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  1. So you asked a question ....and then you answered it , + They are rude ignorant arrogant ugly pale skinned fuckers ...they walk down the middle of my road 6 abreast and expect me to avoid them when I am driving a car or a bike ( so far I have clipped two this week ) . They don't understand the concept of queing , or rather they do understand it but prefer not to comply . Its fair to say that I fucking loathe them
  2. Shit if all it takes to reduce the Chinese invasion is to punch one of the rude fuckers , we should all undertake to Smack a Goblin Day !
  3. LordJim

    Turkish Airlines?

    I would imagine cost of living would be similar to Thailand ...and Common Market entry (still ) Also much closer / cheaper flights to UK But the sexlife / bar scene / GGs and Trans ??
  4. LordJim

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    Dude must be even uglier than me !!!!
  5. LordJim

    new site TSPOV - all bareback with handjobs & blowjobs

    Bloody hell Chris ...I WOULD give the one on the left one !!! Well done mate
  6. LordJim


    Yup ....I heard that Soi 6 was having a Measles Epidemic !!!
  7. LordJim

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    Actually really hot !!! Our Arabian brethren will be heading to The kNOKing sHop
  8. I wonder if you are right A.Ron ....I phones do seem to self destruct after two years and the batteries and memory are shite . But for me ...I guess I pay for the familiarity and compatibility ...basically too lazy to do the change over A friend actually gave me a brand new Galaxy 9 recently , and my old I6 is on its last legs but I have been deferring the change over as I just know how frustrating that process will be . Guess they are focussing on that market , the corporate market where its all paid by the firm and the geeks and trendies who "must have it" ...whatever it is ...its working for Apple Shareholders .
  9. LordJim

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    So Aussies are ON THE LIST !!!
  10. LordJim

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    I think every newbie should have a LTwith Nok as a Rights of Passage experience . It would be a total wle (wife like experience ) ...nag nag nag nag , have you washed the car , close your zip , close the curtains , take out the trash , stop lying , I hate this house , I hate the kids etc etc After 24 hours with her, noone would ever marry again !
  11. LordJim

    Ladyboys To Avoid

    " the balloon knot was boogered up beyond belief " Not sure what it means ...but seems to me that throwing a girl out for not having a pretty starfish ( anus ) is being rather harsh ?
  12. Nok should read this thread and learn her trade properly
  13. LordJim

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    I wil pay her tickets anywhere , so long as her destination has no wifi .
  14. LordJim

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    Good Luck ....we will miss you ! Go soon ? Need any help to pack , fares , tickets etc ?
  15. LordJim

    My new CD, sissy, femboi site - Becoming Femme

    Just asking