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Eat healthy in Pattaya

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Here's a great article on Coconut Oil, that actually references studies instead of just making unsubstantiated claims. http://authoritynutrition.com/why-is-coconut-oil-good-for-you/


I've been using it after reading an article about "oil pulling" - a stupid name and a crazy set of assumptions about it being able to somehow "pull" toxins from your bloodstream - but some good information on it's uses for dental and oral health.


I have a couple broken fillings that were starting to cause some swelling. I started using coconut oil and no more issues whatsoever. I only use it twice a week - not daily - and it works wonders. BTW - I've since had the fillings replaced, but I really need to get root canals and get crowns - these were filled when I was like.. gosh.. 9 years old, maybe. I'm waiting for my next Pattaya trip to get the heavy lifting done :)

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I'm a juicer, so I'll be there for a juice as long as you don't put sugar in it.

Its on hold at the mo, we have found that most guys are not concerned with health while here in Pattaya and with low season also we were throwing away fresh juice as it does not keep so will see what happens over high season to start it up again.

No we never add sugar only natural when we have it.

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Been of Spanish origins I love my gaspacho.





green peper


olive oil

wine vinegar

pinch of vegetable or celery salt

chili pepper if you like it hot

and whatever else you fancy celery, parslei,  vodka :ph34r:

While most juices are on the sweet side, this one is more on the salty side


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