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  1. aussiemale


    Big or small, doesn't matter mate, should have done the right thing and paid...things like this gives us farangs a bad name. I was raised to be honorable it's instilled in Italians from a young age lol...this guy had no honor or respect.
  2. aussiemale


    Any luck in finding the prick yet ?
  3. aussiemale


    No matter how drunk I get and I do get very drunk a few bar owners can confirm this, I always pay my tab...or the bar owners send me of home with my bar fine and tell me to pay next day which I always do.
  4. aussiemale


    drinks should be paid as they are served.....or a certain amount of money, say for instance 500Bt is put in bar up front and when you hit the amount, you top up or leave and receive what is left over.
  5. This must hold the record as the longest title for a thread....ever on this forum
  6. aussiemale

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Look !!! it's Merv Hughes
  7. aussiemale

    Looking for a girlfriend - Jomtien

    Buy a dildo a lot cheaper
  8. aussiemale

    Cost of living in Thailand

    Downside is that that, that breakdown was taken in 2015 when BT was 31 to 1 AU, now it's hovering round 24, so the pension would no where be enough. It's about AU800 a fortnight 1600 a month 37,000 BT...big short fall.
  9. aussiemale

    Cost of living in Thailand

    Quite interesting https://lovepattayathailand.com/how-i-live-in-pattaya-on-฿65k/
  10. OK, that's a great little restaurant, I was taken there by a LB as well, and she acted like it as her first time there, later I found out she took many punters there to spring for her dinner...lol
  11. Would that be the huge garden restaurant almost across the road from Foodland ?
  12. aussiemale

    Patricia On Koh Chang

    Koh Chang, ,fast becoming Thailand's 3rd major tourist area destination, for some unknown reason.
  13. aussiemale

    Woon — Model-Quality Lb

    Model quality ?
  14. Same here mate seen her many a times in Pattaya, only wish she was bottom.
  15. Wow!!! nice tits and a nipple slip