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Six Taiwan tourists robbed in Pattaya Resort

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Just read this article today.




Any BMs can correlate the authenticity of this piece of news?




"After we checked in, the counter service staffers found various reasons to deny us room keys. They asked us to put our luggage in the rooms and to have a walk around," one tourist said.

The woman reportedly told staff that their room telephone did not work and that the French windows did not lock.

Though asked to resolve these issues, the staff did not, according to the tourists.

Unusual Odor

After returning to the resort at night, the tourists smelled what they later described as an "unusual odor" in their rooms.

One of the tourists, in a social media post, said the odor was "very fragrant" and that it triggered headaches and extreme fatigue.

The women — even one who was a chronic light sleeper — proceeded to sleep deeply all night, according to the post.

The following morning, the group reportedly woke to find the French window open and their wallets scattered across the floor, with over 70,000 Thai baht (NT$63,300) missing."

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So true. Utuerus havers In the Arab world made there courts. Wisely. U need like 3 women for every male witness. Even today we're all is on cam women still rewsort to lies n lies about the lies until the tape rolls

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