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  1. spooky60

    PREP, where to get?

    I am thinking of taking prep on my upcoming trip which will be all of 10 days. Can you get prep for that short of visit or do they make you take a minimum of three months worth of pills. it would be a lot cheaper just to get 10 days worth instead of having to buy three months worth of medication
  2. I think he knows all about that method, he's looking for something a little easier.
  3. spooky60

    Contracting Syphilis From Sucking Cock

    If the person you were sucking had syphilis or gonorrhea yes you absolutely could catch it without getting in contact with sperm... read up on the facts it's very easy to find
  4. spooky60


    So this is a clinic with a sign stating "clinic"..not a pharmacy? I did not know one could purchase these meds anywhere except a pharmacy or hospital..thanks for the info
  5. spooky60

    Contact info for ride from swamp to NANA

    If you got plenty of cash just take a taxi ride into na na. Should be about 450
  6. spooky60

    Contact info for ride from swamp to NANA

    I will take the train to nana also..is there a transfer that needs to be done from the airport or will 1 train from the airport stop right at nana ?any advice would be appreciated
  7. spooky60

    Bag ransacking exposed

    And yet another reason to bring carry-on only and cram as much as you can into the one carry-on bag
  8. spooky60

    blue pill

    Yes the generic version is everywhere
  9. spooky60

    How do you guys stay healthy in Pattaya?

    Quickly,how does one remove a filter out of an a/c unit? Do you need tools?please give a quick primer for those of us lacking in basic air conditioning repairs and fixes.
  10. spooky60

    How do you guys stay healthy in Pattaya?

    Yes.. on further reflection just go to the doctor spend $85 and hope the drip stops soon ..555
  11. spooky60

    How do you guys stay healthy in Pattaya?

    Teppis advised him to take the antibiotics after he comes down with symptoms.. he is correct in his recommendations and it truly would have saved him $85 from going to the doctor and getting the same advise.. and no I am not a doctor but I can read a medical manual on the internet just like anybody else.
  12. spooky60

    How do you guys stay healthy in Pattaya?

    So you suck off 20 different ladyboys and you are alarmed you got something? Check out the health section of this forum..lots of info..realistically 21 guys in one week would be max for a ladyboy..3 a night ×7, but if she is doing that many guys she is quite the performer.
  13. spooky60

    Ambien / Zolpidem

    Thanks for the help GOS.. I'm already at ease knowing where I can get them ..55
  14. spooky60

    Ambien / Zolpidem

    Thanks...i will go for the alprazom.. just a anti-anxiety Med but will help me relax..i am just too amped up when i am in pattaya..it can be overwhelming in a good kind of way.
  15. spooky60

    Ambien / Zolpidem

    I have a valid prescription for zolpadiem 10 mg...if i brought an empty bottle with it showing i still have a few refills left available on the empty bottle, do you think i would still need to go to a thai doctor to get it refilled? Any info would be great..