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Last week it was -12 C and this week it's 19 C where I'm at WTF????
Jan 12 2018 08:01 AM
  • icebergjr.'s Photo
    It's back to 1C so tell me Quietguy how weather doesn't just change?

    Jan 14 2018 08:36 AM
  • icebergjr.'s Photo
    I'm just lucky I have great craft Beers to help me weather out the cold, Christmas Bomb($10.00 a bottle wtf??)keeps me warm!!! 5555
    Jan 14 2018 08:38 AM
  • Somjot's Photo
    I thought someone, who calls himself "iceberg" would be the last to complain about cold weather
    Jan 15 2018 05:13 PM