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  1. Few hours to wheels up, should be a good crew in town festive period, ,,,even the odd  jock or Geordie lol.

  2. Doyle Lonnegan


    They don't get your humour Fenton ...its lost on them. Check the tapas places....lol. you were joking right?
  3. Doyle Lonnegan

    Cafe Volare

    Now in totally confused lol.
  4. Doyle Lonnegan

    iPhone 8/ iPhone 10[x]

    I thought only birds prattled on about phones lol.....mine was 20 euros.
  5. Doyle Lonnegan

    best steak

    Andre's Tharrapaya Road soi 3 has great steak and beer menu...Belgian place.
  6. Doyle Lonnegan

    Taxi from Swampy To Bangkok

    Public taxi 300 / 400 baht. 1st level gate 4 & 7.
  7. Doyle Lonnegan

    Pattaya going downhill?

    theres always the Rod Stewart Bar on the darkside........ ......
  8. Doyle Lonnegan


    George Best.
  9. Doyle Lonnegan


  10. Doyle Lonnegan

    Downloading / Saving Youtube Film

    I been noticing the you tube videos disappearing quickly any reason for this.?
  11. Doyle Lonnegan

    Scotsman dies in parachute jump ends.

    Unfortunate incident, comments posted below on PA are less than sympathetic....and I though Sturgeon got bad press. R.I.P. http://pattayaone.news/en/foreign-man-death-skydiving/
  12. Doyle Lonnegan

    Best Burger in Patts?

    Yep Oz burgers.
  13. Doyle Lonnegan

    Best Burger in Patts?

    There used to be a burger van outside action street with surprisingly good burgers.