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  1. aussiemale

    Thai sentenced to 9 years for murder..

  2. Ok so in the immediate area we have a number of guesthouses a number of cool places to eat eg Hideaway rib shack and baku, and a couple of LB bars, Surprise and BB...now that's what I call a package deal.
  3. Oh I'm liking this, something to look forward too on up coming trip.
  4. Thought this was a a thread about thai workers, ends up being about aussies ?
  5. aussiemale

    Heart Probs.

    Might think twice about a massage next time https://news.lovepattayathailand.com/national/customer-dies-during-thai-massage/?fbclid=IwAR0B589RYwe3Ow9HpXPXzdgwo4LI8d7xlGN6GGioFtJ0ZiEWXXwZIcMliIE
  6. aussiemale

    Favourite food places

    This came along on my FB looks healthy https://www.facebook.com/easyhealththailand/videos/242892072931896/?__tn__=kCH-R&eid=ARDMx29o3ajFMyuAdGUGBuMO0nyHov5G6G2lP9z0V36yCj1Yk7V9y6nsEAZcUpWPHuh4GCWkWwmpaY7k&hc_ref=ARRz6hDeykPv7yaYkOzCeGDGLyznpT9e53RK1Epbl8mTeofvSDV67uzIgTdDyLaARCg&fref=tag&__xts__[0]=68.ARA4ArCoxH-hDbVYqzV4zPaP4ziyfqZIemugvpKen47nJ9KvS6Mjz5Bpmmgr5KcN5X03tilwNsPaTOECLvdpCzByrQE4mISEdxKFdFHJJkUna-PZPrt-5AJYoCkO9kKTjIu_cy376F28dhkXC9nwwybxJkip2RU3HYRqy6wQZjiASrg0ck4D70TRwTws2405uwk8B9McuoJQiAKZlfSTVfhkzYJdXwWDtM_4Lno
  7. Didn't know where to post this sop I tried here if it's in the wrong spot, mods feel free to move it, but looks like Chinese tourism is on the down turn https://news.lovepattayathailand.com/international/punched-in-the-face-plunge-in-chinese-tourists-rattles-thailand/
  8. aussiemale


    Thnx for pointing that out, we will all sleep better knowing that Pedro is Peter in Spanish...and of course being Spanish he will certainly only hang out at tapas bars or perhaps even flamenco halls....you never give up do you mate ?
  9. aussiemale


    Yes she's quite a stunner isn't she mate...told me all her surgery is free as the clinic wants her as the FACE of the business.
  10. aussiemale


    Hello mate, ye I have been to Jomtien quite a few times over the years, use to visit a mate who always stayed at Thani hotel in Soi 5 across the old Sally's bar, now road house. I was in Sally's bar one night drunk as a skunk when they were doing a documentary about local LBs for British television. I sat down for an interview and the bullshit just rolled out of my mouth, my mates were pissing themselves. And they saw the footage when they got back home...was a year or 2 before the Scott/Paeng/Sensations documentary. Anyway I don't mind Jomtien at all, and always make it a point to go there on each trip. On last trip was in Emmy's bar, there was this young stunning LB I think Cindy was her name she was on holidays from a plastic surgery clinic she worked at in Naklua. She was being pawed all over by this 70 something guy, quite sad really.
  11. aussiemale


    The streets of Jomtien are mean. ...Fenton why type something like this..... it's quiet enough as it is, you want to scare more people of for going there ?
  12. aussiemale


    Big or small, doesn't matter mate, should have done the right thing and paid...things like this gives us farangs a bad name. I was raised to be honorable it's instilled in Italians from a young age lol...this guy had no honor or respect.
  13. aussiemale


    Any luck in finding the prick yet ?
  14. aussiemale


    No matter how drunk I get and I do get very drunk a few bar owners can confirm this, I always pay my tab...or the bar owners send me of home with my bar fine and tell me to pay next day which I always do.
  15. aussiemale


    drinks should be paid as they are served.....or a certain amount of money, say for instance 500Bt is put in bar up front and when you hit the amount, you top up or leave and receive what is left over.