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HIV & AIDS Information - Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) medication

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T is completely spot on,


Rapid tests have a margin for error. The percentages are very low for this. Globally, if someone hits a positive on a rapid test they are required to do a second test, which isn't a rapid test. If the second test is positive you know you have contracted it. There's different ways they do this. The most solid is sending your blood to a lab. I tired to do one last week and was refused. The reason is that a rapid test can only pick up hiv in a person after 3 months. So even if you get a person tested on the spot, if there newly exposed the test wont pick it up anyway. The test works off your bodies defense and white blood cell count, or something along those lines.


When i was told about the false positive over the phone in a call to a clinic were i lived. I started to put more pieces together in what happened, cause i needed to know.


The ladyboy in the clinic mentioned the second test before the nurse in my case. I thought nothing of it at the time, she was demanding more money to do it and at the time i had heard enough. In the hospital they wanted to test the ladyboy, thats were i fucked up. That test would of answered a lot of questions. I should of got her tested completely to confirm there wasnt a false positive. I started clinging to the hope it was, cause i was desperate. I went back to the clinic in Soi Bukho a few days into the aftermath looking for more answers. I went in there hard and they didnt want to talk at all, It's bad for business with customers and scares the living shit out of them sitting there waiting. I asked two questions, already knowing the answers to both. Did the lb do the second test that she was shaking me down for. You need to remember she seemingly had been newly diagnosed. Wouldn't you pay for your test yourself, if you did. She had been handed 3000 baht? They answered no, she didnt. They didnt like me being there asking questions about another client, so i pushed one more question. Had she been there before? They answered yes, 3 months ago. I asked did she fail then. No was the response and i said, then how did she know about the second test for the false positive. You never mentioned it. She looked away, i just replied. You've given me my answer.


Look guy's i held back on aspects of the incident on purpose, cause Pattaya's alright and there's heaps of good, fun people there, who play safe. I just met a bad one that night. I only posted this experience to help someone who has had an incident. I've listed my mistakes, people will make there own. Get the lb properly tested if you hit a positive on the rapid test. You might not need to take the tablets and have a shit holiday.

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I understand your concerns and worry, in time it will pass.Frankly I wouldn't have bothered with testing the LB just go for PEP anyway.

I generally assume that everyone lies about their HIV status.Especially the ones doing "party" scene.

Your panic is probably unwarranted but understandable. When I first barebacked for 10 seconds a latin trans in 2012 I couldn't sleep for 2 weeks(back then I didn't knew about hiv transmission rates and PEP).

They probably ripped you off a bit with the pills, I think Pulse Clinic in BKK would charge you less. PEP from what I read is highly effective up to 36 hours and can be taken as late as 72 hours.

Also HIV today isn't a death sentence really, a very irritating annoyance when treated, but there far worse conditions out there.

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Hey Kris,


We have completely different outlooks on subject, i would deal with it the same manner in a heart beat, hands down. A scare is one thing. An exposure is another.

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