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  1. markm

    Miss International 2019

    thanks for posting larry
  2. markm

    Cheapest Flight (just for fun)

    if i was in heathrow i wouldnt want a return ticket
  3. markm

    30 day visa extension

    there are a few cases in the phuket immigration office who are also making the rules up as they go. more delaying of saying you dont have the right information when you clearly do , then say its at there discretion.
  4. markm

    30 day visa extension

    sounds crazy to me, can you imagine every tourist in Thailand converging on immigration 3 days after entering the country .
  5. markm

    Dental Implants ?

    careful talking up the virtues if national medicine the extreme right will shoot you down as a commie. we all know national medicine is the devils play thing . better to die free than contribute a small portion of your taxes to a better heath system for all.
  6. markm

    Dental Implants ?

    i dont know about that my mate and i pulled 2 indo girls around 28 we r 60 so yeah it can happen
  7. markm

    Dental Implants ?

    oh if you need to do a visa run bali has a great dentist and its just over half the price of thailand
  8. markm

    Dental Implants ?

    i go to the dental hospital in bkk. its pretty much the same price. i know this wont help you but its now cheaper in Australia not by much but still cheaper
  9. markm

    Flu or flu like

    Tit 555555 they are afraid of rain . Get sick na
  10. markm

    Light beer

    drink thai style. a mug full of ice and add beer. or have a shandy . ?
  11. markm

    Bag ransacking exposed

    i had the same thing happen from jfk to Chicago then 2 weeks later o,hare to la. and on 3 different trips to the us a smashed bag and it takes a bit to crack an american touristor , never had a broken bag outside the us.
  12. markm

    Bag ransacking exposed

    it makes me laugh you are responsible for whats in your bag, but they have access to it before you get it of the conveyor . how many have been done like that. i remember the king power scam with the authority's involved .and i used to laugh at the plastic wrappers on the cases .
  13. markm

    Bag ransacking exposed

    i never put anything valuable in there. but i am more concerned about something being planted
  14. markm

    Hainan Airlines

    i like the back as well, a better chance to get a spare seat, especially if there is some one on one end i get the other aisle seat and nearly always its free.
  15. Thanks will have to try it out. Always very disappointed in Indian in patts