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  1. Chefkoch

    Miss International 2019

    We should not forget that this is not only how they look, there are other important factors. The competition started already with the introduction ceremony, and you could see the difference between the professionals and amateurs when they walked down the stairs. Ms.USA did a much better job than most of the other girls. Still was suprised about the win of Ms. USA, she doesn't look like a model type, more like a pornstar.
  2. Chefkoch

    Miss International 2019

    Big Thanks. Have watched the first third and really the asian participants are stunning. Disappointed with the south and middle american girls. I also think Ms. Thailand and Vietnam are the most stunning of them all. Ms.Laos looks like the most most slutty with Ms.USA the runner up.
  3. Chefkoch

    Thai sentenced to 9 years for murder..

    No problem with the death sentence here. Who knows how many would have died from half a ton of meth. Jabba is made of meth and that is as most of us know a big problem in the thai population.
  4. Chefkoch

    Heart Probs.

    Damn i go for the first time in month into the medical section of the board and must read this. Met him this summer as both of our trips overlapped and we met a couple times to start some evenings together. A very nice bloke and you could see his eyes sparkling when he spoke about his time in Thailand. Ironically we spoke at a dinner in Baku about trying to live more healthy ( at that time i had lost 20kg in the months before). Good to hear, please tell him my good wishes and that i hope he will soon be back in full power.
  5. Chefkoch

    Why So Expensive To Fly From Frankfurt

    I use Kayak. Finnair will do a black friday sale from 21th to 24th nov.
  6. Chefkoch

    Why So Expensive To Fly From Frankfurt

    Nothing to do with taxes, this must be a busy month for both airlines. Finnair still under 500€ and Quatar under 600€. Finnair is like direct flight, they make only one stop at Helsinki and then 10h to Bangkok. I'am not sure if the question about the weight case was serious. I mean it's not your first flight. Every airline has their own weight limit, not limited to the country, it's simply their policy.
  7. Chefkoch

    Germany To Bangkok

    One way? Then its not cheap. Two way its good for a ICE. 19€ is the cheapest, if you take a standard train.
  8. Chefkoch

    Germany To Bangkok

    For you Frankfurt is the best airport. The train ride is only 30min from Mannheim to Frankfurt Airport.( with a ICE) The train station is directly at the airport.. You can get a ticket for 25€, or if you have time for 20€ (ride takes then 1h) But you should book a ticket not to late, the cheaper tickets are limited. What's your problem with him? If you have nothing productive to say, say best nothing I think that works only with direct booking with the airline, price for the flight is normally cheaper with sites like kayak.
  9. Chefkoch

    Germany To Bangkok

    558€ is a good price for Thai. If you want cheap flights, you should look out for Oman Air, they have sometimes offers of under 400€ for economy. But i would always pay 100€ more for a reliable and very good airline like Qatar.
  10. Chefkoch

    Germany To Bangkok

    Yes for direct flights it's Lufthansa or Thai Airways. With 1 stop, it's Qatar, Singapore, Emirates, Cathay, Etihad, Turkish Airline. Best price/quality relation should be with qatar, but you should see which airline has the best special offer on your date.
  11. Chefkoch

    British Airways V Thai Airways..

    Interresting, but you are german?
  12. Chefkoch

    Expensive Times For Flights.

    You can upgrade for 60€ to Premium economy with them. [not complete flight only 1 part of the flight) Maybe worth a try for the flight from Helsinki to Bangkok (11h flight). More space and some other addons.
  13. Chefkoch

    Expensive Times For Flights.

    Looking currently for flights in July, holiday time here, prices with one of the better airlines starts at 700€. Last time i paid 400€.
  14. Chefkoch

    Alexa Amazon ,google ,apple Home Pod

    I am using Alexa for voice controlling my logitech control hub, which controls my home entertainment system. My tv and sound system goes on and off with a command from me. I also have a Phillips Hue Light System which i will use in the future with Alexa and my home entertainment system. If i was scared for my privacy i would never started to use Whatsapp or other apps.