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  1. lance2546

    Man Sets Fire to Ladyboys Clothes in Condo

    He really showed her who's the boss! Then comes the condo cleaning/repair bill; compensation for the girl's clothes and donation the the police benevolant association. Ten grand sound about right?
  2. lance2546

    Ruffa's Thread

    I like the way you talk guapa
  3. lance2546

    Ruffa's Thread

    Sexy girl, I like her big butt
  4. lance2546

    Darly's porn debut

    Never met Darly and have no idea what she looks like in real life. But, for me, her pics are visual Viagra What a hottie!
  5. Pork noodle soup, 20 Baht a bowl in Chiang Mai...
  6. I used to think that a few scams occurred, but after extensively reading the forum, I've been informed that, no it didn't happen, there are two sides to every story and most of the time ex boy friends are stirring the shit to falsely accuse a former GF. But I DO believe every story about farangs stealing cell phones, not paying the girls and accusing girls wrongly
  7. I really don't believe the claims that some members have been scammed or been cheated by a girl in Thailand. Too easy for an ex boyfriend to make false allegations
  8. lance2546

    ladyboy stole in my room

    Bad luck to op. Best to take your pants (with money) in to the toilet
  9. lance2546

    Taxi turmoil on the 19th April(Songkran)

    Some guys love Songkran, to each his own I guess. Its really best not to travel during the first and last days of Songkran because the roads are super busy. You might try the Bell Bus service from the airport or leave on the Roong (something) bus from Ekamai to Pattaya
  10. lance2546

    Air Malaysia - Missing Plane

    Yep, CYA, (Cover Your Ass) saving face. I can see how it can happen- a young alert traffic controller sees some thing and remarks to a co-worker "Hey check this out." The co-worker is senior and says, ahh, its nothing I've seen this before, never any thing important. The more time passes, the more difficult it is to come forward, the greater loss of face. So a massive international search goes forward -in the wrong areas- while the trail grows colder. Welcome to Asia
  11. lance2546

    Air Malaysia - Missing Plane

    Uhhh, OK. Scrambles jet to see why the plane is unidentified and in a countries air space. That would have saved a massive international search and most likely have forced the plane to land, or at the very least to have first hand knowledge where it went. War does not have to be declared to intercept unidentified air planes entering a countries air space. Incompetence, simple as that...
  12. lance2546

    Air Malaysia - Missing Plane

    According to Time Magazine the Malaysian military spotted the plane over its airspace after the flight diverted from its original flight plan. Jets could have been scrambled to intercept- but, of course they weren't. (For some reason I can not copy and paste the link. Just google Malaysian Military did not scramble jets) The Malaysians knew this pretty much as soon as it happened; however, taking initiative and being forth coming are not exactly Asian traits are they?
  13. lance2546

    Bell Bus AIrport BKK to Pataya

    There are two Bell bus routes: 1 From Swampy to Pattaya Bus Station (North Pattaya) 2 From Swampy to Jomtien The first bus trip ends at Pattaya bus station, then passengers transfer to a mini van to be dropped at their hotels. Transfer service is included in bus ticket price, 250 baht last time I rode it, but that was two years ago. The second bus will stop near Naklua, North Pattaya and Pattaya Klang. After that, I'm not sure of the stops, I've always gotten off at Pattaya Klang. I rode it last May and it was 184 baht. I don't think that includes transfer service to your hotel. You can also spend a night or two in BKK, then take the bus from Ekamai to Pattaya bus station ** The bus in the video might be a different company? The 134 baht price is about the same price as the bus from Ekamai. Why pay more?
  14. lance2546

    Delta Miles - Are you sure?

    Check out the blog at milevalue.com This guys travels the world -for free- mostly in First and Business class. Basically he opens credit card accounts that offer 30 to 50k sign up miles, spends the minimum required, then flys free More than one way to skin a cat