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  1. Maracana_130714

    Direct Flight v Stop Over

    If it is a nightflight i prefer direct flights. Last december i used Thai Airways from Frankfurt. I must say it was the Phuket flight. Means first land was in Phuket. And Immigration was in Phuket too. No Passport control in BKK. Flights Back from BKK r most in nightime so direct is pretty fine. Even 11 hours r Hardcore. An afternoon flight from here over VAE is okay too. A no go ist an early das start like Oman Air around 11 am. Even i not far from Frankfurt Airport. Reason ist for an early flight U must stand Up in the middle of the night The best on long flights is when they over!
  2. Maracana_130714

    Royal Jordanian

    Sounds interesting! Thx for Feedback (not feetback) And safety ranked under top 20 of 409 Airlines. And as u mentioned they use new dreamliners. And under 400 Euro!
  3. Maracana_130714

    Royal Jordanian

    Thx for feetback mate
  4. Maracana_130714

    Royal Jordanian

    Thx for posting. Now i know why they cheap.
  5. Maracana_130714

    Royal Jordanian

    Have someone flight with them? They offer low season price Frankfurt to BKK for 372 Euro. They use Dreamliners and as i read they belong to the 20 saftiest airlines.
  6. Maracana_130714

    Why So Expensive To Fly From Frankfurt

    I had the flight with Thai Airways Last friday for 550 € Saturday had Bern 300 € Note IT was the Frankfurt -Phuket -Bkk flight The Immigration was in Phuket. BKK No Passport Control
  7. Wheels Up in 48 hours! Hope my eyes r not dissapointing ne!

  8. Maracana_130714

    Cheapest Flight (just for fun)

    Except peak season all flights r cheap to Thailand! No reason to take a china airline or an exotic airline. I pay 550 for Thai in december! Afew euros more as one of these chinese airlines. And not more expensive as one of Allah's airlines! And i not have camelfuckers on board! Angie gave us enough of them already.
  9. Maracana_130714

    Caddyshack Inn

    Next month i will be back there! Found the menu offer on her facebook side! Areal good offer! Cannot waite to try it!
  10. Maracana_130714

    What a different a day makes

    That's the reason i took this flight on 7th ! Strange that my flight is more cheap as the flight of 2 mates! They just boarding at the Thai evening flight in Frankfurt. They paid 100€ more.for november
  11. Maracana_130714

    What a different a day makes

    What a difference one da can make. The attachment is from Thai Airways webpage. I booked for 550 Euro and of cause for 7th not for 8th
  12. Maracana_130714

    Kuwait Airways

    Is a dry airlines. No alcohol.. Nothing sprcial. They want passport copy in the case u booking: 2 friends had a flight with them last year.
  13. Maracana_130714

    Turkish Airlines?

    Enough with Hitlogans and camel fuckers! I fly with Thai!
  14. Maracana_130714

    Turkish Airlines?

    saudia omg! The country which slaughter humans!
  15. Maracana_130714

    Turkish Airlines?

    Thx for the info. I would have 2 hours 45 min. at Ista airport. But what u wrote about.the airport turns me off. And Erdogan's country is not my favourite one! To post in harmless words