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  1. LordJim

    My new CD, sissy, femboi site - Becoming Femme

    @ausmagoo Wondering whether advertising in callsified is free / gratis or is there a cost ?
  2. LordJim

    My new CD, sissy, femboi site - Becoming Femme

    For the Record I made a point of being polite , unlike Christian . I was also objective in that I am curious to know if anyone from the Forum has joined the site . Seems not ? I also clearly and politely stated why in my opinion this Thread doesnt belong on this Forum , and why Imyself and others are discomforted by the implications it makes ........however I also accept that I can simply ignore it But I really dont see why my questions were considered inflamatory nor why they were deleted , rather than dealt with politely by the OP and his supporters , like Jaguar whose remarks all make good sense As Jimmy states above , in all other threads we are allowed / encouraged to debate the meritts and content of a thread Finally I have an interest in a Free Range Pork producing operation here in E Yorkshire and would like to know if I may advertise our products on the Forum , We have many rare breeds all running free range and living organically . I can provide photos of the full process from birth to juicy chops . I am also considering starting an "Adopt a Porker " club whereby fpr 28bucks a month members can be connected online with their chosen pig , watch her grow and one day eat her Do I get a +1 Seriously Christian and Mods ...what's wrong with a bit of banter ? Christian need to grow a pair (whoops , forgot he has a fine pair already ....)
  3. Appreciate your intervention Ben.

    Hard is a particular sore point with me

  4. LordJim


    I came across this thread today and am delighted to report that all Gallstone symptoms have gone . My GP prescribed some pills that reduce the Uretic (sic ) acid and I am supposed to continue with them but gave them up after a few days as they made me a bit queasy . I moderated my diet , drank more water , drank less wine and reduced the richer foods ....cheese and red meats and all good now .
  5. She felt that we had let her down badly I am afraid !
  6. Guys ...FYI : the OP has left the room , and is no longer participating in this thread Well at least thats what she told me in PM
  7. LordJim

    Emirates fake oasis

    Dubai doesn't prohibit alchohol at all ....but they don't tollerate drunken behaviour
  8. Good Chap, I say, I say  a LB safari would be quite a good show. 

    I,  Lord Huntley the Hunter the III rd, would love to join come September when

    I shall be on a month long visit.


    please keep me in mind, old chap


    L.H.H.  III rd

  9. LordJim

    My new CD, sissy, femboi site - Becoming Femme

    Chris ...seriously ...why dont you go to Colombia and fuck some girls that we would love to see and actually make us jealous ? Beacuse there is a saying in life ..."Even though you have given , in your mind ,your best performance , when the audience respond with a slow handclap rather than rapturous applause , then its time to review your game "
  10. LordJim

    My new CD, sissy, femboi site - Becoming Femme

    By the way ....thats what a pornstar cocksucker is supposed to look like ! Or Like this !!!!
  11. LordJim

    My new CD, sissy, femboi site - Becoming Femme

    Dude ...if I am gonna fuck a bald gay guy he is going to look like this one (first photo) Cannt you get this one back (second photo ) (Guess you couldnt be with someone like this any more as these days you like to be the most feminine looking guy in the room )
  12. LordJim

    bali or hong kong or manila

    Your presence on this Forum would indicate an interest in the 3rd Sexx ...right ? In which case MANILA is the best choice .....Bali is full of young Aussie tourists and HK is f expensive and rather sterile Manila is excellent Pattaya and bangkok are as good if not better
  13. LordJim

    Another scam

    My Macbook froze recently and it eventually directed me to a website that I understood was owned and operated by Apple After a few minutes the helpful (Indian ) lady had managed to be in control of my laptop .....(yes I am indiot ) but I have secure banking so not sure what benefit she could have . In any event she tried to sell me a subscription to clean my laptop , I immediately regained control and declined She wouldnt confirm nor deny is she worked fpr Apple so guess she didnt . She also made a huge issue about who else used this laptop etc and who else would be visiting porn sites . I told her that it was my personal laptop and that the perfecly legal and wholeseom porn was all mine and I didnt give a shit who knew about it .
  14. LordJim

    Bangkok Flight Services

    Agree w Soidog ...I have never taken more than 10/15 mins to get through immigration and its often much less . Have noticed lately more planes are disemabrking into buses rather than via the bridge links . I initially thought this was a ball ache but the good news is that the buses unload very close to the immigration gate so a very short walk . Unlike Heathrow , where one has to do a half marathon from landing to Immigration ....is the airport badly designed or just so big ?