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  1. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Best Indian restaurant in pattaya

    Why can you not get a decent Glasgow-sized nan bread here... instead of those sliced-up pieces of lino they serve here? This is what a nan bread should look like.. something fluffy and bubbly that you can tear apart for yourself!
  2. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Pattaya Beer Garden

    On the main sign it used to say "single ladies welcome". Has that changed now? They had a useful traffic light system of beer mats...turn up the green side if you were open to be approached, turn over the red side if you were happy alone!
  3. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Cheapest Flight (just for fun)

    Just play with Skyscanner...put in various dates and options. It will keep an idiot occupied for hours!
  4. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Heart Probs.

    The very thought of a Thai massage gives me palpitations!
  5. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Heart Probs.

    My dad dropped dead with a heart attack on the shop floor aged 45, and I had a 3cm drug-eluting platinum coronary stent put in 3 years ago after some angina (fantastic technology, by the way!). Now take my daily aspirin and simvastatin and try to walk about 5kms a day. I get an annual check-up with my Consultant on the wonderful NHS including a thorough tread mill cardiograph. Apart from that life goes on normally just as before....and I never give it a second thought. Just live life to the full....eat, drink and be merry ... Qué sera, sera!
  6. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Best Fish & Chips

    Useful information on the Yorkshire Fish`n` Chip shop ( even though I had to endure those two imbecilic bozos for a few minutes). I will definitely try it out next week when I am in town. I used to swear by the Jolly Friar for my fish and chips in Pattaya,,,but when I went there last month, it had gone severely down hill. Looks like new management with new staff. I will not be back there! Horrible now. (By the way....why can no Pattaya vloggers pronounce `Pattaya` correctly?.....makes my blood boil...…..Bastards!!)
  7. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Bareback porn

    Truvada can have an adverse effect on your kidneys and bone density. A newer pill called `Descovy` (look it up) contains exactly the same combination of active ingredients, but has a different binding agent (a salt) which is much less harmful to the kidneys and bones. As yet, Descovy is not yet officially approved as PrEP.… but it is only a matter of time, I think https://www.healio.com/infectious-disease/hiv-aids/news/print/infectious-disease-news/{fb0f41d8-02f4-4b35-b078-80975cac3eb9}/not-using-descovy-for-hiv-prep-defies-logic
  8. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Viagra damages your eyes

  9. Zoonie the Lazoon

    iPhone XS & XS Max (and new iWatch) coming soon

    The new Oppo Find X comes in at cool 30,000 baht !
  10. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Ladyboys To Avoid

    Never heard the expression before either...had to look it up....also some amusing synonyms.
  11. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Favourite place to rent a bike

    Of course they want a deposit....they not trust you just like you not trust them... deposit against damage
  12. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Possible Hiv ?

    Not in any precautionary sense!.. after the deed syphilis and chlamydia should be easy enough. New super gono....??? fuck knows! Just don`t take the risk......and those could be the least of your problems!
  13. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Teerak, Police Catch Me Drink Driving, Send Money!

    It's not the old 'diluted coke in a knotted condom stuffed down your underpants' trick is it?
  14. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Teerak, Police Catch Me Drink Driving, Send Money!

    What a tease, Scott! With any luck, I`ll catch up with in a couple of weeks to get your secret!