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Knee Braces

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My right knee has been very loose for 40 years. Today I almost hyperextended it. Anyone know where I could find knee bracers? Hopefully one that isn't very bulky that looks like I have polio.



Edit: nevermind. Been walking around a bit and my knee seems it's back to normal loose as it can be-:). Thought it was worse

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Boots, Watson's and many pharmacies sell knee braces, mostly the sport types.


I remember,the big Fascino pharmacy in North Pattaya had a big selection, could be that you can get there also the orthopaedic made to order ones.



I think there is also a smaller Fascino on Pattaya Klang, not far from Soi Buakhao.

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You can get the elasticated support bandages from the main Pharmacies. For a solid brace I guess the big pharmacy at Pattaya North or the one down Sukhumvit between Pattaya Klang and South Pattaya.

I have a similar issue with my right knee. The doctors tell me it is an impossibility for it to bend the wrong way but it is a horrible feeling and very unsteadying at times. I did improve mine with excercise. Lunges tightened it up in the early days after the accident that caused the issue. Worth a try.

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Best place for actual medical supplies is Fascino.  There's ones on Pattaya Klang  (almost opposite the entrance to Soi Buakaow), Pattaya Nua (between Dolphin roundabout and 3rd Road) and one directly next to Bangkok Pattaya hospital on Sukumvit.  Everything from wheel chairs to hospital beds, and everything else..  

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