the allowance they reduce the check in hassles and begging. Plus they attract more customers.
  7. Scottiem1954

    Why So Expensive To Fly From Frankfurt

    It’s an airline trick to inflate the taxes, travel agent commissions are paid on the airfare. They artificially make it lower to pay the commission on that.
  8. Scottiem1954

    Credit card at hotel check-in

    Depend. Some hotels can put an hold on the debit card to block an amount with no charge, some can't i know as I use a debit card from the bank under the visa circuit. I never understood how it works.
  9. Scottiem1954

    Credit card at hotel check-in

    Then use the cash option. card at the check in means it is used to block an X amount: either your stay plus possible extra or, if prepaid, a lump sum for possible et (minibar ecc)
  10. Scottiem1954

    British Embassy to stop Pension Letter Service

    In one way or another as all governments citizens are getting less and less services by the administration that is there to service the citizens i undertsand they might not want to be made liable for dodgy incomes, wealth etc. At the same token governments (like the Thai in this case) are making life more difficult under the pretention of cleaning up... seems there are agencies that will “sort it out, no problem, it is just XY,yyy.00 baht”
  11. Scottiem1954

    EVA upgrade?

    Did so far 4 legs with Emirates this month, including a bkk one in and out and all ha business full or next to full. same on other 4 to east Africa. tomorrow have 2 more but I don’t see recession in their business cabin.
  12. Scottiem1954

    EVA upgrade?

    Go at the airline ticket counter before check in. Allow some 15 minutes for the (paperwork) job to be done in case it can be done. They either do it on the spot or put you in WL till boarding gate has closed the operstions (before boarding starts) and you will then know your fate then. This works with any airline unless you can do it online. your experience proves i am right in never using websites (unless it is the airline's) to book and pay my flights. You can't handle anything unusual through an algorithm if you know what I mean...
  13. Scottiem1954

    The Taxi Ride

    Exchange rate doesn't affect local prices. Affects your cost in your currency have been using repeated times Mrs Nam taxi service: namnamthailand@gmail.com bkk to Pattaya 1200, soi 4 to Pattaya 1500, pattaya DMK 1600. All with tolls included, toyota Camry or Hunday equivalent, possibly a Nissan SUV if needed (come a bit more expensive). Nit and tidy cars, full female crew (don't make bad thoughts), never overspending but never missing the pace. Punctual (they are there 30' before for non airport pick ups) On demand, you will be pre notified by mail with driver name, picture, car number plate and cell number.
  14. Scottiem1954

    British Embassy to stop Pension Letter Service

    I believe many British farang have retired in Thailand for weather and living costs. They would carry a miserable life back home and needing government support, whilst conducting adecent life in los. their presence ignites some cash flow into the Thai economy to the benefit of the local economy, they might not overspend but they spend without needing or getting any social service from Thailand. does the government now expects richer farang only retires in LOS? thailand is not Portugal, Florida or Costa Rica. PS Thai should also not underestimate the location factor. Quite many expatriates on (euopean level) low pension (but more than decent for an old Thai man) moved to cheaper areas to make the best out of their income. So they feed in cash in an area poor of economic factors.
  15. Scottiem1954

    Turkish Airlines?

    Wouldn't sat turkey regime offers free speech and lets media run their own opinion. that should summarise all.