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  1. Get to fuck Lord Jim your whiskey days are over. Why u not a mod yet hahahaha

    p/s Jim King of Bells mixed with other concoctional shit

  2. LordJim

    The Tavern Soi 4

    Missed out the Irish ...lol
  3. LordJim

    The Tavern Soi 4

    Small bar started by an American called Scott about 15 years ago ..Nice guy but the lifestyle got to him and he passed away abt two years ago . Bar remained the same (wife I think ) ...they have excellent chargrilled burgers Also Chequers abt 50m towards Nana on same side does an excellent Full English , c/w newspapers (btw 400b for a breakfast in Thailand doesn't seem cheap to me )
  4. LordJim

    Bangkok Visa Agency

    I would really doubt that any agency "oils the wheels " at the Visa Centre in Bkk ..but they do get your ducks in line and they ensure that you have ticked all the boxes correctly and dealt with the typical issues that arise . Its basically all about reassuring them that she is a genuine visitor rather than coming over to be a whore or an overstayer for any reason Its been discussed extensively in the past on here so maybe check past content I cant recommend an agency but have completed 4 successful applications for my GF ...after two initial fails .
  5. LordJim

    Credit card at hotel check-in

    I suspected that my card details had been harvested when I tried to buy a new laptop on line .I called the bank and discussed it as I was heading out to Pattaya the next day (from UK ) ..They have put a hold on the card for now rather than cancelling it . It worked at Thai Check in when they needed it to verify my e ticket , also if I do get in the shit I can call 24/7 card services and they can reinstate it immediately . When I get back to UK I shall cancel and reissue . Pain in The Ass as all the Netflix subscriptions etc have bounced , but better safe than have some Nigerian cunt using my money
  6. Great photos Antartico ....loving them 

    U really like the last one that you met at Terminal 21 ....any more details available or are you keeping her to yourself ( I think I would ...lol) 

    Hope we can have a beer one day


  7. So you asked a question ....and then you answered it , + They are rude ignorant arrogant ugly pale skinned fuckers ...they walk down the middle of my road 6 abreast and expect me to avoid them when I am driving a car or a bike ( so far I have clipped two this week ) . They don't understand the concept of queing , or rather they do understand it but prefer not to comply . Its fair to say that I fucking loathe them
  8. Shit if all it takes to reduce the Chinese invasion is to punch one of the rude fuckers , we should all undertake to Smack a Goblin Day !
  9. LordJim

    Turkish Airlines?

    I would imagine cost of living would be similar to Thailand ...and Common Market entry (still ) Also much closer / cheaper flights to UK But the sexlife / bar scene / GGs and Trans ??
  10. LordJim


    Yup ....I heard that Soi 6 was having a Measles Epidemic !!!
  11. I wonder if you are right A.Ron ....I phones do seem to self destruct after two years and the batteries and memory are shite . But for me ...I guess I pay for the familiarity and compatibility ...basically too lazy to do the change over A friend actually gave me a brand new Galaxy 9 recently , and my old I6 is on its last legs but I have been deferring the change over as I just know how frustrating that process will be . Guess they are focussing on that market , the corporate market where its all paid by the firm and the geeks and trendies who "must have it" ...whatever it is ...its working for Apple Shareholders .
  12. LordJim

    Ladyboys To Avoid

    " the balloon knot was boogered up beyond belief " Not sure what it means ...but seems to me that throwing a girl out for not having a pretty starfish ( anus ) is being rather harsh ?
  13. Appreciate it LJ

  14. LordJim


    I came across this thread today and am delighted to report that all Gallstone symptoms have gone . My GP prescribed some pills that reduce the Uretic (sic ) acid and I am supposed to continue with them but gave them up after a few days as they made me a bit queasy . I moderated my diet , drank more water , drank less wine and reduced the richer foods ....cheese and red meats and all good now .
  15. She felt that we had let her down badly I am afraid !