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  1. I remember her from several years ago and saw her photo on TF yesterday. Initially, I had made contact with her through TF in January 2015 but she had a different handle then, which I can’t exactly recall (Hydra or something similar). There is also a thread on this site about her with some very sexy photos. She cleans up well.

    In 2015, She came to my apartment lobby initially because I offered her an extra cell phone that I did not need and then returned for full action a few days later. She started making out with me in the elevator as we were going up to my floor. However, she did not stay hard for long and only came a little but what a perfect butt and smooth and silky body she possessed. Seems like she is still hanging in there and funny she is working as Mercury as I went a few days ago and submitted a report. I will have to go earlier next time, maybe tonight. 


  2. Hello...you have number whatsapp from fah...Bangkok....thank:-)

  3. Ass Splitter Jones

    oral sex illegal in Pattaya

    I guess I'm breaking the law every time I step in Baby Boom.
  4. Ass Splitter Jones

    Ladyboy duo emptied my pockets

    Must have been Jim Lahey drunk.
  5. Ass Splitter Jones

    air asia sale

    On all routes, countries. More details please, whats the source on this?
  6. Ass Splitter Jones

    Heading for Thailand? You may need insurance

    World Nomads - They were recommended to me by a friend whose sister made a claim which they paid. so about a dozen policies later I had my first claim. It was in the U.S. where I had to go the emergency room and was admitted. Had two minor surgerys and was in for 6 days. The bill came to $93,000 U.S. I only had to pay my 100 AUD deductable. The insurance company negotiated with the hospital and paid it immediatly for a discount and ended up paying $55,000 if they paid it in a lump sum. A few years ealier I had seen a current affair episode where an Aussie broke is back on a motor scooter accident and was paralysed. He had insurance but they didn't cover moterbike accidents. So I checked my World Nomads Policy and found out they not only cover that but allkinds of adventure tourism. Even bungy jumping. Rates of coverage are very reasonable. If going to North America or Japan in your travels it's slightly higher. It's great peace of mind and now that I know for sure they will cover me I don't hesitate or shop around at all when buying my future policies. They even send you remindeers after your trip in case you had any claims. WorldNomads.com
  7. Yes, that's the 62 baht American Breakfast special. That's only up to a certain time (11 A.M. I think) then the price goes up. Lucky to get a seat straight away some days, but seems like a spot opens right up in seconds.
  8. Bus Stop on Soi 4 has some decent breakfast specials. Steak and Egg brekkie for 160 baht, An English style brekkie for 120 baht. The suages are little cocktail wieners really. The Orange Juice is lame, more like Orange drink. To find good Orange Juice you have to pay the price at the nicer hotels. Foodland has a great diner that will make you any thing you like. the do have an American Breakfast special. It's located on Soi 5. Good for all meals in my opinion..
  9. Ass Splitter Jones

    How can i extend my free 30 days easily?

    No matter how you slice it your going to have to leave the country and re-enter to avoid fines.
  10. Ass Splitter Jones

    picture attachments

    I think maybe the OP of those photos may have deleted them by using manage attachments function although not certain. Perhaps you could ask the OP, and it may be worth deleting the whole thread if thats the case.
  11. Ass Splitter Jones

    Sunshine Residence And Tim'S Boutique Hotel

    I'll try not to cum in their hair. So could you pretty much walk to all the action or do you need to use that baht bus?
  12. Ass Splitter Jones

    Sunshine Residence And Tim'S Boutique Hotel

    Anyone stay here lately. I'm guessing the contruction is well over? I stayed here back in 2007, but didn't monger much and had BKK ladyboy with me. Looks like a pretty good location. Kind of narrowed it down to this, April Suites and Canterbury Tales. Surprised there isn't more threads on Sunshine or more posts on this one. Oops nevermind I found a better thread back a little further. http://www.ladyboyspattaya.com/topic/3066-sunshine-hotel-and-residence-soi-8/ Any recent experiences or warnings would be nice. Thanks.
  13. Ass Splitter Jones

    Airport Taxi

    Saw this guy touting in Nana recently. 1200 baht to Pattaya from Nana. Didn't use, but took his card, might be good for those going from Nana Mr. Dean Private Car "Service all around Thailand 085-958-2211 080-9399339 Toyota Camry Booking before one day.
  14. Ass Splitter Jones

    How can i extend my free 30 days easily?

    Yes, this is the way to go in my opinion. I did it in Australia. Went to Thai embassy and filled out two forms in about 20 minutes time, paid 90 AUD and I was sweet for 4 month stay. You basically can stay for 60 days then you leave the country, which I did by taking train to Aprathet which on Thailand border and cross into Cambodia (Poi Pet) Pay about $20 USD and then on your return you get another 60 days. You can take full advantage of your trip by shopping at the markets on both sides of the border. Thai's travel the train for free so you can take a companion with you. I left mine on Thai side Thai side (Aprathet market) while I got my stamp and some quick alcohal purchases. If you run into lengthy lines, you can pay a Cambodian agent to express you. They charged me 300 baht and Cambo agent personally pushed it through and I was off. I think this is the cheapest way to go without taking a flight. The train is about 4 to 5 hours as I recall, and certainly not comfortable. Mostly Thai's and backpackers. You can take buses and vans through travel agents, but those are more expensive. It's a long day either way.
  15. Ass Splitter Jones

    Buying condoms in Australia

    The best bar none. You can also get it in individual packets, Which is great to take with you if your utilising ST rooms or braving it to LB's domiciles. You can find these at most sex shops in AUS. It's always goo to have your own, lube as I have run into LB's on more than one occassion who wouldn't let me fuck them because I didn't have lube. It turned an overnight session into an unfulfilling ST oral affair. They also make condoms, but I source them elsewhere. Here is a their site: http://www.stayswetlonger.com/