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  1. aussiemale

    Flu or flu like

    Ye I've been doing that for the last 5 weeks, since I had a septoplasty, I'm still at the healing stage, but the flushing does make a difference and will continue doing it.
  2. aussiemale

    Pizza and Burgers

    Those burger prices are dearer than back home.
  3. aussiemale

    More5 Star hotels ?

  4. aussiemale

    Fuck Ann's Taxi Service

  5. aussiemale

    Fuck Ann's Taxi Service

    Yep always use Nam since Andy's recommendation, will be using her services again soon
  6. I'm hanging out to try one of these meals, gonna have one on the day that I get there, in just over 3 months...long bloody wait.
  7. Between eating Thai food and Indian food, your arse would explode wouldn't it, with both being highly spicy ?
  8. aussiemale

    How do you guys stay healthy in Pattaya?

    You really think so ? 7 guys a day ? so you think they making between 50,000 to 100,000 bt a week depending if it's LT or ST or up to 400,000 a month...I'm gonna go and get a sex change change my name to Lirapohn and go to Pattaya.
  9. aussiemale

    Friendly hotel

    baku, baby boom, hideaway, bay view hotel, sutus court, may others mate, many are LB friendly
  10. aussiemale

    Thai sentenced to 9 years for murder..

  11. Ok so in the immediate area we have a number of guesthouses a number of cool places to eat eg Hideaway rib shack and baku, and a couple of LB bars, Surprise and BB...now that's what I call a package deal.
  12. Oh I'm liking this, something to look forward too on up coming trip.
  13. Thought this was a a thread about thai workers, ends up being about aussies ?
  14. aussiemale

    Heart Probs.

    Might think twice about a massage next time https://news.lovepattayathailand.com/national/customer-dies-during-thai-massage/?fbclid=IwAR0B589RYwe3Ow9HpXPXzdgwo4LI8d7xlGN6GGioFtJ0ZiEWXXwZIcMliIE