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  1. Zoonie the Lazoon

    iPhone XS & XS Max (and new iWatch) coming soon

    The new Oppo Find X comes in at cool 30,000 baht !
  2. Zoonie the Lazoon

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    ...that's ok! But God forbid if anyone from Jomtien ever set foot in here!
  3. Zoonie the Lazoon

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    So let me get this straight... this thread is Nok's personal area in which legitimate criticism, banter, and humorous asides are deemed (by her protectors) to be inadmissable and deleted without explanation? Let me remind you that this thread is a BM thread, potentially accessible by anyone in the world (apart from Cherjam and Lefty Righty!) . The thread belongs to the LBP community...not the OP....or has Trumpworld arrived already? The same applies to Cristianxxx thread....unless they are paying for the privilege to advertise in Classifieds, they are just another OP, and should expect to take the rough with the smooth.
  4. Zoonie the Lazoon

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    ....because, we are not 'bantering' with Nok herself..but with the other punters on this thread that enjoy the absurdity of it all. The (now hoovered) contribution I made along the lines that soon the only people that Nok will entertain will be from 'The Republic of the Marshall Islands' was hardly malicious..but aligning with the dismissive attitude Nok displayed to Germans, Americans and people from Jomtien! Also it was a crack not intended to be understood by Nok herself, but by other BMs who appreciated the hole that Nok was digging for herself. Lighten up, mods FFS!.. unless of course, you are on a promise in lieu of your protection money? (Joke!)
  5. Zoonie the Lazoon

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    Looks like any innocuous banter or jolly japes on this ( or theChristianxxx) thread will be hoovered faster than a speck of dust up a Dyson! Bizarre! The mod's must be on a promise! You couldn't make it up!
  6. Zoonie the Lazoon

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    So, if you are a stupid German staying in Jomtien, then you are totally fucked (or not , as the case may be!)
  7. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Ladyboys To Avoid

    Never heard the expression before either...had to look it up....also some amusing synonyms.
  8. Zoonie the Lazoon

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    Wot u do wong?
  9. Zoonie the Lazoon

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    No....but my Dad flew over it during the War!
  10. Zoonie the Lazoon

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    Ich liebe dich, mein schatz!! xxxxx
  11. Zoonie the Lazoon

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    Succinct and straight to the point! Well done!
  12. Zoonie the Lazoon

    My new CD, sissy, femboi site - Becoming Femme

    Correction....only one BM has taken a poke at them! And only one ever would...that is the whole point of the humorous derision. There are limits below which some of us would not sink!
  13. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Favourite place to rent a bike

    Of course they want a deposit....they not trust you just like you not trust them... deposit against damage
  14. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Bb Massage, Soi Buakhao

    Colywob and Manpower..the best double act since Abbot and Costello! More promotion of this skankie little place than Petsie does for New Bar! Own up, guys... what's the connection or pay-off?
  15. Zoonie the Lazoon

    Possible Hiv ?

    Not in any precautionary sense!.. after the deed syphilis and chlamydia should be easy enough. New super gono....??? fuck knows! Just don`t take the risk......and those could be the least of your problems!