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  1. SecondChance@Life

    LK Royal Suites

    . Just checking...are you sure $40 for the 80sqm 1 br suite? I have seen rooms for $32 but not the suites. They are truly great for someone who wants a real 1 br apartment with a full kitchen if you can get it on the cheap. FWIW, there should be another thread for this and I already commented. I like the location, the pool area is fairly private and there is a fully covered area where you don't have to be in the sun or you are sheltered from the rain if you still want to be outside. The baht buses start here on soi buhakao, there is an exchange place right out front with decent rates and a good laundromat 5 doors down. I don't understand why the breakfast buffet doesn't get more accolades. It's not cheap (about 200 baht) compared to many other 90-100 baht full englishes elsewhere. However, it's an intercontinental brunch style. Has all of the normal breakfast goodies and pasties and if you don't want that - you can get many other foods including pasta, curry, Chinese, pad Thai, etc. if you are one to skip meals becuase you are out having fun all day this is a good one for $6 Usd to have and many times you can get it included when you booked the room.
  2. SecondChance@Life

    Influenza - Fit to fly.

    Ask yourself - are there LB nurses where you live? You know where the medicine is.... Resume recovery
  3. SecondChance@Life

    This one is lazy and can cause problems..

    Hoo Boy! Yeah this one is Amy. I went with her in 2015 and she we nice as pie and if she likes you the BR experience is good! However, her crazy started to come out over the next two years. We weren't an item but it was constant LINE calls about needing money for home farm and opening a salon (which I was having none of). But recently I just think she has a mean streak. Called me out of the blue and found out I had been seeing a LB for two years and she started to cuss me out saying the money I give her "belongs to me". Recently I even heard one night a customer came and sat down at the house with her and after the customer left and tipped the bartender, Amy grabbed the tip and left 20baht in its place because "she felt entitled to it". But don't let one bad egg ruin a drink at the House. The girls there are nice. Just stay clear of her and resume Party!
  4. SecondChance@Life

    New STD around....be on the look-out

    The urbandictionary is your friend - though the words his and her are interchangeable for this forum. Take it away UD!
  5. SecondChance@Life

    Would you fly 11 or 12 hours "low cost" ?

    I just got a flight in Coach on Air China from Houston for $614. There are a few hoops I have to endure for this price. I wanted to see if it's saving roughly $500-600 than I normally pay for Korean Air would be worth the extra to Party. We shall see.. But I think it depends what you value. I can deal with coach and several legs of a flight but I prefer a bigger, nicer room and hotel with amenities whereas others prefer to save on the that or drinking or food quality. In the end, just budget, get your ass to LOS and Resume Party!
  6. SecondChance@Life

    Don't be on an Overbooked United Flight

    He'll be a rich 69 so I really don't have sympathy because he will still be a whimpering bitch.
  7. SecondChance@Life

    Don't be on an Overbooked United Flight

    The passenger is a real duchebag. Screaming like a newbie bitch taking a 10inch c*ck for the first time. That said, even IF UA can take him off the plane in the bylaws, dude got hurt and the video didn't make the airline look good at all. People get bumped all the time. Their issue was if they couldn't get that crew to that city in time then they would have to cancel that flight. It's gonna costs them a lot when if they had only upped the offer from $800 and a hotel to something bigger that would have been better than cancelling 150 paying customers on that other flight. So let's recap: They could have offered: $1600+ plus hotel for four people But instead: -lose $1billion in stock price -gonna lose several million on a surefire lawsuit I just wish it wasn't going to that punk screaming idiot.
  8. SecondChance@Life

    Flights to US Electronics Ban - 9 Airlines

    I think it's cya mostly. I'm personally not afraid to travel or anything like that but I think until they have vetted the issue better the intelligence communities world wide would rather keep it quiet until they gather more intel and maybe even their own ballistics testing. As for the checked versus carry on laptop, my only question is how reliable is the "bomb detecting" technology at the designated airports? Have you seen some of the people world wide (and most American airports) running the show for security? Half the time I'm able to sneak through a bottle of water I forgot about on the connecting flight so I don't have much faith with TSA and their ilk. Also, checked or not, if you have the technology to turn on your laptop remotely using a cell phone you turn on while on flight any short range signal can blow out the explosive in the hull. Just food for thought.
  9. SecondChance@Life

    Flights to US Electronics Ban - 9 Airlines

    Interesting I read an article at CNN that the FBI is saying that Laptop bombs are basically hard to detect (the lithium battery vs an explosive). This is going to suck because as much as I don't want to be blown away at 39000 ft by some cargo bomb, how are you going to test whether or not a laptop battery is real? Slow down security and force the booting of each computer device (if you allow carry one). I'm really on the fence here - I don't know how you solve the problem. The loaner program spoken about is really narrow appeal (either those who want to surf during the flight or private business people). Any corporate employee dollar to donuts has a corporate code of conduct prohibiting such use.
  10. SecondChance@Life

    New baht bus routes

    Uh..... Is it April fools day?
  11. SecondChance@Life

    Hotel Icon Bangkok

    Just wanted to bump the thread. Stayed here one night in a basic deluxe room. I found the hotel itself very modern and the basic room was well outfitted and bigger than your usual room at a small boutique hotel. I did not do breakfast but made a visit to the rooftop pool. Was a very good option considering the opulence and only paying $36usd for a basic deluxe. Very quiet soi and no loitering people. Only thing I noticed was I used to stay on soi 2 regularly and cut through the raja parking lot over to soi 4. It looks like with the new construction that it has been blocked off now so just take the tuktuk up to the top of the soi and walk down to soi 4. Would definitely recommend if you want a quality room in that area but don't want to pay higher prices like at JW Majestic Grand or Landmark but don't want to slum it an I-check in or another bargain hotel.
  12. SecondChance@Life

    Visa and Bank Transfer Questions

    So not to theeadf*** but... On my next visit I will need to do Business in another country for a few days. I would like to look at returning to Bkk as the round trip tkt is cheaper than a multi-site tkt. My entire time in Asia will be no more than 20 days. Just want to check that if I skip out after a week then return will I have issues regaining entry?
  13. SecondChance@Life

    Airb&b pattaya and Bkk?

    . I will second Aspen suites. Asked Kendo if they were Lb friendly and he said yes. Stayed in a 1br with kitchen living room for about 1500 baht/night . Never tried two or more guest but did bring back 2 girls each night (one st one lt) no problem. Really allows you to stretch out and feel like you have a pad away from home as opposed to just a f*ck shack and a place for your crap.
  14. SecondChance@Life

    Other effects of the lowest of lowest Low Season ...

    Well hell - the tumbleweed can only mean one thing - the Cowboys are a comin' for a showdown at high noon! Resume Party in Pattaya very soon
  15. SecondChance@Life

    someone stole my wallet farang scammer

    This is one of the oldest scams. I do twenty questions like I was a Dutch immigration customs officer (eventually if they are lying the lie becomes unravelled once you hit them constantly with questions -where you from what address when did you arrive in BkK take me to you friend what's his name etc). Many times after the first ten they get pissed and give up. In the US its either a man or woman saying their car is broke down a couple blocks from here and the other parent is watching the kids and they need either food gas or both. Nowadays they will actually produce a family whereas before its just a lie. If their story checks out after 20 questions I give tbh. Mercy shown mercy given that kind of thing. But i think for some people they have just gone to begging. Twice at the big gas station I fill up with I've seen the same lady ask for gas money. She drives and old big truck but she doesn't give a story I think she just thinks if she asks enough people that one will fill up her tank and she acts like she has other s*** to do. No shame, no story. Society devolving here anyway.... Sorry for the threadf**k. Ultimately if you want to give 100 baht to help them do it out of kindness or don't. Not up to you to confirm. Karma is a bitch is he's lying.