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Lb's to avoid..

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I was wondering...Maybe we could create a new thread about ladies we, lbs lovers, MUST avoid ! I can see, here or here, some bad testimonies about bad ladies ( for example, Meena or Marisa (what a cunt !). So, maybe it would be usefull for beginners, and others, by the way ! A lot of ladies in Patts are so beautiful, but what a disillusion sometimes ! of course, tastes are not the same ones everywhere, but...Obviously, some of them are really harmful and may ruin your holidays in LOS. What do you think about the creation of this new thread ? (for all, sorry for my poor english, but I hope I could be understood )

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I generally believe in the Karma theory. If you are cool, gentlemanly, well mannered and pay the right money all will be good. So often people reap what they sow. You can be unlucky and really that only happens when they are on Jabba or the likes. You can detect this easily as they act drunk, dilated pupils & they are all over the place.


Ive had two experiences one when I first came to BKK on my first trip and took a LB from Cascades. In fact it was my very first punt. She was fine in the bar but once id bar fined her she was all over the place when she got back to my Loom at the Majestic Grande round the corner. I thought to myself maybe that she took it at the thought of going with me Ha Ha. It was fine in the end and I walked her back to Nana Plaza.


The second was Ya Ya. Who'd been working at Guess. I was quietly sitting in the corner of the bar. She came in from outside and within 30 seconds had her tongue down my throat. She scared me a bit and I headed out of the bar. Came back to the bar later part drunk and bar fined her & Ouie. Thank god I did as Ouie was a calming influence.


They came back to my room. We played then they went out clubbing. Came back in the wee hours. I was too tired. Had another session. Then I sent them off in the morning.


Next day she didn't stop phoning me. She was all over the place. When I went to Guess again I learnt that she had been sacked for kicking a glass door down.


So guys watch the drug takers. They will be the ones that do random things and possibly steal as their morals get distorted. Drugs are bad full stop ........

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