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  1. ladypat65

    Booking internal flight

    You can book air asia flights at 7 11's i believe as well. You must do so so many days before you fly.
  2. ladypat65

    Booking internal flight

    Fly air asia or nok air and you will need to book 2 separate tickets. Easy and cheap online.
  3. ladypat65

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    No doubt a similar fate awaits any forum members who anger you. Your very beautiful by the way.
  4. ladypat65

    Transgender Superheroes (organizations)

  5. ladypat65

    Zaza massage shop, Soi Chayapoom

    By the looks of it a couple of pretty femboys, will pay a visit next time in Pattaya.
  6. ladypat65

    Ladyboys To Avoid

    Thought Poy was one of the most gentle ladyboys you could meet.
  7. ladypat65

    bali or hong kong or manila

    I have been to Bali and Hong Kong. Both are stunning places to visit. Hong Kong is very expensive but at the right time of year is beautiful. You will find ladyboys at night in Seminyak in Bali. I meet a filipino there in a gay/cross dresser cabaret type bar. I have never been to Manila, nor do i have desire to go, but you will certainly find what you want there. Bali can be made an inexpensive holiday via air asia. You will need to get a guide to show you about, well worth the money and you will not regret it.
  8. ladypat65

    suvarnabhumi airport

    Your post makes no sense. Read it yourself. If you are flying out at 3.30am in the morning, then traffic should not be an issue. 40 minutes from Bangkok and 1hr 30 mins from Pattaya. If your flying out at 3.30pm then i would leave an hour from Bangkok and 2 hours from Pattaya. Both times avoid early morning and evening rush hours. However traffic can be bad anytime. Haven't a clue what bfs is.
  9. ladypat65

    British Airways V Thai Airways..

    Just returned from Pattaya and BA did not let me down. 6 hour delay this time and a night spent sitting in terminal 5 before flight back to Ireland. Flight was due to leave at 11.30 am and went to airport early only to be meet with a delayed notice. Headed back to Bangkok instead of sitting around airport. To be fair BA had onward ticket arranged and do offer a hotel in London but by the time you get there your nearly ready to head back again. They are a complete shambles but at the minute fares are cheap.
  10. ladypat65

    Is It Worth The Moneyß

    Will be in Bangkok for xmas and hua hin for new year.
  11. ladypat65

    Is It Worth The Moneyß

    December i think is the best time to visit. Best weather and Bangkok is in full holiday retail mode. Good atmosphere around the place and means i don't have to be in cold blighty watching old tv reruns. Also depends on how much family you have left etc. If i could only visit Thailand once a year it would be December and the new year.
  12. ladypat65

    Thai Airways Cancelled Flights May June

    I take it all back, BA are wonderful.
  13. ladypat65

    British Airways V Thai Airways..

    In no particular order - Brakes not working before lift off then couldn't get plane to separate from push off truck from stand at heathrow. 2 missed connections to Ireland on return flight resulting in overnight stays in hotels near heathrow. December return journey delayed by 16 hours had to bus us back into Bangkok to hotel.
  14. ladypat65

    Cost of living in Thailand

    Really. Time in the market not timing the market. Nick Train begs to differ. I have a feeling he might be right. http://www.moneyobserver.com/our-analysis/nick-train-bull-market-here-to-stay