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  1. LordJim

    Flu or flu like

    Haha ...I hate packing unnecessary stuff , but then find I need one so yet another .........I tend to leave them allover the place . I believe I have it nailed now and have one in each place I stay .
  2. LordJim

    Flu or flu like

    https://www.ubuy.co.th/en/catalog/product/view/id/700806?gclid=CjwKCAiAqaTjBRAdEiwAOdx9xv5GrU0nnVPouw9yVGPMpIV3D36-ZBKcsjbta3nz1e5hnmUib3Z0DRoCTKkQAvD_BwE Not sure if that the correct link , that's the one I use ...bought them all over the world Its not expensive , but it is basically a 10 baht water bottle with an extra tube and the product is salt . When you push , I let it come out of opposing nostrils and also down my throat and out of my mouth ....its fucking amazing what comes out !!!
  3. LordJim

    Bus Ticket in advance possible ?

    The OP mentioned North Pattaya Bus Station ....but Thepraya is the South Terminal..... Na ? I have started using the Thapraya Bus , the one near FoodMart now and tbh its better than Taxis .... Fantastic , clean , reclining seats , good aircon and an efficient friendly service directly to Departures for 120B ...leaves every hour on the hour (currently ) ...sometimes add more buses on the half hour Its about 90 mins to 2 hrs to the airport ...depend traffic I live in Pratumnak so its 5 mins from my home I used it last time I flew out , and was so pleased that I used it on my return ...return was not quite so simple as the service seems to be busier on the way home and I had to wait nearly an hour for my seat, despite the fact buses were leaving every 20 mins .. I.nearly got on earlier but some guy had booked two seat for "privacy" and the twat asked me to leave They depart from a desk one floor down from arrivals , go down the escalator and turn hard left and walk to the end of that hall , near gate 7/8 ...there is a big PATTAYA sign visible from inside and outside ...its at the end of the lower hall , about 150 ft past the Yellow Taxi rank FYI ...there is an excellent Food Court adjacent to their desk so waiting half an hour or more is no hardship .....superb Noodle Bowl for 60B
  4. LordJim

    Flu or flu like

    I often get sinusitis without getting the flu ....I think its from zircon and plane travel , traffic pollution and other 2018 shit we put up with . I find the best treatment is a Saline Nasal Flush ....Its a soft plastic 500mm bottle with a small nozzle Fill it with warm water(pref pre boiled / sterile ) and a prepared salt sachet . This is then squirted up each nostril whilst inhaling . The water floods the sinus cavity and returns down the back of the throat , flushing out all the nasties and sterilising the area . A few days of this and everything settles down . It sounds like some barbaric torture , but does clear out all the snot / phlegm etc and lets you breathe easier . It's very satisfying , bit like an anal douche for the nose Bottles and sachets of saline are available in most pharmacies worldwide Note Do not try using household salt if you run out of saline , it stings and burns like hell and you will feel like some drug cartel have captured you and you will confess to anything !!
  5. LordJim

    Flu or flu like

    I came back from a week in the Philippines last year with the worst flu I have ever had ....it started on my last days in Manila and then a week in Thailand before I flew to UK . After a week in the UK in November I was feeling completely fucked , so on my sisters insistence ( an ex health worker ) I went to the local walk in GP Doctor in Central Hull where I was staying , some 20 miles away from my normal doctor in a village near my farm Its a f nightmare in the UK , to get service away from your home GP , you must call in after 8 am to make an appointment and once they are full they close the diary and then you start again next day ! They won't make appointments for anything past the present day I ended up presenting myself at their reception at 8a/m and was first in when the young doctor opened for business Well what an obnoxious twat he was !!!!!! He asked me how long I had been crook and I told him about two weeks ...he showed me his written guidelines not to consider antibiotics until patient had displayed symptoms for 21 days ...so that was a waste of effort . I recalculated it and stated actually it is three weeks now but he wouldn't be swayed Trying to mitigate my wasted time I asked him if he could give me a prescription for Statins which I had completely run out of that week ...again he refused . I have dual nationality and homes in both UK and NZ and have paid taxes both ends so am entitled to healthcare both ends ..This twat kept insisting I should seek treatment in NZ as they had issued my last batch ... ...He must've told me 6 times , you should get these drugs in NZ as they issued your last prescription ., or you can try your normal GP in the village To which I replied each time that I was feeing totally crap and was currently residing in the city, giving him my address , so didn't feel well enough to drive a 40 mile round trip nor could I realistically ask my NZ doctor to assist me . Still he refused Eventually in frustration I used the f word .......as in ....."Doctor I don't live in New Zealand now, as I have moved to fucking Hull , so I need a script here , so please can you help me ? " He immediately accused me of swearing AT him , which imo I did not do , I believe I swore at Hull ! Anyways he delighted in showing me the door ....he didn't look so smug when I politely asked him for a copy of his Practice Complains Procedure . In fairness he is probably working at the bottom of the food chain in Hull City Centre , but what a cunt ! Had to drive out to the village the next day ....where my usual Doctor sat me down , listened to my whinging for half an hour over a cup of tea , before giving me everything the young guy had refused ... I truly fear for the future of the UK National Health Service .....Aneurin Bevan must be spinning in his grave . @Bighorn & @Chicarito1974 I agree that I the UK seem to be tightening up on prescribing antidepressants which is a good thing . I will never forget the day , when in my 20s , I came back to one of my Uncles' farm in Wales after three days hiking in Snowdonia . My buddy and I had left our car there and free camped for three nights on the hills . When we arrived at the farm at dusk , wet cold and exhausted , my little Welsh auntie bustled around putting the kettle on to make us some tea . Knowing that they didn't really drink , I nervously asked if they had any whisky to put a shot in the tea . She looked aghast and remonstrated that they would't have spirits in the home and I should know better than to ask !. I had expected as much but was amazed when she then went on to offer me a handful of Valium saying " take a couple of these dear , they always make me feel much better !" Turns out that she and quite a few other women in the village were complete junkies as the local handsome doctor used to prescribe Valium for any condition they presented with Poor Auntie Gladys and a few others had hellish issues weaning themselves off them a couple of years later ......her sister ended up falling down a mine shaft , either accidentally off her head on Valium or deliberately whilst suffering withdrawal symptoms ...all very tragic . But no hard liquor in the home !!!
  6. LordJim

    Hard Rock Hotel

    Yes ....You can walk in from Beach Rd straight to the elevators without passing the Reception , but in any event they never asked me for IDs If you stay there try and get upgraded to the Club Floor ....fantastic tapas and drinks at 6pm every evening
  7. LordJim

    Normal Price Brekky

    I recall doing the Hilton Hotels Buffet Breakfast a few years ago with a gf ....It was excellent , great ambience and views Obviously it was expensive (cannt remember exactly ) but not a bank breaker Great for special occasions .....and open to hotel non - residents Just checked their website but cannot find prices / availability But they do so great brunch/lunch deals ....again special occasion treat for the GF / visitors / lunch w the boys etc https://www3.hilton.com/resources/media/hi/BKKHPHI/en_US/pdf/en_BKKHPHI_Edge_7_Days_7_Themes_Dec2018.pdf
  8. LordJim

    sore throat

    I developed a bad flu last trip here before Xmas ...terrible coughing and sore throat for about a month . I think aircraft passages are a hotbed of bugs UK doctor refused to prescribe antibiotics as they are trying to reduce their usage and prefer to let our bodies fight the bugs and grow resistance . It was really a shit time , and I felt totally exhausted I didn't have a throat infection though , so I think given the state of your throat and knowing where it's been recently , you would be wise to get some tests mate . In the short term , you can gargle with warm salty water and get some syrup/lozenges from the pharmacy which will give you some relief . Its really not best to self medicate with antibiotics from the pharmacy as you may just alleviate the symptoms whilst allowing the underlying infection to remain.
  9. LordJim

    The Tavern Soi 4 (BKK)

    Yes Jools it is .....Thanks I used to go in there a bit as the typically English pub food was very good .....it's changed hands a couple of times since those days ...around ten years ago
  10. LordJim

    The Tavern Soi 4 (BKK)

    Back in the day I would alternate between the Tavern ( An American bar with mostly USA customers ) and the very Pommy Pub on the opposite corner ...forgotten the name but it was owned by a hugely obese English guy who sat at the bar and ate /drank all day on an enormous specially made barstool .This pub obviously catered mainly for UK guys The contrast was simply amazing ...........in the in the USA Bar , customer would often catch your eye , smile and have a chat whilst in the Pommy bar , there was a clique of locals who shouted at each other across the bar and completely ignored any new customers ...it was incredibly unfriendly . Similarily Scot the American owner would get to know your name and introduce customers to each other .....unlike the UK guy who just chatted to his clique Never really understood that about English pubs .....if you're going to sit at a bar and drink alone , better / cheaper / comfier to stay at home Jim ( a mixed up Welsh/Kiwi )
  11. Get to fuck Lord Jim your whiskey days are over. Why u not a mod yet hahahaha

    p/s Jim King of Bells mixed with other concoctional shit

  12. LordJim

    The Tavern Soi 4 (BKK)

    Missed out the Irish ...lol
  13. LordJim

    The Tavern Soi 4 (BKK)

    Small bar started by an American called Scott about 15 years ago ..Nice guy but the lifestyle got to him and he passed away abt two years ago . Bar remained the same (wife I think ) ...they have excellent chargrilled burgers Also Chequers abt 50m towards Nana on same side does an excellent Full English , c/w newspapers (btw 400b for a breakfast in Thailand doesn't seem cheap to me )
  14. LordJim

    Bangkok Visa Agency

    I would really doubt that any agency "oils the wheels " at the Visa Centre in Bkk ..but they do get your ducks in line and they ensure that you have ticked all the boxes correctly and dealt with the typical issues that arise . Its basically all about reassuring them that she is a genuine visitor rather than coming over to be a whore or an overstayer for any reason Its been discussed extensively in the past on here so maybe check past content I cant recommend an agency but have completed 4 successful applications for my GF ...after two initial fails .
  15. LordJim

    Credit card at hotel check-in

    I suspected that my card details had been harvested when I tried to buy a new laptop on line .I called the bank and discussed it as I was heading out to Pattaya the next day (from UK ) ..They have put a hold on the card for now rather than cancelling it . It worked at Thai Check in when they needed it to verify my e ticket , also if I do get in the shit I can call 24/7 card services and they can reinstate it immediately . When I get back to UK I shall cancel and reissue . Pain in The Ass as all the Netflix subscriptions etc have bounced , but better safe than have some Nigerian cunt using my money