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  1. snapper

    Flight tickets for sale

    I tried in the past to change a name on a ticket, this is what I found out Emirates do not allow name changes http://www.emirates.com/english/help/faqdetails.aspx?faqId=664147 any error in name or spelling of the name will mean that the ticket will have to be cancelled (with the applicable cancellation charges) and a new one purchased in the correct name, subject to current fares and availability of flights. name changes is something that tends to be offered only by low cost carriers such as Easyjet, Ryanair etc no name changes on Emirates does not change since you booked through an agent, same response if you had booked direct with Emirates
  2. snapper

    Line ID

    https://help.line.me/line/ To continue using your existing LINE account after changing to a new device, you need to have either registered an email address or linked it with a Facebook account on your previous device.
  3. snapper

    New HIV Cure

    http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/healthy-living/wellbeing/news/a27723/hiv-virus-free-research-breakthrough/ The new vaccine-based treatment combines two pre-existing HIV vaccines with a drug usually used to treat cancer called romidespin, which has the potential to flush HIV 'out of hiding' within the body. Trials were developed and conducted over a period of three years, and results now show the virus to be undetectable in five out of 24 participants. Usually, people with HIV need to take antiretroviral drugs (ART) each day to stop the virus from replicating and causing damage to their immune system. Ordinarily, if ART is stopped, the HIV virus quickly re-emerges. However, of the five 'successful' participants, one person has been off ART for seven months and the other four have been free of any detectable form of the virus for six, 14, 19 and 21 weeks respectively. The research scientists will now follow each participant to see how long this trend continues.
  4. When fenton.com check their Google Analytics they will be wondering why they are getting so many referrals from Ladyboy site lol
  5. snapper


    No more Netflix Netflix to clamp down on proxy and VPN accesshttp://www.androidauthority.com/netflix-to-block-proxy-access-667788/
  6. snapper

    can expedia be trusted for booking flight?

    "Expedia was started by Microsoft and later spun off as a multi-billion dollar company"
  7. I departed from BKK last month on Thai Airways Business Class. I went from kerbside to lounge in 2mins 20 secs. They took my luggage as I got out of cab walked 50 yards to check in desk. Then 100 yards to priority immigration desk then 50 yards to lounge. That's the quickest I've been through any airport. Still had to do hand luggage security at the gate but that was quick too. Normally do Virgin drive thru to lounge at Heathrow in about 6 mins which includes security and a walk through duty free to lounge when flying to Hong Kong.
  8. snapper

    Holiday Inn Pattaya

    Booked into the new Holiday Inn on Beach Road next to Amari. Impressive 375 room hotel with good size rooms. Got a rate of 1999 baht plus taxes. Now the downside. First 2 nights I took back LB's no problem , 3rd night they asked for 2000 baht joiner fee. Negotiated it down to 1000. Had a word with the manager the next morning as got nowhere. It;s the hotel policy for the safety of the guests, was his reasoning. They had only been open a week so I guess they thought, here's another way of making money. Just checked out and moved to Vista on Soi 4, recommended by Mardhi. No joiner fee. The other bummer with the Holiday Inn was 650 baht a day internet. So strike this one off your list
  9. snapper

    Hotels In Or Very Near Walking Street

    is the Nova Platinum new, have not seen it before , Does anyone know how guest friendly it is, is there a joiner fee and an you take more than one girl back Cheers