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Dynasty Grande Hotel BKK

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#1 Kapitan


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Posted 10 September 2011 - 07:37 PM

This place is the sister hotel (I guess) of the Dynasty (without the "Grande")

It's around the corner a bit from Nana plaza but only a 4-5 minute walk to there. It's exactly across from the Pachara Suites.

The Dynasty Grande (DG) is quite LB friendly and I must have had 5-6 come to the hotel and received a phone call asking if it was ok if they came up. I am all but sure there has been no fee for any of them as long as it's one at a time.... however, I don't check out for another few days and will know for sure then.

There are two buildings... one on the road and one in the back. Not sure what the diff is between them... maybe more quiet in the back. I have a back bldg room overlooking the pool.

The rooms are very spacious. I believe mine is a deluxe something or other... a step above the lowest priced room. Stocked fridge with beer, sodas and fruit juices etc. Stand alone shower. NO bum wash!! Nice firm mattress that I actually sleep rather well in even though I'm usually a softer mattress kinda guy.

They advertise wireless internet but not in my room... a very very weak signal so I've ended up having to hook up the ethernet. I'd suggest if you can bring our own router, do so so you can surf while sitting on the bed as I like to do vs having to be stuck in the uncomfortable desk chair.

I paid about 2100 baht on the internet for this upgraded room. I'd recommend it but realize some guys are trying to save their money for the LB's. In that case, I can't really see any other choice than the other Dynasty Inn.

IMO, Dynasty Inn is pretty much Ground Zero for the hunt/chase/conquest as it's a mere 50 feet, maybe 100 from the entrance to Nana Plaza, which is the Mother Lode!!


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#2 luv u long time

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Posted 10 September 2011 - 07:43 PM

Thanks for the review mate.
It is great to see 'real' pictures of what it is actually like.
I walked past it every day when I was staying along the road at Accor Grand Sukhumvit.
This neck of the woods is fantastic to base yourself in Bangkok.
Good thread.

#3 geezer


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Posted 10 September 2011 - 08:34 PM

Looks like a decent place, but looks like no bum gun in the loo which is a deal killer for me.

I heard that the girls will unscrew the shower head and use that intead, but doesn't sound too hygenic for me.

Still thanks for the pictures Kapitan, as LULT said, does give you an idea of what it's actually like as aposed to the websites which are sometimes misleading.

#4 mardhi


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Posted 10 September 2011 - 08:49 PM

If I am not mistaken, the rooms at the front are now considered as the best and Include Plasma/LCD TV's etc. However its difficult to keep up with this hotel - they seem to upgrade one of the two blocks at a time, and keep switching what are the better rooms as they upgrade them. However for me the back building is better as the rooms are much quieter and have better doors - the front used to have steel entrance doors that whenever they slammed shut seemed to make so much noise it was difficult to sleep.

Dynasty Grande/Darwin and I believe Dynasty Inn - none of them have bum hoses and yes, the shower head gets unscrewed and used. Nice powerful showers with constant temperature is an often overlooked benefit of this hotel. The downside is that the restaurant is not open 24 hours hours even for room service. The breakfast are certainly not the best, ok but bland with little thought. Food is better at the original Dynasty Inn, which is open 24hr.

#5 Kapitan


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Posted 11 September 2011 - 05:22 AM

Ya, no bum gun and I can understand why that's a no go item for some! I didn't realize the front building was the better of the two at the moment. When I first realized there was no wifi in my room, I almost did change rooms but since I had all my stuff hung up in the closet already, I was too lazy to have to repack it all and move. I thought I had read that the rooms were supposed to have the plasma hanging tv but mine does not plus the lack of wifi made me wonder.....

Hey L.U.L.T..... I walked past that Grand Suk and it looks pretty swank!!! Almost looks out of place for the area as a really high end/upscale place. How is it on the inside.... pretty sweet?? I almost went into the lobby just for kicks the other day walking by it to go the Skytrain.

BTW, the skytrain..... Very easy to use, BUT you need to understand one thing.... and it's probably like this in all metro's around the world..... your cost depends on your distance. Fair enough, right?

So I"m taking it over to from the Nana station to the Siam Paragon mall which is 3 stops away. Hotel desk tells me its 20 baht. Pay it at the machine at the station, get my ticket, put it in the machine, works great... on my way. Crowded because it's Saturday.... lots of lovely Thai girls (Wow, either a GREAT gene pool here or something in the water!! :-)

This mall is so big as it has several other shopping places sorta connected to it... Discovery Center and MBK mall... it's a huge complex. Takes you at least a day to see it all, but much of it looked the same to me so figured I didn't need to hit each of the multi floor part of the places I was walking around.

Well, the place is soooo big that it actually has two stops on the Skytrain system. Not knowing this, I ended up at the station which I did NOT arrive at, 4 stops away with a change as well from Nana station stop to return to the DG. Noticed it was called the North Stadium I think.... Anyways, I put in my 20 baht, got my ticket, put in the machine and off I go. Had to change to another line this time... ok, no prob. Get off at Nana and put my ticket in to exit and.... LOCKED OUT! LOL

Apparently either 3 stops or the Siam Paragon mall is the radius limit for the 20 baht ticket which I had no way of knowing and it took me about 5 minutes to explain and another 5 baht (a penny or two? LOL) to exit. Just a heads-up on this and that's why I mention it to you BM's.

One last funny thing that happened before the skytrain trip back to the hotel.... I needed some more condoms, and as I was exiting MBK mall, I passed a pharmacy. Stopped in and looked around but didnt' see any. Hmmm.... So, I discreetly found a woman who worked there to help... and there were an inordinate amount of people working there... almost more than they had customers. So being discreet and not wanting the world to know what I was looking for, I lowered my voice, and got up kinda close to her ear and said, "Do you have any condoms"? She got a puzzled look and didn't understand although she tried to repeat the word "condom" but it was not quite correct. So I said it again a little slower. She again repeated "condom" but not quite correctly. Then she walked about two feet away, and saw a colleague and basically SHOUTED in Thai across about 15 feet of distance and the last word was "CONDOM"!!!!!!!! really loudly!! All I could think of was that Woody Allen movie where he's in the porn video store checking out and the check out girl doesn't know the price of the video he wants and turns to her friend down the store and SHOUTS out, "Debbie, how much is this one... "Fuck me Hard with your Big Cock"! I laughed so hard when I saw that movie!! So Then, this lady realized what I was asking for and put her hand over her mouth, laughed as did her friend she was asking and looked at me very bashfully as if to say she was sorry ... but had a big funny smile on her face (as I did too at this point!... hey, no one here knows me, right!!) They both realized what had happened and then I mimicked putting both my hands bordering my mouth as if I was shouting and said "CONDOM"! All three of us got a really good laugh out of it all. Funny story.. had to be there. :-)


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Posted 11 September 2011 - 11:51 AM

Nice to see a thorough review with pictures. An old favourite with visitors, but fast being overtaken by keenly-priced competition. The lack of a bum gun seems to policy with the Dynasty group. It's an item that I expect many Thais will take for granted (especially at this price) and, after a few trips, most foreigners will come to appreciate. Invaluable after too hot a curry or prior to some indoor gymnastics. Dawin was the same - in fact the bathroom is a clone - and one of the reasons I won't bother again.

#7 Woofer1


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Posted 01 October 2013 - 11:49 AM

There is a Small mount of renovation ongoing at this hotel I would say till end of year

Judge for yourself, but I do not think this is going to be done by month end.

Nowhere (Hotel site, Agoda etc) were any mention of these so here it is.

If you plan to stay here, book front building, Soi side, otherwise 8AM coming it is Jack Hammer city.

I'm pissed at them and cancelled my return with them, but Eh, Mai Pen Lai Right!

We Are Thai, you just pay

Well Not twice Honey

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#8 onebraveaussie


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Posted 02 October 2013 - 10:54 AM

yeah just back myself
used dynasty grande for many years
last week slack security, letting people into room etc
the old dirty sheets trick
double pay by mistake when check in for discount
sorry but can take off room bin when leave
overall very messy and staff very shitty
checked out grande suk next door
got accor card ALREADY
discount and upgrade
same price and milessss better
go for it

#9 Knobby


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Posted 07 November 2015 - 01:14 PM

Will be staying here during my trip. Looks a good hotel.

#10 frenchl


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Posted 08 November 2015 - 09:10 PM

I have been a happy customer for years until recently.


While booking my dates on their website I book until the day I was supposed to fly back home, but included this one.


I immediately contacted them and explained them the mistake. It was like still a month before the booking date and thought it will be rapidly corrected.

They explained to me that the website was offering some special prices and that they had no way to cancel or change anything. I pleaded my case

with the manager and nothing changed. They charged me the night I was not staying with them.


This is the kind of thing that shows how a hotel consider a customer. I regularly now book just in front of them, Phachara suites. A bit more

expensive but the room are a lot better.

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